Welcome to Learners Class

Children who are in Learners' class are Year 1. They are taught by Mrs Brown and Mr Grason, who are supported by Mrs Wood. We recognise the essential transition that children must make from the play based Reception curriculum into Key Stage One. Therefore, careful planning is undertake to ensure that this process is smooth and highly beneficial to the children and their needs. This also includes access to outdoor provision. 

Wednesday 8th April – Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Good morning everyone.

The sun is shining again – what a beautiful day!

What a perfect day to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Take your favourite toys out into the fresh air, put down a blanket and share some snacks. You could even have a go making a Teddy Bear Sandwich (See Tapestry for more details).

While your outside, look around, what do you see? What is the weather doing today? Are there many clouds today?

Maybe, take some paper and colouring pencils outside and draw things you see, the sky, some flowers, trees or birds.

Sing the Teddy Bear’s Picnic Song while you’re enjoying the sunshine! – see link. Be warned once you start singing it, you cant stop!


Have fun and don’t forget to send us your videos, pictures and messages on Tapestry  and let us know whatever it is you’re doing today!

Look out for tonight’s story on Tapestry – 6pm don’t be late!

Keep smiling – Team Sleights

Happy Holiday Pet Show

Now we all love having a pet.
Perhaps you have a dog. Maybe you have a cat or a hamster. It is possible that you may have a horse or some chickens.
Worms make great pets and I know that lots of you just adore woodlice. Tigers and alligators are tricky to keep as pets and prefer to be in the wild
Some of these can be difficult to handle and you may prefer an imaginary pet, a toy or a brother or sister.

Your mission for the holidays,should you choose to accept it is to hold a pretend Pet Show. Team Sleights will be doing this at home too.
Here are a few ideas:
Make a poster to advertise when and where your Pet Show will take place.

Plan the categories for your show. Here are some ideas:

Pet with the smiliest face
Pet most like its owner
Pet with the waggiest tail
Agility Course/obstacle course

Best Trick
Best dancer
Best singer
Best fancy dress
These are just ideas. As always your ideas are the best.

Make rosettes or medals as awards for pets and handlers.

Someone with a clipboard will need to be the judge.

Try out an app called Piccollage if you haven’t used it before. It lets you collect and arrange photographs and text.
It’s fun for making posters.It’s free.


You could also make a model of your pet from cardboard tubes,fabric and bits.

We would absolutely love to see photographs and video of your Holiday Pet Show.

Pop over to Tapestry to see some videos and photographs for ideas 

Happy Learning


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Learners and good morning Adventurers!

It is Thursday (already!) we hope you are all well and happy this morning!

We have decided to team up today in some activities with a common theme……RAINBOWS.

Here are some suggested activities for you today (See Tapestry for further details).

  • Maths/colour – Go on a colour hunt around your home and garden. Can you find some objects that match the colours in Mrs   Brown’s song?
  • Draw a beautiful rainbow in your purple book. Tell and write a story about a magic rainbow or make a list of the colours you have used.
  • Phonics (Learners Class) – sound buttons today. Keep practising!
  • Music – A new song to learn – I Can Sing a Rainbow. Will anyone be able to sing it back to us on Tapestry?
  • Also, as we didn’t make it on our trip Ryedale Folk Museum have sent us an exciting link to A Museum From Home. Check it out, here’s the link  https://www.ryedalefolkmuseum.co.uk/museumfromhome/

Keep us posted whatever you’re doing today and look out for rainbows!

Mrs Roe and Mrs Brown

Hello Learners and hello April!

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all well and happy!

I was so impressed with the caves you made for you bears yesterday. Your bears looked so cosy inside!

Here are some suggested activities to try today (See Tapestry for further information on each one).

  •  Still thinking about ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, can you write some instructions of how to get to the bears cave. Start your sentences with words like First, Next, After that……
  •  There is a fun maths/memory game to try! We loved this in my house yesterday!
  •  Phonics – Eva spotted the split diagraph a-e sound on her walk yesterday (clever girl Eva) it was in the word Iburndale and again in Lane. Can you spot some more today. (see document on Tapestry).
  •  History – We are loving learning about Victorians in our class, today can you draw, paint or even build a Victorian house.

Keep smiling whatever you’re doing today and keep me posted as always!

(See you at Storytime at 6pm) Mrs Brown

Tuesday News!

Good morning everyone!

Learners, today is the last day of March. What month will it be tomorrow? Sing the months of the year song and see if you can figure it out!

Below, are some suggested activities you might like to do today (see Tapestry for further details).

  •  Thinking about the story ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’, have a go making a cave/den for your own special bear! When I was young I  used to put a sheet over the kitchen table and make a den underneath! After that, you could write some instructions in your purple book to tell others how you did it.
  •  Phonics “ou” sound – watch Mr Thorne and Geraldine (further details on Tapestry)- They are always so much fun!
  •  Record your daily routine today – Check your clock and tell me what you are doing and when today!
  •  Science – We’re going on a materials hunt!

Remember these are just suggestions. Keep in touch with me and send me your pictures/videos of whatever it is you do today!

Don’t forget to tune in on Tapestry at 6pm for tonight’s story!

Sending you a smile 🙂    Mrs Brown

Monday 30th March

Good morning Learners and families. I hope you are all ok and have had a lovely weekend together.

The sun has gone behind the clouds for now, but I’m sure will be back out soon.

To keep you busy and entertained, I will be suggesting daily activities for you to do as part of your Home Learning!

Please do as much or as little of these activities as you can manage as part of your daily routine. Please access Tapestry for pictures and further details on each of these activities.

Todays activities are;-

  •  I will be reading “Were going on a Bear Hunt” as tonight’s story, so gather up your favourite bear (i’ll be brining mine) and join me at 6pm. You could draw a picture of your special bear in your purple book and tell me why he/she is so special.
  •  Fold some strips of paper to make caterpillars. Can you make a family of caterpillars of different lengths?  Decorate them too (be as creative as you like).   Which is the longest? Which is the shortest? Can you order them in length? if you have a ruler you can measure them. If you have a straw you can blow them to make them move!
  •  Phonics – our favourite! Todays sound is the “ay” sound – There are some real and pseudo (alien) words to practice on Tapestry.
  • A family portrait – let your artistic side out today. Draw a picture of yourself or a family member.

Please remember, these are suggestions only to help you keep busy.

Please send me pictures/videos on Tapestry of what you have done today or just a message to say hello.

Sending you a smile 🙂

Mrs Brown



Friday’s update.

Good morning Learners and families!

Today Chester Zoo are holding a Virtual Zoo Day (from 10am onwards). This might be fun to check out.

You could even draw a picture of your favourite animal and write a description of it in your purple book! hmm I think mine would be a giraffe! 

Its fantastic to see what you’re getting up to through Tapestry….so keep posting!

Look out for tonight’s Bedtime Story too!

Keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown

Hello Thursday!

Good morning everyone!

The sun is shining again, so make the most of the fresh air and enjoying your outside spaces!

I am really enjoying keeping in touch via Tapestry. Spread the word to other families in Learners Class that haven’t yet logged on but would love it too! Even just to watch the bedtime story slot!

Keep busy today and if you would like a task, how about learning some times tables today (only 2’s, 5’s or 10’s) Can you remember we used clapping to help us in class?

Keep me updated with what you are doing through Tapestry, even just to say hello!

I will continue to be ring families regularly. My number will come up as “withheld”. Looking forward to speaking to you all soon!

Keep smiling!

Mrs Brown


Sunny Wednesday

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well! The sun is shining on this lovely Wednesday morning!

I am declaring today a “National” (well Learners class) Read a Book in the Garden Day. So get outside, just a chair in the sun will do and enjoy reading any book you like with the sun shining down on your face. What could be better!

Don’t forget to send me your pictures and videos on Tapestry….. it’s a great way to stay in touch!

Keep smiling!

Mrs Brown