Collective Worship

Children at Sleights engage in Collective Worship each day. This is a whole school gathering to explore and reflect on Christian values and stories. Each half term, the school focuses on a different Christian value and explores each in different ways. At Sleights, Collective Worship is engaging, interactive and focused.

The Christian values that are explored at Sleights are:

The school has a Collective Worship team. This is a group of children who are responsible for planning, delivering and monitoring the Collective Worship in school.

In addition to the whole school Collective Worship, the children at Sleights are provided with prayer and reflection spaces in school. These calm and peaceful spaces allow children the opportunity to reflect and be still, whilst thinking about the Christian value that the school is currently focusing on.

Families do have the right to withdraw a child form an act of Collective Worship. This can be discussed with the Headteacher, or your child’s class teacher.

Collective Worship Policy: Collective Worship – January 2023

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