Snail Trails

After reading the beautiful book,”Snail Trails”, the Pioneers were inspired to get up close and observe so wonderful snails. First we looked at them in the classroom and discussed the word “habitat”. We went outside and gathered the things we needed to construct a habitat. One Pioneer questioned whether nettles were a good addition and hypothesised that perhaps a snail has different skin to a human and the nettle would not prickle them.

We made habitat squared and observed the movements and preferences of our snails.  We left the snails and returned to find them under rocks and leaves. The Pioneers knew that they may be hiding from predators, perhaps The Big Bad Wolf. There is a starling living in the drain pipe and a crow who visits regularly so we talked about these being a real threat.

We then took our snails to the forest to release them into the wild. All of the Pioneers chose a suitable release spotted based on their observations of snail activity. 

Back in the classroom, we did some observational drawing and some absolutely wonderful writing.

And we rolled in the very long grass and collected dandelions and their seeds.



Worms and Bees

The Pioneers have spent the week learning more about the creatures who use our forest as their habitat The worms are vital to our soil and the bees are vital for pollination of future crops.

The Pioneers set some scientific questions and through observation they found the answers.

“Which end is the head end?”  The Pioneers quickly worked this out by watching direction of travel.

From further reading,they found out that worms cannot swim or live in water as they breath through their skin. They also learned how to tell the difference between an adult and a younger worm.

We measured our worms and labelled their features.

We had the delight of a visit from a real life bee keeper. She was able to build up our bank of knowledge on bees adding information about how bees communicate with each other. We got to model the process of pollination with big flowers and sticky bee legs.

To finish the session, we sang our wonderful bee song together.

So much learning!

Team Work

The Pioneers worked together through a number of challenges, in the classroom and outside on the playground. To complete the challenges they had to work as a team and this can be pretty tricky.

They were given a selection of wooden pieces and told that they would be able to make a circle. They began by making their own piles and quickly realised that they couldn’t make a circle on their own. With a bit of help they managed to sort the pieces and some curves began to form. Eventually they got into a pattern and completed a circle. Without any support they were then able to do it again which was pretty impressive. 

On the playground we played relay games requiring concentration and communication. 

We finished with a complex team task of moving a ball using only the drainpipes and no hands allowed. They quickly got the hang of this and were able to move once the ball had passed their piece of pipe to extend the distance of transportation.

Everyone was very happy with themselves!


A fabulously fit week.

Learners have had a fabulously fit and energetic week.

We began the week with a golf session in school with representatives from Whitby Golf Club.

We used putters and balls to take part in different games and activities. Learners really enjoyed the session and showed great promise – information of how to become a young member of Whitby Golf Club will be coming home with your Learner.

In history this week, we have been learning all about fossils. We found out that fossils were made from the remains of animal bones and plants. We were delighted to find our that Whitby is often referred to as ‘The Jurassic Coast’ because of the many fossils found here. Lots of Learners brought in fossils from home for us to investigate. Next half-term we will be taking a trip to Scarborough to find out more about the Jurassic coast – we are very excited!

We finished the week with Quad Kids –  a local sporting event. We ran, we threw, we jumped and kicked and had the BEST time. Our wonderful attitude and team-spirit was second to none! What a fabulous way to end a fabulous half-term of wonderful learning! 

A reminder that our swimming sessions at Whitby Pool have come to an end for this academic year.

Enjoy the half-term break and hopefully the sun will shine!



A letter from Buckingham Palace.

Learners have received some VERY exciting news this week!

Back in September, the whole school started the year learning about a book called “It’s Up To Us – A children’s Terra Carta’ by Christopher Lloyd foreword by King Charles. Learners watched a video of King Charles talking about the book and appealing for the help of future generations.

Learners set about writing our own road map for sustainability, thinking of ways we could hep to change the future of our planet. together, we decided we should send our ideas directly to the King.

On Monday this week,  were totally amazed when Mr Grason-Taylor brought into class an unopened letter showing the royal stamp. We were so excited to read a reply from the King, who thanked us for our letter and thoughtful ideas. 

Wow Learners Class, you are truly awesome and this just goes to show that we can ALL make a change!

What a week!!!




Here comes the sun!

We have all been happy to see the appearance of the sunshine this week. This has certainly been helping the plants grow outside our classroom.

We picked a wonderful day for forest school this week. The sun was shining, which was perfect for our activity. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (our focus artist this term), we were able to create some amazing art pieces using the natural materials in the forest. Learners were calm, focused and creative in the forest, the teamwork was wonderful and we all decided we would like to do this activity again.

In RE we have been learning about The Creation as told in the Bible. This week we have thought particularly about the seventh day when God rested. We discussed the importance of this and reflected why it was also important for humans to rest amid their busy lives. Discussions were open and heartfelt as always.

In Geography we have been busy drawing our own sketch maps of Sleights, these were really very impressive. We added some human features and some physical features, we included a key and using google maps, thought very hard about the location of the familiar places around Sleights.

In PE we have been improving our tennis skills and were delighted to be able to use the nets this week and put our learning into place. 

We have shared lots of stories in class this week as always and have continued to share lots of information books that Learners have brought in from home around animals and our planet. Its wonderful that Learners are so keen to share their learning at home.

Learners love to learn! 🙂



From seeds to flowers.

Many weeks ago, Learners planted seed in the forest. Since then we have been watering and nurturing these seeds in our classroom. This week we were delighted to be able to transfer and these plants into the planters outside our classroom. We will be watering these daily and cannot wait to see the flowers bloom. This is science learning at its best.

With Mental Health awareness week approaching, we were lucky to be able to hold a family session with Mel our Play Therapy Nurse. Lots of families joined us in creating our own toolkit of strategies to help us when our emotions are running high. This was a very purposeful session and it was lovely to see children and families working collaboratively.

In art, we have been finding out about our focus artists Andy Goldsworthy and Fernand Leger the sculptors.  In the coming weeks we will be looking forward to identifying their individual skills.  We have a planned forest day next week to enable us to explore Andy Goldsworthy’s style of using natural materials to create art and in the meantime we will continue to explore his creations and are excited at the prospect of making our own.