Friday 17th January 2020

This week, we have been very busy learning about how to protect our world. In English we are currently writing a report about the benefits of reducing our waste. Did you know that it can take up to 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose?

We can help by making small changes such as: using reusable straws and crockery, purchasing items from second-hand shops rather than buying new and turning the tap off when we brush our teeth. 

Here are some images of us working together to improve our reports:


Friday 10th January 2020

After our first week back following the Christmas holidays, we have all worked very hard and are ready for the weekend. This week we have been learning about the Rights of a child: it made us feel important, lucky and grateful. We have created art work to capture the importance of these rights:

Friday 13th December 2019 – The Mischievous Elves and Excitable Edgar

This week has been a wonderful one. We are nearing Christmas and with our holidays fast approaching, we have been preparing for the festivities.

We have been visited by seven, rather naughty elves who continue to get up to mischief whilst we’re eating our lunch: they even wrote in Alex’s book! 

In English, we have been writing the story of Excitable Edgar – you may have seen him feature in the latest Waitrose TV advert. However, we have made some changes without our stories, and Edgar sometimes gets up to different things when he accidentally breathes fire! You can watch the advert by clicking the link below: 

Join us on Tuesday 17th December from 2pm for our reading afternoon. We will be gifting a chosen book to each child and can share these with you, as well as our wonderful Edgar stories. 


Goodbye, Mrs Vicar!

On 23rd September, the whole school gathered in St. John’s Church to say goodbye to Mrs Vicar (Reverend Veronica Carolan). Reverend Veronica begins her retirement after many years of faithful service and the school was so pleased to be able to mark this special occasion. The school shared songs, poems, readings and their heartfelt thoughts on Mrs Vicar. See the gallery for a snapshot of the service.

A reading buzz

We are working really hard to promote reading at Sleights. Over the last few days, we have undertaken the huge job of reorganising our whole school library. Every book is now banded, so that every child can choose from a huge range of texts that interest them. We are really excited by this!

The Discoverers were the first class to then create their own classroom book collection using the newly organised texts. The library was a brilliant hive of activity, as children debated titles and battled over blurbs. The children’s genuine interest was so lovely to see and created such a buzz.

We are really excited to now start enjoying the new classroom collection!

Mr Grason


A visit from the Islamic Diversity Centre

On Tuesday 9th April, we were really excited to be able to welcome Miriam and Amar from the Islamic Diversity Centre in Newcastle. During the day, the children enjoyed a workshop, in their classes, with Miriam and Amar to learn about the Five Pillars of Islam.

The children asked lots of really thoughtful questions and were incredibly interested and respectful of the Muslim faith. We were also pleased to be able to welcome family members to the workshops, who also shared lots of positive feedback.

Thank you to the Islamic Diversity Centre for helping our children understand and compare about faith different to our own.

Click here to see a copy of the family feedback about the workshop: Islamic Diversity Centre Workshop Evaluation (April 2019)

Chocolate Tasting

18th March 2019

As part of their Design and Technology topic Discoverers have been doing some product investigation.  This afternoon involved chocolate tasting – such a difficult afternoon!!

They investigated the difference in taste between bars with a small amount of Cocoa solids compared to others with less.

Lucas & Ruby

The 85% dark chocolate was revolting compared to the 0% of the white chocolate.


I liked tasting all of the different chocolate although I didn’t like the dark chocolate.


I was surprised that the Milkybar did not contain any Cocoa solids, only Cocoa butter.


I liked the 85% chocolate because it was spicy but I didn’t like the 0% Milkybar.


I like the 85% chocolate because I don’t really like milky chocolate.

Discoverers were surprised to find out that the dark chocolate was better for them.

World Book Day

Pioneers delved into a selection of new and loved wonderful texts. This week we have been enjoying Dave’s Big Breakfast Blast Off and Dave-two books about a big fat cat and his adventures. It involves animals feeding him too many beans and the inevitable happens and Dave “blasts off” . We had great fun sharing the count down together, painting pictures of Dave and making a story map together. In the afternoon we visited our reading buddies in Discoverers Class. We brought the books and they helped with the big words. To end the day, we went into our new school library to share our last story of the day. Amelia finished the day beautifully by saying that it was the best story ever because it had a happy ending. So lovely.

Happy Reading