Thursday 16th July

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all ok today.
Please remember to come and collect your child’s school report from the school office today (if you haven’t already).
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- More details on Tapestry.
In English, there is a new Once Upon a Story to discuss.
In Maths, we have been learning about pattern this week, there are some fun games to enjoy today.
In Art we will be looking at how artists use colour and shape to produce a beautiful picture.

I would just like to say how amazing you have all been since March 23rd and lockdown began! You should all be very proud of yourselves. It has been truly lovely that we have all kept in touch via Tapestry and by telephone.
Enjoy the summer holidays and I will look forward to seeing you all in September!
Keep smiling 🙂
Mrs Brown

Thursday 16th July 2020

Happy last day, Discoverers,

We have made it to the Summer holidays, and you have worked so hard. Thank you 😀 

Today, in English, you are going to continue writing your story.

Today, you will be writing the middle and the end.

Usually, in the middle of a story, there is a problem, which can be solved towards the end. What is the problem in your story?

When you have written your story, why don’t you read it to your family?

I would love to receive a video of you reading it, or a picture of your final version, so that I can read it myself ?


Today, in maths, you are continuing to learn about symmetry.

For the first question, draw the shapes in your book, and colour in the squares that are shown. Then, complete the shape by colouring in more squares, so that the shapes are symmetrical.

For the second question, reflect the shape through the line, so that it is symmetrical. To check your answers, you can cut out the shapes and fold them along the line, to see if they match up.

For the final question, the shapes need to be drawn in your maths books, and you need to imagine that the line is a mirror. Reflect the shape in the mirror so that it is drawn symmetrically on the opposite side. Remember, look closely at the shapes as both of them do not begin on the line.


Our extra activity today, is something a little different.

I would like you to complete this mindfulness meditation.

You might like to do this activity before bedtime tonight, as you may feel tired, or even fall asleep at the end of it.

Follow the words in the video, and relax ? 

Have a wonderful Summer, and I will see you in September,

Mrs Taylor 

Thursday the 16th of July 2020-Good Morning to you All-Learning Suggestions for the Pioneers

We have made it through to the holidays. No more sleeps…

It’s Teddy Bears Picnic Day and I hope that you will join me in this wherever you are.

Here are your suggestions for today:

It is Picnic Day and toys enjoy real food and pretend food.
If you mix together 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of mud/compost and add water to make a dough,the resulting material is a fantastic mix to make and build with.
If you then add some cardboard and some leaves you have all you need to make tasty teddy treats.
Otherwise you could make some real sandwiches in the kitchen for you all to enjoy.
Get online and check the weather forecast before you set your rug out. You may have to set it out on the kitchen floor.
Happy Picnic All


Our Maths this week has been about big numbers. They all use zero.
Here is a story about Zero.Pop over to Tapestry to watch the video.

Once you have read the story,take a look at the book pages and try writing 100,1000,10,000,100,000,1,000,000.
You can also make the numbers on this week’s app:

Here is the link to a big numbers episode of Numberblocks.


That’s Maths Magic

Wednesday’s News – 15th July

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well!
Remember your child’s reports are ready to collect from the school office.
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- More details on Tapestry!
In English there is a new Once Upon a Picture to discuss!
In Maths, continuing with pattern, today we will look at number patterns!
In Science, Laura and Layla have been thinking about dinosaurs this week at home, so let’s find out some more about dinosaurs today!

Keep in touch with me and let me know what you are doing at home.
Keep smiling:)
Mrs Brown

Wednesday 15th July 20202

Happy Wednesday, Discoverers,

Today, in English, you are going to begin to write your story.

If you aim to write the beginning today that would be great ?

Send me pictures of your writing so far, I can’t wait to read all of your unique stories!

Today in maths, I have some problems for your to solve.

For the first question, Jack thinks that if he rotates his triangle, he will be able to find more than one line of symmetry. Do you agree with him?

Looking at the second question, does a four sided shape always, sometimes or never have four lines of symmetry? Think about the quadrilaterals that you learned about last week to help you.

Yesterday, in science, you choose a nocturnal animal, and drew it.

Today, I would like you to do some research.

Try to research as much as you can about your chosen animal.

You might like to answer these questions: Where about in the world does it live? What is its habitat? What does it eat? How is it different to other animals? Are there any interesting facts that you have learned?

Have a great day everybody, 

Mrs Taylor 


Wednesday the 15th of July – Predator or Prey for Pioneers

Who’s eating Who?
Over the last few days we have been learning about food chains and classifying animals as herbivores,carnivores and omnivores
The next two words to learn are Predator and Prey.
Animals that eat other animals are called predators. The animals they eat are called prey.
Take a look at .this clip and read your new reading book.
Can you spot the predator?
Who is the prey?


As always,go slowly.
Go back to Geraldine if you need to revise a specific sound.
This book will help with the work on today’s other post about Predator and Prey.
Happy Reading.
To finish the year we need to get to 100.
Find 100 on your number square.
Use the NumberPieces App
Find 100 square.
Lay ten sticks on top of the square.
How many can you fit on top?
Try writing 100.
What comes after 100… The Big Numbers Song
This is a link to a favourite in the classroom.

Tuesday’s News – 14th July

Good morning everyone, I hope you are well!

Please note: Reports are ready to collect from the School Office as of today. Please come to the Office where a member of staff will be there to hand over your child’s report!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- more details on Tapestry!
In English, we will looking at a new picture in Once Upon A Picture. Take some time to discuss the possibilities within the picture!
In Maths, we will be having fun with repeated patterns – can you make your own too?
In Design and Technology we will be looking at some sources of energy – this is most interesting!
Remember to keep reading a little daily and writing in your Reading Diary!
Keep in touch with me as always!
Keep smiling,
Mrs Brown

Tuesday 14th July 2020

Hello Discoverers,

Today, in English, I would like you to create a front cover for the story you are going to write.

Use your plan, to help you design your cover.

You may decide to use the characters from your story on the front, or you may wish to leave the reader guessing, and put something which only hints towards the story’s plot.

It is always best to design your cover using pencil, which allows for changes to be made if they are needed.

Then, you might like to add colour.


Today’s maths question requires you to use your maths book or squared paper, and a colouring pencil/ pencil.

Use six squares in your book, to create shapes which are symmetrical.

If you want to check that they are symmetrical, you can cut them out and try folding them. If the sides then match, your shape has at least one symmetrical line.


Today in science, we are continuing to learn about nocturnal animals.

Visit yesterday’s website, and scroll down to the section which is titled: Night Creatures. 

Scroll through the selection of twenty two nocturnal animals, and choose one which you will research throughout this week.

Today, using the image on this website, and any other images you find through research, draw your chosen animal and learn its features.

Have a great Tuesday all, 

Mrs Taylor 

Tuesday the 14th of July – Have a Lovely Day Pioneers.

Here is a little song for you to learn to remind you to look after your teeth.
Perhaps you could write your own words!

Write a menu for the picnic.
On the photograph is a list of words that your Pioneer may be able to spell.
Once you have come up with an initial list add adjectives to add detail.

While you watch the episode,pause and write the number sentences.
Make each one up using the pieces on the app website below.

Have a number square at hand and ask your Pioneer to find the numbers you are looking at.
How many different ways can you make 50,using 10’s?
Set the sticks out on the app and write the number sentences.
Use the Numberblocks episode to help out.