Spirituality at Sleights

What is Spirituality?

The Church of England’s Vision for Education states a core desire that children will experience life in all its fullness (John 10:10) 

At Sleights, we believe that exploring Spirituality by educating the whole child and providing full life experiences meets this desire. 

We define Spirituality as an ongoing, reflective journey. It is something that teaches us about questioning, understanding and relationships: relationships with ourselves, others, the world and beyond.

Spirituality enables our children to be happy; flourish and succeed and live life in all its fullness.

The four elements of Spirituality

Spirituality looks to explore our relationships and connections. These are relationships with: 

  • Ourselves
  • Others
  • The World
  • Beyond

Nurturing and developing Spirituality 

We provide a range of planned and unplanned opportunities for children to develop their own spiritual journey. These opportunities are across the whole curriculum in order to educate the whole child. Activities teach the children to reflect and consider their own actions in a number of different activities:

  • Windows: Children learn about life
  • Mirrors: Children learn about themselves
  • Doors: Children step out into the world, living out their Christian values

We are keen to provide a ‘Sleights offer’ of spiritual development activities. Using guidance from the Diocese of Salisbury, we have developed a on overview of how children across school will explore and develop spirituality at Sleights through windows, mirrors and doors activities. 

Our Spirituality policy

Click to download: Spirituality Policy

Click to download out progression in Spirituality guidance:  Spirituality Progression – January 2019