Curriculum Implementation

As a result of excellent planning, understanding of children’s starting points and skill progression, implementation is exciting, inspiring, and offers flexibility and dedication to delivering our intentions and principles.

At Sleights, our approach is unique and special to our school and children. With this in mind, the implementation of our curriculum is also unique and special to our individual children and families.


Three core elements underpin the teaching and learning process of our curriculum.

These elements drive the planning process for staff, focusing their lesson intent and implementation. When planning and delivering sessions, staff are asked to consider:

Context – How does this link?

All taught sessions and activities must be placed in context. This may link back to prior learning from a previous lesson, or topic. New learning should also be given a context. This should be a direct link to something that is already known to the children. Learning opportunities should not be tenuous links and should always be placed in context for/with children.

Connections – Which skills are we connecting together? 

Learning is never in isolation. At all stages of intent and implementation, children should be taught to make connections with skills. This will support them to deepen their understanding of prior knowledge and make links with new. All connections will clearly support children’s effective acquisition of new skills and development of existing skill progression.

Crucial – What is the key ‘take away’ moment today?  

Evidence indicates that children will not take every piece of information from a lesson way with them. Therefore, all staff actively consider what the key ‘take away’ moments are, or ‘crucial’ learning points. This supports children and staff to focus on particular key information which will be placed in context, with clear connections to other curriculum areas.