Curriculum Overview

At Sleights, we believe that purposeful, practical and collaborative experiences are central to inspiring learning. In line with our school vision, when we work together with purpose, we believe that children are happy learners, who flourish and succeed.

Sleights is safe and happy learning environment that provides children with rich opportunities for children to flourish and succeed.

Our approach:

Collaboration among staff and children is an integral tool in curriculum intent implementation and impact. All staff and children are encouraged and supported to take risks in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Learning is exciting, engaging and inspiring for all.
  • Well-planned and purposeful learning opportunities provide broad curriculum access for all learners.
  • Principles of Early Years practice and the characteristics of effective learning underpin the entire school curriculum across the full age range.
  • High expectations and standards and a culture of ongoing development and improvement leads to rapid progress and attainment.
  • All subject areas are valued equally and have the same importance and impact on the whole curriculum.
  • Children’s interests, exploration and prior experiences drive curriculum developments and progress.
  • Learning is ‘brought to life’ through opportunities to engage with subject experts and visits.
  • Learning will be open ended and allow all children to consider “Where will learning take you?”

Our creative curriculum follows a broad theme each term. We invite ideas and suggestions for tackling these themes from our children and families and integrate these wherever possible.

The Curriculum (2023/2024)

For the academic year 2023/2024, our curriculum themes are identified below. A key text has been identified for each term to support and underpin curriculum delivery.

Our Long Term Plan for 2023/2024 can be found here: Long Term Plan for 2023-2024

Autumn 2023: It’s Up To Us


Spring 2024: What do you do with an idea?

Summer 2024: The Greatest Show on Earth

Class Curriculum Maps: Autumn 2023








The Curriculum (2022/2023)

In 2022/2023, our curriculum themes were:

Autumn 2022: 


Spring 2023:

Make It Work

Summer 2023: 

When I Grow Up

A full summary of the school’s long term plan for 2022/2023 can be found here:

Long Term Plan for 2022 – 2023

Class Curriculum Maps: Summer 2023 (When I Grow Up)

Pioneers Learners Adventurers Discoverers Leaders

Class Curriculum Maps: Spring 2023 (Make It Work)

Learners Curriculum Map Adventurers Curriculum Map Discoverers Curriculum Map Leaders Curriculum Map