Chocolate Tasting

18th March 2019

As part of their Design and Technology topic Discoverers have been doing some product investigation.  This afternoon involved chocolate tasting – such a difficult afternoon!!

They investigated the difference in taste between bars with a small amount of Cocoa solids compared to others with less.

Lucas & Ruby

The 85% dark chocolate was revolting compared to the 0% of the white chocolate.


I liked tasting all of the different chocolate although I didn’t like the dark chocolate.


I was surprised that the Milkybar did not contain any Cocoa solids, only Cocoa butter.


I liked the 85% chocolate because it was spicy but I didn’t like the 0% Milkybar.


I like the 85% chocolate because I don’t really like milky chocolate.

Discoverers were surprised to find out that the dark chocolate was better for them.