In preparation for our trip to Whitby next week, we took a look at FLOTSAM. This is a wonderful picture book full of curious items and possibilities.

The Pioneers had a great chat with Mrs Gurney about shells and cameras and things washed up on the shore. The Pioneers are very good at making predictions and giving reasons for these based on the evidence they have.

Looking at Fish

The Pioneers have been classifying living things and have been learning about fish. We got up close and looked at the fins and the scales and the teeth and the beard. The smell was not too bad as we got outside! We drew some great pictures recording features of each fish.

We also drew a Fish and Chip Shop food chain which was 

Thank you to our families for their rapid action in sourcing the fish for this fantastic learning.


Friday 7th July

It has been another wonderful week in Leaders class.

In history this week, the children considered how we know about the Mayan time period to finish off their learning in this area. They considered evidence such as buildings, writing, books and number systems. 

On Wednesday morning, Leaders enjoyed time in the forest. The children worked together to create forest faces on trees and then used their collage skills from art to create images with their forest finds. They displayed great teamwork and communication skills to complete the tasks.

On Thursday, it was a joy to gather together in church and celebrate all things music. The Leaders class band were amazing as always and it was wonderful to hear individual performances from many of the children in class. 

Well done everyone!