How Are You Peeling?

We have been exploring our feelings and giving names to how we feel. This has resulted in a lot of funny faces as we have experimented with expressions. Some of the Pioneers are masters of the sad face(see classroom for pictures) We took a look at one of our favourite books for a bit of veggie inspiration. The twin tomatoes have been very popular.

There may be a few of these in next weeks soup.


Somebody Swallowed Stanley Update

This week we took delivery of a beautiful blue whale to enhance our play and discussions about our world. and in particular our work around “Somebody Swallowed Stanley”. Previously we talked about Stanley in our forest and one Pioneer said,” Plastic bags don’t belong in the Forest.” Everyone agreed and we have all become more aware of our habits regarding litter. This week a Pioneer said,”Plastic bags don’t belong in the Jungle.”

When looking at our school fruit,another Pioneers said,”Bananas don’t belong in plastic bags. They belong in the bowl.” This was seconded by another voive,”Bananas belong in the bowl.We want them in the fruit bowl not in the bags.”

These are such wise words.

Pattern in Nature

This week we have been working with some  glorious,beautiful seed heads  from Mrs McGill’s garden . They are beautiful structures and the Pioneers worked with delicate fingers extracting the seeds. The were almost silent as they discovered the various textures and patterns in the sunflower seed head. We looked at the beautiful book,” A Seed is Sleepy” and watched some timelapse video to complete the cycle.

We shall plant these seeds in the summer.

Pumpkin Patch

Our Pumpkin Patch has grown thanks to donations from family and friends. The interest has been huge. The discussions about texture and the changes we have been observing have been fascinating. Finding words to describe mould has become a favourite this week. Lots of children have got stuck in with their fingers and with the tweezers and have been very excited about what they can see. We also have fungus and a variety of rotting apples from the tree.

The decomposition is being charted daily.

Come in and have a look at it for yourself.

Smashing Pumpkins.