Welcome to Learners Class

Welcome to Learners' class page!

Learners Class currently includes Year 1 and Year 2, where the children are between the ages of 5 years to 7 years old. The class is taught by myself (Mrs Brown) and is supported by Mrs Creek.

We teach Maths and English daily and are lucky enough to provide a full and rich curriculum to our children with lots of exciting learning opportunities, including regular visits to our own school forest. We enjoy Collective Worship together each day, where we explore different values each half term.

In Learners Class, we are pleased to be able to enjoy Dance Sessions led by a local dance school. This takes place on Tuesday afternoons. We also have a weekly PE session on Thursday afternoons (please make sure your child has a PE kit in school). On Friday mornings, we have IT lessons run by a specialist teacher, providing us with valuable learning around technology.

Learners Class are passionate about reading and enjoy stories and books together daily. Each child has their own reading record diary, which goes between home and school alongside each child's reading book. These are used to record reading at home and are also brought in to school each day to record reading in class. Class reading books are changed regularly throughout the week.

Alongside reading at home, spellings are handed out on Thursdays and tested on Tuesdays. Please support your child's reading at home by sharing and enjoying a book together each day - it really does make a difference! Children use the online tool 'Sumdog' to strengthen their Maths skills. On the programme, children have their own character and are rewarded with coins and prizes for completing homework tasks.

For more up-to-date information of what we are learning, please keep an eye on our weekly class blog! 

Best wishes,

Mrs Brown

Learners love learning!

Learners definitely do love learning! We have been learning more about number this week in maths. We have used the language of greater than/ less than, one more and one less to help us deepen our understanding of number.

We have discussed thankfulness in Collective Worship and thought about the things we are thankful for and in turn felt quite special to think that our friends and families are thankful for us. 

In Geography, we have really enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom this week and can now confidently name and identify where each of the four countries are on the UK map. We discussed the meaning of capital cities and really enjoyed watching a drone video over London. We delighted in identifying landmarks we knew. We were particularly fascinated by the London Eye and so found a video of a tour on the London Eye and couldn’t believe how big it was. This information will inspire our writing in English over the coming week.

Multi skills on Wednesday was a great success. It was wonderful to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves and it was such a treat for us to go out on the bus. I was so proud of how Learners’ class were so confident, well -behaved and keen to join in – such a credit to Sleights School.

Just a usual, busy week in our class – keep up the good work Learners!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Brown

A busy and happy week!

Wow! what successful week Learners’ Class have had. It has been our first full week as a new class and we have achieved so much together. 

We have introduced our new Prayer space activity and have enjoyed making lists and drawing pictures about the things in our own lives that we are thankful for.

“Dance was awesome this week, I can’t wait for next week”. It’s safe to say we all enjoyed our first dance session. We could link our music topic too – beat and pulse – and enjoyed walking and clapping to the beat of the music.

We have been busy drawing maps of the school grounds to aid our writing this week and are writing instructions to help others use a map.

We delighted in using compasses outside in the fresh air to help us locate North, South, East and West. We found out which direction the Sun moves across the sky each day. If you ask us, we can now tell you which direction the Sun rises each morning and sets each evening! We were fascinated by this!

We have enjoyed lots of stories together and always enjoy voting for our favourite book of the week on Fridays!

What a busy and wonderful week.


A wonderful first week!

Learners class have settled back into school life with such ease this week! I am so proud of how grown-up they have come in to school each morning. It feels like Year 1 have always been a part of Learners class and the Year 2’s have made them feel so welcome. It has been lovely to see. We are proving to be a great team already! This term in History, we are thinking about changes over time. This week, we have had a go at writing using feathers and ink – its trickier than you might think! In Science we have learned a little bit more about the sun, luckily it has been shining all week to help us with our learning. We are excited to begin using our loom to weave in class and have been practising our skills with some paper weaving. On Thursday afternoon, we had PE on the field and delighted in practising our jumping and leaping techniques.

We have enjoyed playing and exploring our classroom this week and most importantly everyone’s face has been a happy one! What a start Learners!

Mrs Brown

Learners Class Home Learning – Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all ok!

Today’s Home Learning activities are listed below. In the gallery at the bottom of the page, you will also find additional activities, or task sheets you may wish to complete for each lesson. This is the same as what is listed on Tapestry (just in case we have technical difficulties again)

In Maths, we are continuing to learn about division and sharing equally! If there is no access to Tapestry videos today then please have a go at pages 19 and 20 in your Maths workbook.


In English today we are thinking about our whole School book ‘What we’ll build’. Today, we are going to design and label our own Time Machine, in order that we will build our own! Think about what features your Time Machine may need? A clock? a start switch? a voice recorder? What else can you think of?


In Phonics we will be thinking about the sound ow/ou – These different spellings make the same sound. Can you make a list of words that contain the ow/ou sound. You may need to talk with an adult to find out which spelling is needed.


In Science, we are thinking about Light! Where does light come from? Our biggest source of light is the sun. Can you think of anymore sources of light? Let’s investigate how important light is today. Try reading your book in areas that are light and areas that are dark ie under the covers! see how this affects your reading!


Have a happy day Learners and keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown 

Thursday 16th July

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all ok today.
Please remember to come and collect your child’s school report from the school office today (if you haven’t already).
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- More details on Tapestry.
In English, there is a new Once Upon a Story to discuss.
In Maths, we have been learning about pattern this week, there are some fun games to enjoy today.
In Art we will be looking at how artists use colour and shape to produce a beautiful picture.

I would just like to say how amazing you have all been since March 23rd and lockdown began! You should all be very proud of yourselves. It has been truly lovely that we have all kept in touch via Tapestry and by telephone.
Enjoy the summer holidays and I will look forward to seeing you all in September!
Keep smiling 🙂
Mrs Brown

Wednesday’s News – 15th July

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well!
Remember your child’s reports are ready to collect from the school office.
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- More details on Tapestry!
In English there is a new Once Upon a Picture to discuss!
In Maths, continuing with pattern, today we will look at number patterns!
In Science, Laura and Layla have been thinking about dinosaurs this week at home, so let’s find out some more about dinosaurs today!

Keep in touch with me and let me know what you are doing at home.
Keep smiling:)
Mrs Brown

Tuesday’s News – 14th July

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well!

Please note: Reports are ready to collect from the School Office as of today. Please come to the Office where a member of staff will be there to hand over your child’s report!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- more details on Tapestry!
In English, we will looking at a new picture in Once Upon A Picture. Take some time to discuss the possibilities within the picture!
In Maths, we will be having fun with repeated patterns – can you make your own too?
In Design and Technology we will be looking at some sources of energy – this is most interesting!
Remember to keep reading a little daily and writing in your Reading Diary!
Keep in touch with me as always!
Keep smiling,
Mrs Brown

Monday’s News – 13th July

Good morning everyone!
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend!
Its the last week of term – goodness, how did that go so quick?
We will be letting you know in the next day or two how we are organising the collection of Reports!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- See Tapestry for more details!
In English this week we will be looking at a different picture each day to encourage our picture talk and our imagination. This in turn will help our writing skills!
In Maths we will be looking at lines of symmetry! Have fun with this! How good at you at getting the opposite side exactly right!
In Music today, there are some songs to enjoy! Mrs Brown loves a Musical so today let’s enjoy some songs from The Lion King!
Keep reading each day and keep writing in your Reading Diary!
I hope I will be able to see you and give you a wave as you collect your Reports this week!
Best wishes and keep smiling,
Mrs Brown

PS Don’t forget tonight’s story at 6pm on Tapestry!