School Staff

Our Staff

Role in school   Staff member


Designated Senior Person for Child Protection

  Mr Scott Grason-Taylor


Deputy Designated Senior Person for Child Protection   Mrs Helen-Louise Hann
Educational Visits Coordinator   Mrs Lucy Taylor
Office Manager   Mrs Louise Stubbs
School Bursar   Mrs Bridget Agar
Explorers Class Leader (Pre-School)   Miss Kayleigh Idle
Pioneers Class Teacher (Reception)   Mrs Helen-Louise Hann
Learners Class Teacher (Year 1 and 2)   Mrs Catherine Brown
Adventurers Class Teacher (Year 3 and 4)   Mr Thomas Corcoran
Discoverers Class Teacher (Year 5)   Mrs Lucy Taylor
Leaders Class Teacher (Year 6)   Mrs Rhiannon Porter
Teaching Assistants   Mrs Liz Bland

Mrs Michelle Creek

Mr Clive Everall (HLTA)

Mrs Diane Exelby

Mrs Sharon Gurney (HLTA)

Mrs Deb McGill

Mrs Ann Wharrick

Mrs Jeannie Wood (HLTA)

Specialist Teachers   Mr Ralph Alder - Music (NYCC)

Miss Gillian Edwards - Music (NYCC)

Mrs Sharon Gurney - Computing

Mrs Sue Rowland – Music

Wellbeing Nurse and Play Therapist    Mel Randell
School Cook   Vacancy
Kitchen Assistant   Mrs Tracy Harland
Midday Supervisory Assistants   Miss Megan Greaves

Mrs Janice Leeman

After School and Breakfast Club Staff   Vacancy
Caretaker   Mr Clive Everall
Cleaning Staff   Mrs Janice Leeman