Painting with our Pals

Our Pals came to visit us this time and it was very lovely. The sun was shining and that made everything even better. A table was set with watercolour paints and some flowers. We had had a bit of a play around with the paints beforehand so we had an idea of how the colour transferred. Some of the Pioneers were inspired by the detailed work of their pals and tried to replicate this using small brushes and careful strokes. Others were happy to experiment and paint hearts and rainbows. There may even have been the odd tractor.

It was a very beautiful morning and we look forward to our next visit.

A visit from the Islamic Diversity Centre

On Tuesday 9th April, we were really excited to be able to welcome Miriam and Amar from the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle. During the day, the children enjoyed a workshop, in their classes, with Miriam and Amar to learn about the Five Pillars of Islam.

The children asked lots of really thoughtful questions and were incredibly interested and respectful of the Muslim faith. We were also pleased to be able to welcome family members to the workshops, who also shared lots of positive feedback.

Thank you to the Islamic Diversity Centre for helping our children understand and compare about faith different to our own.

Click here to see a copy of the family feedback about the workshop: Islamic Diversity Centre Workshop Evaluation (April 2019)

Making Butter

This week, we made butter with Mrs McGill. Everyone had a go at whipping the cream until it split into buttermilk and butter. The children shaped the butter into pats before we got a chance to spread it onto bread and have a tasty snack.

The discussion developed about the change in the cream from liquid to a solid and a liquid. The children discussed the other liquids they knew about. We will use the rest of the butter to make flapjack and the buttermilk to make bread.