A brilliant week!

Hi families and friends,

We have had another brilliant week in Adventurers!

In PE, we have been learning how to play tennis and perfecting our throwing and catching skills.

We have started writing our poems about when we grow up in English. We have had some fabulous ideas such as eating chocolate everyday and growing tall enough to reach the treetops!

In computing we used Scratch to make our characters move and wear different costumes. This was really fun and we cannot wait to try again to perfect our skills.

We have had so much fun and hope that everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Adventurers 🙂


Summer term is here.

The summer term is here already and it was lovely to welcome Learners class back into the classroom.

Learners are always busy and have a buzz for learning and this week was no exception.

The sunshine brought great delight and we were able to enjoy playtime on the field at last!

We have begun dance sessions with Hannah Verity this week and are really looking forward to learning some new moves and routines in the coming weeks.

In maths, Year two have started to build on their knowledge around fractions and have enjoyed finding halves of shapes and amounts, whereas Year 1 have been measuring using standard and non-standard measures.

In English, we have been embracing poetry and have enjoyed exploring poems and spotting rhyme and alliteration within familiar poems. We enjoyed sharing our favourites and even brought poems in from home – some made us laugh out loud!


Please check out this weeks newsletter, to see up and coming events over the next term.

Learners Class

A Day in The Forest

The sun shone and everyone was delighted to be outside and enjoying the fresh air and the green all around. The focus of the day was to look at what was growing and establish a knowledge of roots going down into the ground and shoots coming up. We discussed how scientists look carefully and that botanists are interested in plants.We were also getting to grips with using a selection of tools for digging and dig we did!

Lots of soil was shifted and one voice was heard saying,”We are miners!”

We discovered that there were different types of roots. Some were thin and like hairs and others were much fatter. We also uncovered some lichen and some spawn. We found new grown and perfect acorn cups. Many returned to the classroom with pocket treasure.

A wellies remained in pairs and a good time was had by all.

Green Screen Antics


This week, we have enjoyed lots of green-screen fun, as we have learned how to use IMovie to create images of ourselves on different backgrounds. Check out our pictures below:

We created images of ourselves in different places, as our new topic is ‘When I Grow Up’, and in English we are thinking about some imaginative things we could do when we’re older. We’re working towards writing poetry about this, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We have also been learning about ‘Friendship’, which is our new value for this half term. We have been thinking about what it means to be a friend, and enjoyed collective worship time: sharing our thoughts on this. 

We hope you’re having a great week,



Summer term!

Hello families and friends,

Adventurers have had an amazing week. 

On Tuesday,  we had our first dance class of the term. We loved dancing to a song from The Greatest Showman.

We have had PE with Hawkes Sports Club and learnt how to play tennis. It was tricky but we had lots of fun.

In History we finished our Roman Empire topic and we are very excited to start learning about the Vikings, Anglo Saxons and Scots.

On Wednesday afternoon, we learnt how to make our avatars dance and move on Scratch in computing. 

Adventurers 🙂 

Welcome to the Summer Term!

Wow! I can’t quite believe that it is the summer term already. There is so much to look forward to this term so keep an eye on our class blog for exciting updates.

This week, the children have been focusing on characterisation in their English lessons, developing skills to show and not tell their reader about their character. The vocabulary that has been used has been wonderful to see and I am looking forward to seeing their character descriptions develop next week. 

In maths, children have been exploring statistics. This week, Year 6 children have learned how to read and interpret pie charts as well as how to draw them. Year 5 children have explore line graphs, including drawing and interpreting them. Keep up the brilliant work!

In collective worship this week, the children have been introduced to our new Christian Value, ‘Friendship’. The children have explored what friendship means and how we can show care and respect to our friends. The responses have been excellent.

This term, our new topic is ‘When I grow up’. Take a look at our curriculum map to find out more about our learning for this term.