Curriculum Intent

Sleights is a unique, special and inspiring place to be. Our school’s curriculum seeks to celebrate the unique place that Sleights is, as well as provide all learners with opportunities to explore and widen their horizons. Our curriculum intentions are rooted in the explorative principles of Early Years practice. Through our school vision, our school environment and experiences, including the curriculum, we will:

  • raise aspirations
  • nurture spiritual development
  • give every the opportunity to succeed
  • develop critical thinkers, responding to innate curiosity
  • engage the whole school community
  • enable children to make links and deepen understanding
  • encourage playing and exploration with new and known content
  • create a Growth Mindset climate to support all children to have a go and persevere
  • support learners to recognise that failure is a step in the learning process
  • inspire active learners, who are fascinated and intrinsically motivated to achieve
  • be inclusive, driven by the belief that no child will be left behind
  • give confidence to children to allow them to choose their own ways to do things
  • value diversity and difference in terms of outcomes and opinion.


The curriculum in action: