Welcome to Discoverers

Discoverers Class

Welcome to the Discoverers class page πŸ˜€

In our class we are taught by Mrs Taylor, who is supported by Mrs Exelby. 

We are in years 4 and 5, which means that we are 8 turning 9, and 9 turning 10 (we love to share our birthdays). 

We have busy weeks in here, with English and Mathematics lessons taught daily, and some lessons which happen once a week: like Computing with Mrs Gurney and Sports with Mr Gokool on a Wednesday, magical music on a Thursday and PE on a Friday (we need our PE kits on a Wednesday and Friday). 

We bring our books and reading records to school each day, and change them when we have finished reading them. This happens during the week when we share our books with Mrs Taylor or Mrs Exelby. 

Each week, homework is set up for us on Sumdog. Sumdog is a fun website, which helps us practice our maths skills through playing games. It is set up for us to complete on a Thursday. We also get spelling homework too. This happens every other Thursday, and we are tested on the spellings during the Tuesday of the second week. We practice our spellings during the week at school, too.

Below, you will find blogs that we write, to share all of the special memories we make in this class. Feel free to check them out πŸ˜€ 

Friday’s Weekly News

Hello Everybody, 

This week has been another busy one, with lots happening. 

We were visited by Paddy from the radio, who recorded our beautiful singing, many of us joined our first ECO committee meeting and we have started our new design and technology project: sewing. 

We also visited the forest, and created some wonder stick stars using a clove hitch and square lashing. 

Finally, we have some exciting news for you all:

WE ADOPTED OUR CLASS PANDA! Its details will have arrived by next Friday, so we will update you with their name then πŸ˜€

A Bright Week in Discoverers’ Class

Hello All,

This week has been bright for many reasons, not just because the sun has been shining:

We celebrated Children in Need on Friday, and raised over Β£100!

We had a visit from Justin who works with Whitby Rugby Club, to teach us some rugby skills.

We thought about God’s three promises, and recognised that even when we feel we are alone, we can always turn to Him for support.

We celebrated the end of this beautiful week with a celebration worship, which identified many of the wonderful attributes that we bring to not only the classroom, but to others’ lives.

We hope your week is as bright as ours πŸ˜€


Our Busiest Week Yet!

Hello Everybody,

This week has certainly been a busy one! It is our last week of the first half term, and it has been jam-packed with fun and excitement.

Some of our highlights have included: creating our skyscraper structures in design and technology, making pumpkin soup to celebrate Harvest, using polystyrene to create a Harvest-themed print and finally, getting to meet the inspirational David Atherton (2019 Great British Bake Off Winner).

We are just about to finish our class text: The Firework Maker’s Daughter, and can’t wait to see if our predictions are accurate. 

Apart from that, we are looking forward to spending time with our family and friends during the next week. 

We hope you enjoy your time too,


This Week’s Adventures

Hello Everybody,

This week has been another busy one, where we have been on lots of outings with our friends πŸ˜€

We visited Eskdale school again on Wednesday and we played several football competitions. We competed in such high spirits, and had lots of fun! 

Then, on Thursday, we visited Scarborough Spa, where we explored lots of different careers within science, technology, engineering and maths. We played games, completed activities and learned all about the different skills needed for our potential, future jobs. 

Whilst we were at the Spa, we were thinking about our Christian value: Thankfulness. We felt thankful that there were no gender stereotypes at this event, and it was refreshing to see both genders promoting work in a typically male dominated industry!

This afternoon, we are off to Whitby Rugby Club where we are playing a tag rugby competition. Wish us luck!



Friday 8th October 2021

Hello All,

This week has been a super busy week for Discoverers class. 

On Wednesday, our boys football team visited Eskdale School and played many matches of football against local Whitby schools. We played together well, used lots of communication, and achieved third place overall πŸ˜€ We were very proud of this. 


On Thursday this week, we took part in a class band lesson. Each week, will we have a music lesson to teach us how to play the clarinet, saxophone, trombone or trumpet. We are taking home our instruments today and can’t wait to share what we have learnt with our families.

In Collective Worship, we have been thinking about the quote: ‘Write your troubles in the sand, but carve your blessings in stone’. We have explored the meaning behind this and are trying to focus on the positives in our lives, and the things we are thankful for. 

Have a great weekend,


A Windswept Success

On Friday afternoon, Discoverers’ class visited Whitby Rugby Club for a fun-filled afternoon of rugby.

We battled the forces and played such fun activities, whilst seeing some familiar faces and having so many giggles πŸ˜ƒ

Everybody worked hard, played hard, and enjoyed our first trip of many this year!

Here’s to some fantastic rugby skills being learned, and having such a ball with our class family ❀️

Even β€˜the wheels on the bus’ was welcomed!

Have a great weekend everybody!

A Jam-packed Week Filled with Wonderful Memories

Hello πŸ˜€

In Discoverers’ class this week, we have spent time in the forest, made our own playdough and learned all about Henry VIII and his ‘interesting’ life (he had six wives)!

In the forest, we spent time reflecting on how Christians see God as being holy and loving, and how we imagine him to be. We created artwork to represent this. 

We made playdough and used this to join spaghetti together, when building structures in design and technology lessons. 

We learned all about Henry VIII’s six wives, and how each of them were divorced, beheaded or died, apart from one: his last wife Catherine Parr. 

In collective worship this week, we reflected on Mary’s gratitude in the bible: Luke 1, and we had some fantastic discussions around why God chose Mary to birth Jesus. This linked with our value thankfulness, and we gave thanks to God for the things that are important to us.

We hope everybody has a lovely weekend,



Such a Sunny Week

Hello Everybody,

This week, we have been learning about the solar system. We created mnemonics to help us remember the names and order of the planets! 

We have also been learning ‘What does it mean if God is Holy and loving?’ in RE. We explored lots of new vocabulary to help us identify what makes a wonderful God. The most interesting words that we learned were ‘omnipotent’ which means all-powerful, and ‘omniscient’ which means knowing all things.

This week has also been extra special because we have been able to join together for Collective Worship with Leaders class. We have been learning about the value of thankfulness, and exploring the story of creation. 

This week we are thankful for: family, friends, a beautiful week, water and pets. 

We hope everybody has a fantastic week ahead, and we will speak again next week,



Our First Week Back

Hello Visitors,

This week is our first week back after the Summer holidays, and one of the best things about this is that we got to see all of our friends again. We have loved playing with each other at playtimes, especially now we can play with the Leaders class too. 

We are enjoying being back in a routine, and learning new things. This week we have been learning how to find our way around using a compass in geography, we have started reading our new class text: The Firework-Maker’s Daughter and we have been having some simple conversations in French, describing who makes up our family. 

We have just finished a session of PE, where we were learning football skills in preparation for an upcoming competition. We will keep you posted on this.

We hope that everybody has a wonderful weekend!

Speak soon,