Online Safety

The online world is rapidly developing and many of our children now have access to devices which enable them to connect to the internet, take images or video and communicate with others. While it is important not to obstruct them from developing skills from using these devices, it is essential that parents support their children in navigating the online world.

Our children are continuously reminded about how to stay safe on the internet and how to seek help and advice if they require it. This is achieved through our ongoing safety work, part of the PSHE curriculum and through our specialist teaching sessions in computing.


What do our children tell us they have learnt about staying safe online at Sleights?

  • "I know that I shouldn't share my name, address or where I go to school online" Year 2 child
  • "Only play on things that are age appropriate" Year 3 child
  • "My family and people in school will help me if something happens I don't like online" Year 4 child
  • "People can have different names and accounts on social media. You have to keep your information private" Year 6 child

Family Training and Support

Families at Sleights can sign up to complete their own online safety training to best support children at home and in school when using the internet. To sign up and create your own account, simply follow the link below, which is unique to our school:

National Online Safety at Sleights

The following links may also help both parents and children with online safety advice and guidance. 



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