Chocolate Tasting

18th March 2019

As part of their Design and Technology topic Discoverers have been doing some product investigation.  This afternoon involved chocolate tasting – such a difficult afternoon!!

They investigated the difference in taste between bars with a small amount of Cocoa solids compared to others with less.

Lucas & Ruby

The 85% dark chocolate was revolting compared to the 0% of the white chocolate.


I liked tasting all of the different chocolate although I didn’t like the dark chocolate.


I was surprised that the Milkybar did not contain any Cocoa solids, only Cocoa butter.


I liked the 85% chocolate because it was spicy but I didn’t like the 0% Milkybar.


I like the 85% chocolate because I don’t really like milky chocolate.

Discoverers were surprised to find out that the dark chocolate was better for them.

Juicing Oranges From Sunny Spain


After reading The World Came To My Place Today, we made some orange juice. Mrs McGill cut the oranges in half and everyone got to have a go with the electric juicer. some were fascinated by the bits that were left after juicing. We enjoyed our freshly squeezed orange juice at snack time. While we were drinking,some of the children acted out parts of the text we have been learning. Ask a Pioneer to tell you all about it.

Such happy learning

Persevere Pioneers

Sometimes play happens on your own. Sometimes play happens in ones and twos but this week big play has been going on with everyone getting involved. The Pioneers have been building assault courses with prizes at the end. They can be seen helping each other across obstacles and making adjustments to equipment to ensure safe crossing. This play has been going on everyday and has not been curtailed by the bad weather. It has been a privilege to stand back and watch our school Christian Values in action.

Trust,Perseverance,Respect-Very Happy Learning

World Book Day

Pioneers delved into a selection of new and loved wonderful texts. This week we have been enjoying Dave’s Big Breakfast Blast Off and Dave-two books about a big fat cat and his adventures. It involves animals feeding him too many beans and the inevitable happens and Dave “blasts off” . We had great fun sharing the count down together,painting pictures of Dave and making a story map together. In the afternoon we visited our reading buddies in Discoverers Class. We brought the books and they helped with the big words. To end the day we went into our new school library to share our last story of the day. Amelia finished the day beautifully by saying that it was the best story ever because it had a happy ending. So lovely.

Happy Reading

Spirituality Day

This was such a beautiful day. We discussed some huge questions and the answers really made me sit up and think.

Are you ever alone?   Does it matter what you do?  If you can’t see it,is it real?  What do we need to learn?  Are we part of something much bigger?

The children were given a selection of materials and they chose how they wanted to combine and arrange them. They were able to articulate why they had chosen the shapes and the colours. They talked about the circle of life,about all the pieces fitting and and resoundingly agreed that happiness was vital.

There was a quiet sense of purpose. Everyone worked together,helping each other and sharing. So good.