An Excellent First Week as Discoverers

Hello Visitors, 

We are so excited to be writing our first post as year 4 pupils! 

We are now in Discoverers class and can’t wait to share all of the exciting things that happen during our week.

This week, we went out to watch the Tour of Britain cycling race. It was amazing to see the cyclists pedalling so hard. We were inspired by their efforts and have organised our own cycle-to-school day. Check out our picture of posters below.


Nearing The Summer Holidays


Thank you for visiting Discoverers’ blog 🙂

We have had a very busy week, after lots of trips have been happening for different classes, and we had our transition days where we spent time with our new teachers.

We visited the North Yorkshire Moors, where we learned about the environment there, and the work that goes in to protecting it. 

We spent time with Mrs Porter this week, and did lots of fun activities getting to know each other better.

In class, we have also been thinking about the journey of different religions, and the important events that happen within Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. 

We hope you have a lovely week,


A Thunder Storm Didn’t Stop Us

Hello Visitors,

This week, we have enjoyed lots of learning inside and out. We spent all of Friday in the forest, and tackled lots of new challenges: following tracks, creating maps, finding and hiding treasure and shelter building. Despite the thunder storm, we had an amazing time, and it made the atmosphere even better! 

The weather has given us some interesting thought for poetry, whilst we have been using figurative language within our English work. We thought about some interesting new language when we were outside, and we also used the stimuli of the amazing building work that is happening right outside our window. 

In RE, we are continuing to thinking about how life can be seen as a journey for some people. We are considering our life’s journey so far, and perhaps what our future may look like. We will be looking at religious events in some life journeys over the coming weeks. 

During collect worship, we have considered how many acts of service happen throughout our day. From the building creating our wonderful new classrooms, to the small gestures from our friends in class, we think about those who we serve, and who serve us, and send thanks to them.



An Active Week for All

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our page again, this week. We have had another busy week, with so much fun and excitement. 

Earlier in the week, we spent time with Suzie, from Dogs Trust, and we learned how to keep ourselves safe around dogs. Then, later in the week, some of us took part in Bikeability, and learned how to ride our bikes safely. We practiced on the playground, and then traveled around Sleights Village, gaining experience on roads and different junctions. 

On Thursday afternoon, we had our amazing sports day. We had been waiting a lot time to welcome our families into school, and we showed them our great sport skills, and brilliant team spirit. 

For a look at this week’s adventures, take a look at the images below:


The World’s Most Disgusting Lesson

Hello Visitors,

We would suggest ensuring that you have eaten, before reading this blog!

This week, we completed a very disgusting task: creating poo! 

We have been learning all about the digestive system, and the body parts that are included within. We focused on new vocabulary, and learning the purpose of each part. 

Check out the photos below, to see our end product. 

Our new value for this half term is truthfulness. In worship, we have been exploring this word, and what it means to be truthful. We are thinking about what Jesus would do throughout this exploration, but are also considering the benefits to ourselves when we tell the truth. 

The End of Another Brilliant Week

Hello All,

Over the last few weeks, we have been so excited to be taught by other teachers within school. We have enjoyed learning more about the five British values, and have loved creating some wonderful work alongside this. 

We had a great time in the forest recently too, where we created our own pencils using elder. 

In worship this week, we have explored Christian Aid and the amazing work that the charity does. We have enjoyed learning more about how this links with our Christian Value: service, and have questioned the things that we can do to help others. 

We hope that you have a wonderful week,



Our First Week Back After Easter

Hello Visitors,

Our first week back has been jam-packed with lots of learning about new topics.

In RE we have started to explore the question: ‘What would Jesus do?’. We have focused on the parable of ‘The Two Builders’ this week, from Matthew 7:24-27. We discussed the parable’s meaning: if we trust in God, and live the life that he wants us to live, we will lead a successful and happy life. 

We have also worked hard to complete a poster about animals in English lessons. We have included conjunctions and relative clauses within our writing, and practised drawing the animal of our choice. Did you know that snow leopards can’t roar?

Finally, we wanted to share our new Christian Value with you all: Service. We will be exploring this in Collective Worship each day, and completing activities that are related within our prayer spaces. 

We hope you have had a great week too.



Welcome to Discoverers

Discoverers Class

Welcome to the Discoverers class page 😀

In our class we are taught by Mrs Taylor, who is supported by Mrs Exelby. 

We are in year 4, which means that we are 8 turning 9 (we love to share our birthdays). 

We have busy weeks in here, with English and Mathematics lessons taught daily, and some lessons which happen once a week, like computing with Mrs Gurney on a Thursday afternoon. 

Also on a Thursday, we have magical music with Ralph (our amazing music teacher). We need to remember to practice our instruments at home, and then bring them in on a Thursday morning ready for our lesson.

On a Tuesday morning, we have swimming, so we need to bring in our swimming kits every Tuesday morning during the Autumn term. We need to bring in our PE kits on a Friday morning.

We bring our books and reading records to school each day, and change them when we have finished reading them. This happens during the week when we share our books with Mrs Taylor or Mrs Exelby. 

Each week, homework is set up for us on Sumdog. Sumdog is a fun website, which helps us practice our maths skills through playing games. It is set up for us to complete on a Thursday. We also get spelling homework too. This happens every other Thursday, and we are tested on the spellings during the Tuesday of the second week. We practice our spellings during the week at school, too.

Below, you will find blogs that we write, to share all of the special memories we make in this class. Feel free to check them out 😀 

Ending the Week Wearing Red

Hello Everybody,

Our week started in the forest, where we worked as a team to tackle some tricky obstacles. We worked in teams and had to help each other navigate the forest by using clear directions, whilst some were blindfolded. 

We have worked hard with our fractions work in maths, where we have learned to confidently add and subtract fractions that are improper or mixed number. 

We managed to finish our newspaper report about an Ancient Egyptian battle, and published a final copy to share with our families and on display around school. We spent the rest of the week working on an independent explanation text about mummification! You don’t want to know how the Ancient Egyptian’s extracted a person’s brain!

We have ended our week wearing red, to raise money for the CHUF charity. This is an organisation that supports children in hospital. We created a happy heart to send the children, and managed to raise lots of money to support the work of this wonderful organisation. 

We hope you have a wonderful week,


Music Through the Corridors

Hello Viewers,

This week has been a special week in RE, as we have started to explore the month of Ramadan for Muslims. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink anything during daylight hours. This is so that they feel closer to their God, by sacrificing and giving. Did you know that Muslims also pray five times each day?

We are so excited that we have been invited to join an after-school club on a Monday, where we can create bands, within our whole-class band. We can form part of a separate woodwind band, or separate brass band. 

Another highlight this week has been writing our final copies of our explanation text about the water cycle. We are going to take our final copies home, share them with local businesses who require the water cycle to keep going and read them to our siblings to teach them all about it. 

That’s all for this week, but we will update you with more next Friday,

Discoverers (Romy, Wesley and Tamsin)