Friday 14th January 2022

Christmas may seem like a distant memory in Leaders as it has been a hive of activity in the classroom.

Leaders have been showing their investigative skills whilst examining different materials and their properties.  They have been carrying out investigations about solubility, accurately plotting their results using line graphs, before analysing what conclusions their results show and/or whether they raise further questions to be investigated.

With Mrs Gurney, Leaders are learning how to create animations, showing perseverance and patience all round as each movement needs to be meticulously managed and captured, being careful not to move the existing objects.

In collective worship, they have been thinking about perseverance and how this is important when they meet things that they might find difficult.  Leaders are amazing at supporting each other when they find things difficult.  They know that everyone is unique and talented at a range of different things.

A Busy Week For The Elves

This week has been wonderful.  Everywhere is a buzz of reading,writing,thinking and doing. The elves have asked for buns and these have been made. Bob the Elf has his own swimming bag,towel and shorts. The Beebots arrived and were quickly put to good use pulling and pushing the sleigh full of elves.So much excitement was visible here and great discussion on how to combine the power of push and pull.

Our Christian Value is Perseverance and this was certainly present. The Pioneers worked as a team to attach, program and press “Go!” on the Beebots. They have all been looking closely at the gadgets and equipment we have in the classroom and they are interested to find out how things work.

One Pioneer suggested that the elves need a necklace and there was silence while they sat and threaded. This showed real perseverance. They helped each other with the knots. A lovely Pioneer made necklaces for their friends too. This shows real kindness and consideration.

Mr and Mrs Cobbler delivered a selection of clothing and the materials to make suitcases. The Pioneers worked together to dress their elves and attach handles to their cases. This was tricky and fiddly but they did not give up.

Another wonderful week of happy learning.

Swimming Success and More…

Hello again visitors, 

Thank you for checking out this week’s blog.

In Discoverers’ class this week, we have continued learning about the water cycle. As part of this we completed an experiment, where we put boiling water in a glass jar, then placed a plate of ice cubes on top. We watched as rain was created! 

We have also learned more about Ancient Egypt. Did you know that when a pharaoh died, they were mummified and buried within a tomb? 

This week, we had our first swimming lesson. We managed exceptionally well within the water, and all tried hard to learn some new skills. Next week, some of us have been tasked with taking a shirt, so that we can create a float in the water! Wish us luck 😀

Inventors and Inventions

We have embraced our new topic of ‘Inventors and Inventions’ this week.

We have explored the history of Lego. We now know when, where and who created it and can explain the story behind it’s invention. 

In History, we are looking at key inventions over time….. what better place to start than with the wheel. We found out the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia 6000 years ago, we thought of as many modern uses for the wheel as we could – there were ALOT ranging from ferris wheels to scooters.  

We have been busy learning our 2 times table in Maths this week and perfecting our multiplication and division skills by transferring our knowledge to answering word problems.

In English, we have been watching an animation called ‘The Shirt Machine’ to inspire our writing. We delighted in each creating a unique shirt that had a special function – we had an edible shirt, a shirt that plays musical instruments and a shirt that would hypnotise your parents to think it was Christmas Day every day and many more…..

Year 2’s have spellings to learn at home this week – please check book bags! There will be a spelling test each Tuesday.

Please read with your child as often as you can at home (and write in their reading record). This is the most important way you can support your child at home!

Learners Class love to learn!


The Elves and the Shoemaker

The Pioneers have been visited by the elves who have come to help in the Shoemaker and his wife in their shop. They are intrigued by the sewing machine and all of the tools and leather that a cobber may need.

The elves have come with letters to introduce themselves and over the next week we will ensure that their needs are met.

We are becoming familiar with the story and are using a story map for retelling.

It is great to be back.


Our First Post of the New Year

Happy New Year Everybody,

We came back to school on Wednesday, and have already got stuck into our new topics!

We have started to explore Ancient Egypt, in history. We can’t wait to find out more!

In English, we have began writing an explanation text, explaining how the water cycle works. Do you know anything about it? We will share our work with you in the coming weeks. 

When exploring the water cycle, we created it on a plastic bag which holds water, and taped it to the window. We have been watching as the water has evaporated and turned into condensation, and then dripped back to the bottom of the bag. 

We also have an exciting, new book which we are reading as our class text, its called The Wild Robot. We can’t wait to read the first part this afternoon, but it has been strongly recommended and the blurb makes it sound fun. We have read some other Peter Brown books, and enjoyed them all!

Here are some pictures of our water cycle bags:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Learners and families.

It’s hard to believe we’ve only been in class 3 days this week as we have achieved so much.

Our new topic this term is ‘Inventors and Inventions’, we are so keen to find out more about this and all agreed it sounds exciting!

This week, we have been exploring the book ‘Junk DNA’ by Clare Thompson. We collected some bits and bobs of scrap metal and pieces of junk and created some wonderful art to inspire our writing! Take a look at some of the pictures we created!

We have introduced a new Christian Value this half term of ‘perseverance’ and have been considering how we can use this value ourselves in our everyday lives. On Thursday we were interested to learn about Epiphany and how the 3 Kings persevered on the their journey to follow the star to worship Jesus.

In Geography, we studied the Oceans of the World and as usual found a catchy song to aid our learning.

This term Learners will have Mr Gokool’s PE sessions and Mrs Gurney’s computer sessions on Wednesday afternoons. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in School.

Next week, Year 2’s will start to bring home Spellings as homework. Please look out for these in book bags. 

If you need any further information or if I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Mrs Brown

Welcome to Pioneers

Pioneers children are Reception aged (four or five years old). Children enjoy a range of creative and engaging play based activities, as well as formal inputs, to support their development and growth. Children in Pioneers are taught by Mrs Hann and Mr Grason. The children are supported by Mrs McGill.

Learning begins the minute they walk through the door. The classroom is a carefully curated collection of wonderful things to allow the children to flourish. The classroom is theirs and everything in it is there for a purpose. What they chose to do may be completely different for each individual. This is when the learning happens. The resources are ready to use and accessible and the team work together to create, to communicate, to count and to grow 

Each day starts with exploration of the resources and suggestions for learning set out around the room. The Pioneers will come together for teaching. This will happen in small groups, as a whole class and often one to one. Across the day we will gather for mathematics, reading, writing and phonics sessions, to share stories and to learn about the world .

PE kits are in school all week to allow us to do PE at any time. This term, the Pioneers have dance on a Tuesday morning. We will also run 1km everyday.

We are rolling with phonics and children will bring a book and their reading record home each day. Please read little and often and write a message in the reading record. All reading is good reading. More information about this will follow in the coming weeks. This is such an exciting time.

Please look out for a text message to let you know when we will go to the forest. We will use our wonderful outdoor space as much as we can and this will not always be on the same day each week. 

Children’s progress and activities are recorded in their own Learning Journeys. These act as a summary of the journey children embark upon during their time in Reception and demonstrate the progress and success that has been achieved, as well as the next steps that may need to be taken.

Tapestry Learning Journal

A key aspect of the learning journey in Early Years is sharing information and progress with families. We use an online learning journal called Tapestry to profile the children's learning. Each family has their own account to see children's progress. Please speak to a member of staff about this for more information.


Celebrating Christmas in School

Adventurers have had a lovely week taking part in lots of activities to celebrate Christmas.

We really enjoyed our Christmas Party day on Monday, playing lots of games, dancing and eating a delicious party lunch!

Later in the week we made Christmas cards and snowman and reindeer paper chains. For our part in the nativity play, Adventurers learnt verses from the Nativity and sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in French and English. One of our children had the great idea to make star headbands and wrist bands so we could twinkle as we sang!

Christmas lunch was a BIG hit on Wednesday, we even had crackers to pull!

To finish off the week we have played more party games to get us in the Festive spirit!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.