We are very proud to receive lots of positive feedback from our parents and families. We are incredibly lucky to serve such a supportive community. 

Whilst we are very happy to hear great feedback, we are also open to hearing where we can do better. It is natural that families may, occasionally, have concerns about an aspect of their child’s education or welfare at school. We strongly encourage any parents and carers to raise these concerns in school, where they will be addressed and dealt with effectively. Where a concern remains unresolved, the school has a separate complaints policy that will be followed. Should you require information or details about this policy, please visit the school website or speak to the Headteacher.

Please find the school's complaints policy below. This has been updated with the most recent Department for Education guidance (2019). Our approach to handling complaints is underpinned by our commitment as a Church school to ensure that we "work together to be happy; to flourish and succeed through our Christian Values of perseverance, respect and trust"


Complaints Policy updated September 2023


Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints updated 2023

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