Learning outdoors.

Learners have had a great week and have settled nicely back into the classroom after the half-term break.

This week, Learners have enjoyed taking their learning outdoors.

We enjoyed a PE session with Hawkes coaches in the fresh air. Our new PE focus this half-term is tennis. This week, we enjoyed bowling, fielding and trying to knock down the stumps. We really enjoyed the session and cant wait to build on our skills in the coming weeks.

The showers have been scattered this week and we managed (just) to take some of our maths sessions outside. In teams, we counted 20 objects and investigated  how many different ways we could find to share objects into equal groups. we worked collaboratively and, between the group, found lots of different wayswe could share them, taking great care to check our groups were equal. Everyone enjoyed the activity and worked hard back in the classroomto build on this learning.

In PHSCE, Learners have enjoyed identifying  different feelings and emotions and drew pictures to reflect these feelings. 

In English we have been busy sharing stores and writing book reviews. Some Learners have delighted in bringing in their own stories from home for us to share together. We noticed that lots of our favourites were written by Julia Donaldson. Together, we decided to take action and plan our very own Julia Donaldson Day. We impulsively wrote letters to Mr Grason-Taylor asking for the go-ahead to do this. He promptly replied with a ‘yes’ (which resulted in a cheer all round). Learners are now going to seek the advice of our Sleights School Reading Leaders to help us plan this day. Watch this space for further updates on this!

Learners are always so enthusiastic about their learning and love to be able to take action on their own interests and ideas!



A fabulously fit week.

Learners have had a fabulously fit and energetic week.

We began the week with a golf session in school with representatives from Whitby Golf Club.

We used putters and balls to take part in different games and activities. Learners really enjoyed the session and showed great promise – information of how to become a young member of Whitby Golf Club will be coming home with your Learner.

In history this week, we have been learning all about fossils. We found out that fossils were made from the remains of animal bones and plants. We were delighted to find our that Whitby is often referred to as ‘The Jurassic Coast’ because of the many fossils found here. Lots of Learners brought in fossils from home for us to investigate. Next half-term we will be taking a trip to Scarborough to find out more about the Jurassic coast – we are very excited!

We finished the week with Quad Kids –  a local sporting event. We ran, we threw, we jumped and kicked and had the BEST time. Our wonderful attitude and team-spirit was second to none! What a fabulous way to end a fabulous half-term of wonderful learning! 

A reminder that our swimming sessions at Whitby Pool have come to an end for this academic year.

Enjoy the half-term break and hopefully the sun will shine!



A letter from Buckingham Palace.

Learners have received some VERY exciting news this week!

Back in September, the whole school started the year learning about a book called “It’s Up To Us – A children’s Terra Carta’ by Christopher Lloyd foreword by King Charles. Learners watched a video of King Charles talking about the book and appealing for the help of future generations.

Learners set about writing our own road map for sustainability, thinking of ways we could hep to change the future of our planet. together, we decided we should send our ideas directly to the King.

On Monday this week,  were totally amazed when Mr Grason-Taylor brought into class an unopened letter showing the royal stamp. We were so excited to read a reply from the King, who thanked us for our letter and thoughtful ideas. 

Wow Learners Class, you are truly awesome and this just goes to show that we can ALL make a change!

What a week!!!




Here comes the sun!

We have all been happy to see the appearance of the sunshine this week. This has certainly been helping the plants grow outside our classroom.

We picked a wonderful day for forest school this week. The sun was shining, which was perfect for our activity. Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy (our focus artist this term), we were able to create some amazing art pieces using the natural materials in the forest. Learners were calm, focused and creative in the forest, the teamwork was wonderful and we all decided we would like to do this activity again.

In RE we have been learning about The Creation as told in the Bible. This week we have thought particularly about the seventh day when God rested. We discussed the importance of this and reflected why it was also important for humans to rest amid their busy lives. Discussions were open and heartfelt as always.

In Geography we have been busy drawing our own sketch maps of Sleights, these were really very impressive. We added some human features and some physical features, we included a key and using google maps, thought very hard about the location of the familiar places around Sleights.

In PE we have been improving our tennis skills and were delighted to be able to use the nets this week and put our learning into place. 

We have shared lots of stories in class this week as always and have continued to share lots of information books that Learners have brought in from home around animals and our planet. Its wonderful that Learners are so keen to share their learning at home.

Learners love to learn! 🙂



From seeds to flowers.

Many weeks ago, Learners planted seed in the forest. Since then we have been watering and nurturing these seeds in our classroom. This week we were delighted to be able to transfer and these plants into the planters outside our classroom. We will be watering these daily and cannot wait to see the flowers bloom. This is science learning at its best.

With Mental Health awareness week approaching, we were lucky to be able to hold a family session with Mel our Play Therapy Nurse. Lots of families joined us in creating our own toolkit of strategies to help us when our emotions are running high. This was a very purposeful session and it was lovely to see children and families working collaboratively.

In art, we have been finding out about our focus artists Andy Goldsworthy and Fernand Leger the sculptors.  In the coming weeks we will be looking forward to identifying their individual skills.  We have a planned forest day next week to enable us to explore Andy Goldsworthy’s style of using natural materials to create art and in the meantime we will continue to explore his creations and are excited at the prospect of making our own.





A dinotastic week.

Learners have had a dinotastic week in class. 

In English, we have completed our non-fiction pages around dinosaurs. We used the chrome books to type up some key information. The end products look fabulous and will be displayed proudly outside our classroom.

In history this week, we have been learning about the three periods of the Mesozoic Era (the triassic, jurassic and cretaceous periods). We are really enjoying finding out about dinosaurs and hope to finalise a school trip soon, which will consolidate our learning around this.

In RE we have been learning about the Creation. This week we each thought of the things we were grateful for in our wonderful world and wrote prayers of thanks to reflect our thoughts.

In maths, we have been continuing to learn more about fractions, finding a third and a quarter of shapes, objects and quantities.

We continue to enjoy our swimming and dance sessions this half-term and are building on our skills and dance moves each week.

We have enjoyed looking at many encyclopedias in class this week and have been delighted to share together many of our own brought in from home.

Learners continue to be amazing!



Fantastic phonics

This week we were visited by the Phonics Hub and we were delighted to be able to showcase our phonics lesson. In phonics lessons we are focused and keen to learn something new every day that will aid our reading skills. Learners love to read and our determination and hard work during phonics sessions is a key part of our daily learning.

In RE this week we have been learning more about the Creation and who Christians believe made the world. We found out about the different things God created on each of seven days and all agreed that we are so lucky to live in such a beautiful world.

In Science, we have been classifying animals into groups and thought carefully about the characteristics within each group. We sorted animals into birds, fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.

In English, we have been using chrome books to type some key facts around the Jurassic age. We are creating our own information pages to go into an encyclopaedia, remembering to use a title, different size font, labels and key facts. One Learner brought in an encyclopaedia from home and was keen to share his knowledge with the class – this was wonderful.

In History lessons we are also focusing on dinosaurs and this week, we learned that dinosaurs were on earth during the Mesozoic era and that they fit into the reptile group, as they were cold blooded and laid eggs to hatch their young.

Dinosaurs is most certainly cross-curricula this half term and we are looking forward to planning a trip to reflect our learning.

Learners arrive at school each keen to learn more.

Dancing into the summer term.

This week, we have enjoyed our fist dance session with Hannah Verity Dance. Together with our friends, we were keen to show off our moves and enjoyed dancing to the beat. We will be working towards a routine over the coming weeks and are very excited to keep building on our new skills and learn a new part of this routine each week. 

In maths this week, we have been working hard on finding fractions – in particular halves and equal parts of a whole.

In English, we have been exploring the book The Greatest Show on Earth by Mini Grey. We have really enjoyed Mini Grey’s whistle stop tour of the history of the planet and have been identifying the features of a non-fiction book this week. Next week we will be creating our own additional pages to the book. Together we have decided to focus on the Jurassic age, which will also support our history topic of Digs, Dinosaurs and Discoveries.

In PHSCE this week, we have been celebrating who we are, what we have achieved and listening to the positive things others say about us. This was a wonderful session which strengthened our self belief and self confidence. It didn’t come easily for some to confidently talk about themselves , but by the end of the session we were all able to speak positively about ourselves and celebrate who we are – it was fantastic!

We have enjoyed sharing lots of stories together this week as always. Look out for the new labels that have come home in reading records this week, which will help to record the great reading taking place at home.

Learners have had a peaceful and settled return after the Easter holiday and are straight back into school routines and ready to learn!

Learners love to learn 🙂

Inventors and Inventions

Learners have enjoyed another busy week in the classroom. 

On Tuesday we enjoyed a dance session with Poppy from Hannah Verity’s Dance. We jumped and hopped to music and ended the session with some fun games.

We are very excited to visit the National Railway Museum next week. To help prepare for this visit, we have been enjoying finding out about Inventors and Inventions, including the work of George Stephenson. We used Ipads to research information and found out he was often called ‘the father of the railways’. We also found out that he built a train called the Rocket which was an early passenger train. This helped us to know just how important George Stephenson was to modern railways. We are so excited to bring our  classroom learning to life next week on our trip.

We have been excited to see the seeds we planted in the forest are starting to grow. We have them on our windowsill in class and water and check the regularly. We also have some seeds in a container in the cupboard (with no light or water) and are keeping a close eye on these too.

We have begun to write our own poetry around the story of Romeo and Juliet and have taken to this wonderfully. The classroom has been bursting with knowledge and creativity and we hope to share our poems on Tapestry next week. 

In music, we were able to transfer our knowledge of the plot of Romeo and Juliet and invented our own musical story. We thought carefully about key parts of the story and chose our instruments to reflect the mood and emotion of each art. Our understanding of the plot was clear and to be able to transfer our knowledge into music was a triumph!

We are collecting plastic bottle tops in school, in order to recycle these into school resources. Please collect these at home and bring these in to school if you can!

Easter is approaching and we are looking forward to celebrating with families in Church this week.


A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

On Thursday families came in to school to celebrate World Book Day. Our focus was to celebrate Shakespeare and predominantly Romeo and Juliet. Families enjoyed joining in with many activities, such as painting and making roses, creating story maps of the text, decorating masquerade masks and writing love letters to send between Romeo and Juliet. Learners are really enjoying getting to know the plot ad characters in the text and identifying the rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues.

In computers we have been considering face-to-face and online bullying and thought carefully about  how to be kind to our friends and how to keep ourselves safe. This is a really vital discussion, which was held with great maturity.

In PE, Learners are focusing on hockey skills. In this week’s session with Hawkes Sports we focused on balancing and movement and enjoyed some fun games to improve our skills.

In Science, we have been busy watering our newly planted seeds and are delighted to see some shoots sprouting already.

In Geography, we have been watching the weather all week and have really enjoyed watching the daily weather report. We were interested to find out about the job of a meteorologist and have enjoyed completing our own weekly weather chart too, paying attention to the temperature and wind direction.

In RE, we have been learning more about the Easter Story. We thought carefully about the different feelings and emotions we had during different parts of the story. Learners articulated their feelings wonderfully and this prompted a very meaningful discussion.

We ended the week dressing up for World Book Day, we shared lots of our favourite stories and talked about our favourite books and authors.

A busy week of learning as always in Learners Class.