Celebrating Christmas in School

Adventurers have had a lovely week taking part in lots of activities to celebrate Christmas.

We really enjoyed our Christmas Party day on Monday, playing lots of games, dancing and eating a delicious party lunch!

Later in the week we made Christmas cards and snowman and reindeer paper chains. For our part in the nativity play, Adventurers learnt verses from the Nativity and sang ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in French and English. One of our children had the great idea to make star headbands and wrist bands so we could twinkle as we sang!

Christmas lunch was a BIG hit on Wednesday, we even had crackers to pull!

To finish off the week we have played more party games to get us in the Festive spirit!

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Preparations Are Under Way

The week began with discussions about Advent and Hannukah and lighting a candle in the darkness.

The Pioneers made wreaths together and talked about any risks involved-sharp points on the holly and cocktail sticks to hold the candles and the risk from fire. They all knew what may cause harm and worked carefully together. The odd bug escaping from the greenery caused a bit of a distraction!

We watched the wonderful ballet,The Nutcracker and talked about the dancing and the music and how this linked with the story. We then composed some sentences together to describe the beautiful Nutcracker and the Sugar Plum Fairy. We painted taking great care and paying attention to detail. They added extra once the paint was dry. The results are splendid.

The Pioneers then composed and wrote their own descriptive sentences. Every day we are reading and writing more.



It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

We have been bursting with writing ideas this week, inspired by the Aldi Advert ‘A Christmas Carrot’. We have enjoyed making story maps and using these to re-tell the story. We have looked at what makes a great story opener and we have used descriptive language to describe the characters and we have loved every moment of it! It is wonderful to see such enthusiasm for writing!

In RE this week, we have been learning all about the Christmas Story and thinking about the importance it holds for the Christian religion.

We are continuing to enjoy our dance sessions with Hannah Verity Dance and our Christmas routine ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ is really starting to take shape! 

We are starting to feel Christmassy and are enjoying Christmas stories and singing Christmas songs – it’s safe to say we are quite excited!

Learners’ are a happy, hardworking and fun class.


Rocks and The Bronze Age

Adventurers have started a new topic in science all about rocks! We have been learning all about the three different types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic and having a close look at different specimens and sorting them into the three groups. We plan to explore further the different properties of these rocks and look at their uses.

In history, we are learning about the Bronze Age  and how people started to make tools and weapons from metal instead of just stone. This has linked nicely to our science topic as we have discovered that people first started to separate copper (a type of metal)  from copper ore (a type of rock) which they mined by digging large pits. We have been very interested in finding out how they made swords and jewellery.

A Cracking Good Week In Pioneers

We have had another wonderful week of learning in Pioneers,full of elephant poo and phonics and the number 6. All of which caused great excitement.

We have been finding out what animals need to survive and the Pioneers were all very clued up on this.Impressive.

We had watched the video of all the animals on our playground so popped outside to see if they had left any other clues. Again,the Pioneers knew what they were looking for-fur,footprints and poo.

We were astonished to find a pile of elephant poo on the cement. We needed a dustpan and brush to bring it inside but not until it had been measured and checked against Plop Trumps.

We moved on to animals closer to home and did a bit of sorting. We discussed nocturnal and diurnal and predator and prey and food chains. The Pioneers love a bit of cardboard and tape and they all made animal homes and experimented with some ambitious writing. Again,impressive stuff.We enjoyed a book called 1 Fox and the children produced some wonderful numberline story maps.

We use anything and everything to get to grips with counting. This week everything has been adding up to 6 and the Numicon Towers were great. Lots of learning took place when selecting the pieces to put on top. Was it one more or one less? What can you see?

So much wonderful Maths Chat.

Happy Learning



Brrrr a cold week!

Hello everyone,

Learners have been on weather watch this week. Our Science topic is seasonal change and this has been a great week to study the seasons. We have been filling in our weather charts each day and recording the temperature from out thermometer outside. We have even found time for some weather themed painting.

In English, we have been preparing for our new narrative writing topic. We will be using the Christmas advert ‘A Christmas Carrot’ to inspire our writing. We are all very excited to start writing next week.

We hope you will tune in on Tapestry at 6pm each evening in December for our advent calendar style Christmas story ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’. Get cosy with a hot chocolate and a biscuit while you listen each night.

Look out for a new challenge on Sumdog this week!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Learners Class

Building Stonehenge.

Adventurers have been loving their history topic on the Stone Age and we have completed lots of cross-curricular activities including: printing cave paintings in art, building houses in Forest school, advertising a Neolithic house in English and building Stonehenge from clay.

The children have really worked hard to make their models of Stonehenge look very realistic and today as we learnt more about the stone circle we have included people in our models and built rafts that they used to transport the stone. W

e have studied more about the purpose of Stonehenge and shone light through our structures to see the effect the sun had and what this might have meant 5,000 years ago when people worshipped the sun.

Overall, we have learnt lots of interesting facts from creating our own Stonehenge.

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