Thursday’s News – 2nd July

Good morning everyone,
I hope you are all well today!
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;- Details on Tapestry.
Today, we are focusing on the question from our book which says ‘ How many people are there in the World? Is there anyone just like me?’
In English we will explore how we are different from the other people in our family, in our school and in the World.
In Maths there are two daily challenges today – just to keep you on your toes!
In Handwriting we will continue to practise, today writing the months of the year.
In PSHE we are celebrating ourselves and how amazing we are – this is for Mums and Dads too!

Keep in touch as always and keep smiling 🙂
Best wishes,
Mrs Brown

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

I hope you have all had a good week so far.  Today we are gong to be spending quite a bit of time outside so let’s hope that the sun shines – or it stays dry at least. 🤞
After making a list of questions to find out about the world, we are going to be taking a closer look at the things around us and hopefully collecting things to be able to create something beautiful next week (once we have dried the things that we find).

Why is the Sky Blue? – English

As we are looking closely at nature today in all our areas of learning, I thought it might be nice to continue this theme in our writing.
I would like you to choose a somewhere to write a descriptive piece of writing about.  Preferably a view of a landscape or outdoor space.  Make sure that you use all your senses to describe what you see.
E.g. Like a lullaby, I could hear the tweet of ten tiny birds tittering in tune.
Look at this example and see you can use some of the different language styles we have re-visited recently.
If you can’t find a landscape, or the weather isn’t nice, you could always use an image from the internet or one you can remember.

Fibonacci Sequence – Maths

The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers. The next number is found by adding up the two numbers before it.

Have a go at these questions and then follow the link to find out some interesting facts about the Fibonacci sequence, which is often found in nature. 

Challenge – see If you can spot the Fibonacci sequence in nature – take a photograph and upload it.

Collecting Flora and Fauna – Science/Art

Whilst out investigating nature for evidence of the Fibonacci sequence, see if you can collect some flowers and leaves that we are going to try and press.

There are a number of different ways that you can dry flowers but here is one recommended by the Natural History Museum. 

You will need : a newspaper and some heavy books

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning, Discoverers,

I hope that you have a wonderful night’s sleep 😀

I am impressed with how well you are doing, when learning about angles.

Today, you are going to see if you agree with Ron’s thinking, and then try to spot the odd one out.

Look carefully at the evenly spaced dots on the second question, this will help you to answer.


Today, we are going to find out which plants bees prefer.

One way to help prevent bees from dying, is to make sure that there are enough of the plants they need.

Here is a website, which may help you to identify different plants: 

Today, I would like you to write a list of the plants that you have spotted bees using.

If you struggle to identify the plant, you could draw it or send me a picture, so we can figure it out together.


Today, you are going to draw the fish that you chose to write about yesterday.

Use the video from Monday, to help you remember the key parts, and use the picture on yesterday’s website to include the finer detail.

You can use this picture in your report.

Here is the video you used on Monday: 

Here is the website that you choose your fish from: 

Have a great day, 

Mrs Taylor 

Thursday the 2nd of July Pioneers,Have a Busy Day! – piano – Xylophone


Here are two versions of The Flight of the Bumble Bee for you to enjoy.
In the classroom the Pioneers had a baton or a conducting stick. You could use a pencil or a spoon to move to the music.

Take a look at the animation too. It is beautiful.

Here is a wonderful piece of music played on different instruments and a beautiful animation to accompany it.
Could you talk through what is going on as you watch the animation?
Try out using these words to retell the action:
And then
At the end

This is a wonderful game to play together online or on paper.
This will encourage your Pioneer to think carefully. This will need to be modeled first but I think they will begin to work out what to do next.

Now that you have got the hang of the square and it’s properties,take a look at the rectangle.

Make some rectangles on squared paper to match the Numberblocks.

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good Morning Leaders

Welcome to July – the last month of the summer term.
The school year has flown by this year with the surprise school closure although it has been amazing to be able to keep in touch with you all through your uploads and talking to your families.  It has been fantastic to learn so many things about you all; the masses of green-fingered gardeners 🌱, the budding musicians 🎼 and the Masterchefs 👩‍🍳 in the making to name a few.
Let’s see how many more fantastic things we can share over this month.

Why is the Sky Blue – English

How many people are there in the world? Is there anyone else just like me?

In English today, we are going to listen to a song: and think about the lyrics.
What do you think the song writer is talking about from the lyrics used. Are there any other meanings to the phrases and verses other than the literal meaning?

Exactly like we would in guided reading, choose parts of the song to explain and evidence your answers.

Square and Cube Numbers – Maths

Now that we have investigated both square and cube numbers, the next questions ask you about both so make sure that you read the questions carefully.

Is There Anyone Else Just Like Me? – Art

We are going to continue our theme from English about different people and have a go at drawing faces today. This is something that lots of people find quite tricky to get right so you might want to watch the clip first to have a go at drawing a face. Remember you can stop the clip and have a go alongside if you would like, working step-by-step. 

One you have had a go at drawing a face, I would like you to have a go at completing a face like the attached pictures, showing multiple people on one face.

A New Month – Wednesday 1st July

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well.
We are really enjoying our new book ‘Why is the sky blue?’ and finding out some fascinating facts!
Today’s question is ‘How big are icebergs?’ – see Tapestry for more information!
Today in English, we become an iceberg ourselves, finding out what is above and below the surface of ourselves!
In Maths, another daily challenge. These are really getting us thinking!
In Handwriting today, we will be writing the days of the week, thinking about ascenders and descenders when writing letters.
With our focus today on icebergs, in Geography we will find out about one of the coldest places in the World, Antarctica!,

The weather is slightly cooler this week, which is nice and refreshing for now!
Keep in touch with me and let me know what activities you are doing.
Keep smiling as always 🙂
Mrs Brown

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Good morning, Discoverers,

I can’t believe that it is the 1st July already! Can you?

Here are the answers to Tuesday’s questions. Did you answer them all correct?

Today, we are starting to look at angles within shapes, so that you can identify if they are acute, obtuse, or right angles.

Try to answer each of the questions, and if you get suck, here is a video which may help: 


Why are bees dying?

Today, we are going to try and answer this question.

I have uploaded lots of information for you.

Can you read the information, and try to summarise its key points?

After you have found the key pieces of information, tell everybody in your house, and we can start to protect bees together 😄

Today in science, I would like you to research one particular fish.

Here is a website, for you to choose your fish: 

After you have chosen one, make notes about it, summarising its key facts.

We will use this information later in the week, when we will create a report about it.

Enjoy looking at the different types of fish, some of them are very interesting!

I hope that you all have a lovely day, 

Mrs Taylor 

Hello Pioneers! It is the 1st of July Happy Learning

Here is a nice quick little read.
Enjoy it together.


Bees love flowers. Flowers love bees.
Cut up a plastic bottle to create a flower.
The bottle will cut with ordinary scissors. You can also cut leaves very easily from the big bits.
Decorate with felt pens,paint or stick things on.
It’s tricky and this is one to do together.


Here is another small section to add to your reading and writing about bees.
Use this to complete your story map.

Take a look at this episode and then explore how many bricks you need to make a square. You could use squared paper
Take a look at Numberblock 4 ? Hwo many squares across? How many squares down?
Colour in 8 squares. Can you make a square?
Colour in 5 squares.. Can you make a square?

Make a square? .How many blocks do you need?
What is special about a square?

That’s Maths Magic!

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Good Morning Leaders

What a change in the weather!! 💦

I’m not sure you will be needing your sun cream on your walks today but possibly a raincoat and umbrella. ☔️

Why is the Sky Blue? – English

You should now have a list of questions from yesterday that you would like to know the answers to.

Today, I would like you to concentrate on question words and see if you can write a question beginning with as many different ones as you can think of. Why is probably one you have used most often in yesterday’s list.

Happy questioning.

Cube Numbers – Maths

Now that we have reminded ourselves about square numbers, I’d like you to look at cube numbers, making a 3 dimensional cube.

Have a go at the questions attached.


Follow Me Facts

Over the course of the week, I would like you to make a follow me card game.

The cards are a little bit like dominoes with 2 sides, one side will have a question and the other side will have an answer. The question on the final card will be answered on the first card so that they make a loop. (Have a look at the picture attached).

Each question that you fins the answer to this week will become part of your game.


Tuesday’s News – 30th June

Good morning everyone.
I hope you are all well today!
Did you enjoy our new book yesterday ‘Why is the Sky Blue?’, it is full of fascinating things to talk about.
Today’s suggested learning activities are as follows;-
In English, we will be thinking about one of the questions from our book ‘Can fish hear things?’. We will write some sentences of the things that we imagine fish can hear.
In Maths, the daily challenge today will definitely require your thinking caps! Good luck!
There is some more handwriting to practise today – this time upper and lower case letters.
In Science, still thinking about ‘Can fish hear things?’ we will find out more about sound, what sound is and how sounds are made.

Keep in touch with me as always and keep smiling 🙂
Best wishes,
Mrs Brown