What An Amazing Week

Hello Visitors,

This week has been AMAZING! We have enjoyed writing our adverts, to try and tempt people to visit the Alps. Did you know the Alps attract over 30,000,000 people each year and they were formed over 65,000,000 years ago? They are the youngest mountain range in the world!

Not only have we been enjoying English, we have also learned lots more about Tudors in history. This week, we studied Elizabeth I, and why her time in reign is known as the Golden Era. Here we are presenting our findings to the rest of the class:


Sleights Remembers Them

This week, the whole school have reflected on the service personnel who lost their lives and are remembered on our village’s War Memorial Monument. These local heroes have been discussed and their lives researched during the week. The children have each created a symbol of remembrance, including artwork and writing about the local lost soldiers. Today, we came together as a full school and heard the names of these soldiers read out by our children, before beginning our two minutes silence. The hall was still.

The photographs show the work created by the children celebrated around the village. Please do visit the school, community centre, Spar shop, St John’s and the War Memorial to see the work in person. It really is beautiful.

A huge thank you to families who have shared personal memories too. These included finding out about a family connection to one of the individuals on the War Memorial, as well as some very special items from fallen family members.

Learning about the past

To support our children’s learning about Rememberence, we were really fortunate to be joined in school by Kevin Hann, Royal Air Force Wing Commander (Retired). Mr Hann worked with children in Adventurers, Discoverers and Leaders to explore some of his own stories and reflections on his time serving. Mr Hann shared with the children some of his first-hand experiences and brought some of his equipment and uniform into school. The children were really engaged to also see photographs and medals from Mr Hann’s service. The children had so many questions and made some excellent contributions. A huge thank you to Mr Hann for giving his time up. His impact across school was significant.

Harvest Festival 2023

The land has yielded its harvest: God, our God, has blessed us, Psalm 67:6

It was so brilliant to be able to welcome so many families to our service on Wednesday. St John’s was full! A huge thank you for supporting us with your very kind donations too. All donated items will now be shared with the Whitby Food Bank to share around our community.

Global Poverty and Our Actions

Hello Visitors,

This week, we came together as a whole school to think about those in need and discuss the global issue of poverty.

Here are some staggering facts about poverty, and the responses that the children gave:

World poverty affects 330,000,000 people.

Beth told us that everyone matters.

International and global response is important.

Ava told us that it affects people all over the world.

Coco told us that when it’s the whole world that helps, it benefits more people.

Nobody should be starving.

Dignity for all – clean clothes, toilets.

As we work together, as a whole school, we hope that we can help change this disaster!

To help make a change, we have been raising donations to be delivered to the local food bank. 

If you can help, please do.

Sleights Strikes Again

Welcome to another week in Discoverers’ class 😀

This week it started in style, when we held a KS2 cross country within our grounds. We ran around the front and back fields, and even into the forest. 

After battling across the different terrain, we cheered on the other classes, watching everybody finish with a huge smile of pride on their faces.

An Exciting First Week Back

Hello Visitors,

Thank you for checking out our page. We have been back to school for just over a week now, and have managed to learn so much! 

We have explored numbers to 1,000,000 in maths, and have done really well with reading and writing them. We have also had our first music lesson after over 6 week without any. We remembered all of our notes brilliantly!

In RE, we have started to explore the question: What would Jesus do? To learn more about the person Jesus was, we explored the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders. We created bible stands and tested them on sand and clay, deciding which were the best foundations for our constructions. 

We talked about the importance of following our Christian Values, and how this would help us to lead a fulfilling life.