Key Stage Results

We are very proud of the achievements that our children make. We recognise the strength of every child in many ways. Outcomes from national assessments are only one measure.

Due to school closures, no national data was collected in 2020 or 2021.

How are the results gathered?

Each year, children in Year 6 and Year 2 complete ‘SATs’. These are national assessments, which take place in May. Children in Year 1 also complete a ‘Phonics Screening Check’. This, again, is a national measure and is used to identify children’s understanding of letters and sounds. Finally, information gathered about children in Reception (The Early Years Foundation Stage) is used to compile an ‘Early Years Profile’ at the end of the year. The outcomes for children at Sleights in July 2019 are reported below. These are the most up to date results, as no assessments took place in 2020, due to Coronavirus and related school closures. No national assessments will be carried in the 2021 either, due to additional school closures.

Early Years Foundation Stage (July 2019) 17 children

% of children achieving the expected standard Sleights: 87%
National: 72%

Key Stage 1 Phonics results (July 2019) 

  Y1 Y2  
% of children achieving the expected standard

Sleights: 87%
National: 82%

Sleights: 100%
National: 91%

Key Stage 1 assessment results (July 2019) 12 children

  Reading  Writing Mathematics
% of children achieving the expected standard

Sleights: 75%
National: 75%

Sleights: 75%
National: 69%

Sleights: 83%
National: 76%

% of children exceeding the expected standard

Sleights: 25%
National: 25%

Sleights: 17%
National: 15%
Sleights: 25%
National: 22%

Key Stage 2 assessment results (July 2019) 24 children

We are very proud of all of the children at Sleights. The Year 6 results below show a significant improvement in the progress children make across their time in Key Stage Two (compared to 2018 results). In addition, the school is proud that a number of children reached the higher standards across all three subjects below. This has never happened before in the school’s history. 

The school’s progress scores below show that the school is above national ‘floor standards’. Children should achieve an average scaled score of 100. 

  Reading  Writing Mathematics
Average Progress -3.6 +0.5 -3.8
Average Scaled Scores 99.7 102.0 100.0
% of children achieving the expected standard 50% 71% 54%
% of children exceeding the expected standard 17% 25% 13%

Please do get in touch with the school directly should you wish to discuss these results, or see the school in action for yourself.

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