Adventurers Class

Welcome to Adventurers

Adventurers Class are Year 3 children, ages 7 -8. They are taught by Miss Newton and supported in class by Mrs Wood.  

Adventurers are taught English and Maths everyday and enjoy covering all the curriculum foundation subjects in afternoon lessons. This half term, the children will be taught ICT on a Wednesday afternoon by a specialist teacher. They will have P.E on a Monday afternoon. The children will need to keep their P.E bags at school ready to take part in other activities if required and bring their swimming kit every Tuesday morning.

We try and read with the children every day at school and encourage children to develop their love of reading at home too. Reading books and  records will be sent home every night and books will be changed when they are completed.

In Year 3, children will be given homework in maths and spellings. For maths, the children will be set work weekly on Sumdog. This will be given on a Thursday and checked the following Thursday. New spellings will be given out alternate Thursdays and children will be tested on them the Thursday of the second week (I will write the test date on their spelling sheet).

Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything else we can help you with.

Miss Newton.

A Week With Adventurers!

Another fabulous week in Adventurers!

In art, we learnt about Elizabeth Gower and created our own collages inspired by her artwork. In science we discussed solids, liquids, and gasses and then acted out being each state of matter.

We have started to explore capacity and mass in maths and found it challenging at first but we are starting to get it. In English, we used Jamboard to find facts about the climate crisis to help us write letters next week. 

We also practiced our skills on scratch in computing with Mrs Gurney. We managed to make three different characters move in the app!

Adventurers 🙂


A brilliant week!

Hi families and friends,

We have had another brilliant week in Adventurers!

In PE, we have been learning how to play tennis and perfecting our throwing and catching skills.

We have started writing our poems about when we grow up in English. We have had some fabulous ideas such as eating chocolate everyday and growing tall enough to reach the treetops!

In computing we used Scratch to make our characters move and wear different costumes. This was really fun and we cannot wait to try again to perfect our skills.

We have had so much fun and hope that everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Adventurers 🙂


Happy Easter!

Hello familes,

What a brilliant last week Adventurers have had!

On Monday, Miriam visited our class to tell us all about the religion of Islam. It was so interesting and we all love learning about different religions.

On Wednesday, we took part in our school Easter service with poems that we wrote ourselves. We all showed lots of confidence and loved showing off what we had created.

In English, we have finished writing our biographies about Harriet Tubman’s life. We have all really enjoyed writing these and have produced some fantastic work.

In DT, we built our very own skyscrapers and managed to get them to stand up on their own. This was such a challenge but we had so much fun.

We hope everyone has a lovely Easter holidays and look forward to coming back to school once it is over.

Adventurers 🙂

The York Trip

Hello everyone,

Adventurers have had a fantastic week that kicked off in York on Monday. We went to York Minster and saw the Queen’s statue and had lots of fun at the York Castle Museum. 

In French, we learnt about fruits and practiced the tricky pronunciation. 

We learnt a lot in geography this week when we explored earthquakes and designed our own earthquake proof houses. 

In English, we have continued to learn about Harriet Tubman and created speech sentences to use in our biographies. 

Today, we wrote poems in RE about Easter Sunday and cannot wait to share them with everyone at our Easter service next week.

Adventurers 🙂

Red Nose Day!

Hello families and friends,

Again, we have had a very busy week in Adventurers class. In English, we have started to research Harriet Tubman so we can write a biography about her life. We used chrome books to find out lots of information about her.

We had a brilliant French lesson with Mr Everall on Wednesday, where we learnt the days of the week in French. It was confusing at first but we are really starting to understand.

In RE, we have been exploring Easter and what happened on Good Friday and ordered the events of the day. Easter is coming up and we love learning about it. 

In PSHE, we have been exploring road safety and finding out about the Green Cross Code. This will be useful to remember when we visit York next week.

Finally, we celebrated Red Nose Day today by wearing red and creating our very own red noses. 

Adventurers 🙂

Another Amazing Week!

Hi families,

It has been a busy week in Adventurers this week. We have almost finished writing our balanced arguments in English. We have loved finding out the different reasons for and against animals being kept in captivity.

In PE, we have been perfecting our throwing, catching and dodging skills with Hawkes. We have had a brilliant time!

We have been learning about length and perimeter in maths and can now confidently convert metres, centimetres and millimetres. 

In RE, we explored the last supper and discussed the impact this has on Christians at Easter time. 

We have started finding out about living things and their habitats in science. We have begun to group different animals based on their characteristics. 

Adventurers! 🙂


World Book Day!

Hello families,

Happy World Book Day from Adventurers! We have had a fabulous week full of fun!

On Monday, we had a drama afternoon that focused on the Roman Empire! We became emperors, mosaic makers, crafts people and sellers. It was an amazing afternoon and we all learnt so much.

In maths, we have started our new topic of length and perimeter. It was tricky at first to understand how to measure in millimetres and centimetres but we can now all read and use the rulers brilliantly.

We have also been perfecting our speaking skills in French. We are learning lots and can now speak about things we can do.

Today, we celebrated World Book Day and had so much fun dressing up as our favourite characters. We also created our own bookmarks to help us when we are reading,

Adventurers 🙂

Amazing Adventurers!

Hello everyone,

We have had another brilliant week in Adventurers class at Sleights and have all been working extremely hard.

In English, we have started to explore balanced arguments. We are writing about whether animals should be kept in captivity or not. We love learning about this and creating our own fact files about zoos on Jamboard using our Chromebooks.

We learnt DT for the first time this term, creating the tallest towers out of paper. It was very tricky to get them to stand up on their own. We look forward to finding out more about structures in the next few weeks.

In Science, we finished our electricity topic by learning about Micheal Faraday. We will be exploring about living things and their habitats next. 

We have been also been going on Jamboard in computing with Mrs Gurney, creating our own superhero posters. This is really fun!

We hope we have another fabulous week next week. 

Adventurers 🙂


Happy Half Term!

Hello families,

Adventurers have had an amazing week at school this week, topping it all off with raising lots of money for the Children Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) by wearing red, creating art and baking lots of cakes. Also, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined us for out storytelling morning on Thursday. 

In computing, we learnt how to touch type on BBC Dance Mat. We had lots of fun, eventhough it was a little bit tricky. 

We continued to look at Jessica Hogarth’s wallpaper designs in art and created our own colourful and quirky artwork inspired by where we live. 

In PE, we held a hockey match against each other. This is helping our teamworking skills. 

We have finished writing our Wisp narrative stories in English. Everyone has done a really fab job and have created some really exciting stories. 

Adventurers 🙂 

Friday again!

What a busy week Adventurers have had again!

We have continued planning our Wisp refugee stories in English and are ready to start writing them next week. Everyone has really enjoyed reading The Wisp and we are excited to add our own twist to the story in the book.

In PE, we played our first hockey game in teams of 4. We had so much fun and are getting better and better at passing and defending the ball.

We have started exploring a new artist in art, who is a little closer to home. Jessica Hogarth is from Robin Hood’s Bay and we have all been really inspired by her artwork and created our own sketches of Whitby in black pen.

In science, we have tested whether different materials are conductors or insulators. We have also learnt about how insulators can keep us safe. 

Adventurers 🙂