A letter from Buckingham Palace.

Learners have received some VERY exciting news this week!

Back in September, the whole school started the year learning about a book called “It’s Up To Us – A children’s Terra Carta’ by Christopher Lloyd foreword by King Charles. Learners watched a video of King Charles talking about the book and appealing for the help of future generations.

Learners set about writing our own road map for sustainability, thinking of ways we could hep to change the future of our planet. together, we decided we should send our ideas directly to the King.

On Monday this week,  were totally amazed when Mr Grason-Taylor brought into class an unopened letter showing the royal stamp. We were so excited to read a reply from the King, who thanked us for our letter and thoughtful ideas. 

Wow Learners Class, you are truly awesome and this just goes to show that we can ALL make a change!

What a week!!!