School Meals

We ask that no nuts or peanuts are brought into school as ingredients or food items.

Food in school

Children at Sleights enjoy well balanced and nutritious meals, freshly prepared on site each day by our school chef Mrs Doherty. We have a great uptake of children for our school meals and this is something that we are very proud of.

School meals are set at £2.50 per day, unless children receive free school meals (see below)

Our children enjoy a family service style approach to school lunchtimes. This, we believe, supports children to build and develop relationships, as well as strengthen table manners and lunchtime etiquette.   

All of our school meals follow the North Yorkshire County Council menu. A copy of the menu for each term is shared with children and families, but additional copies can be collected from the school office.

Autumn 2022 term menu


Week 1

WC 25th September, 26th September, 17th October, 14th November, 5th December

Week 2

WC 12th September, 3rd October, 31st October, 21st November, 12th December

Week 3

WC 19th September, 10th October, 7th November, 28th November


Creamy macaroni cheese, broccoli, sweetcorn and homemade garlic bread, followed by chocolate cornflake pudding Cheese and tomato pasta, baked potato wedges, grated carrot, cucumber sticks and bread, followed by oatie cookie Meat free dippers, baked potato wedges, ketchup, grated carrot, cucumber sticks and herby bread, followed by jam sandwich and custard


Chicken burger in a bun, diced potatoes, winter slaw and mixed salad, followed by apple crumble and custard Chilli and rice, carrots and broccoli, followed by jelly and ice cream All day breakfast, 50/50 bread, followed by chocolate crispie


Roast gammon, gravy, baked baby potatoes, carrots, savoy cabbage and crusty bread, followed by flapjack Roast pork with apple sauce, gravy, creamy mashed potatoes, roasted parsnip, green beans and wholemeal bread, followed by cheese and crackers Roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding, gravy, creamy mashed potato, mixed vegetables, sliced wholemeal bread, followed by rice pudding and jam


Chicken Korma and rice, followed by peas, sweetcorn and naan bread, followed by cheese and biscuits Meatballs and pasta, green beans, cauliflower, homemade garlic bread, followed by a sponge bun Spaghetti Bolognese, peas, sweetcorn and homemade garlic bread, followed by chocolate brownie


Fish fingers, chips, ketchup, veggie sticks and 50/50 homemade bread, followed by sponge and custard Battered fish, ketchup, chips, peas, sweetcorn, homemade 50/50 bread, followed by chocolate sponge and chocolate sauce Fish Wrap, chips and beans, followed by shortcake

For more information about school meals, please visit:

Free School Meals

Free School Meals are available to all key stage one pupils and to children whose parents receive certain benefits. Applications for free school meals are made online by families, using the same portal used for applying for a school place. Instructions for making your application can be found here: Applying for Free School Meals

For more information about Free School Meals, please visit:

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches brought in from home are expected to offer a healthy, balanced meal for pupils that also meet the expectations of the school food standards.


Healthy snacks are available for a small charge each day at morning break time. These are purchased by families using our online payment system ‘ParentPay’. Children are also welcome to bring their own healthy snack.

Automated Payment Solution For Cool Milk | Key IVR

In school, families can create a ‘Cool Milk’ account to allow their child to have milk each day, for a small charge. Please speak to Mrs Stubbs in the office for further details about this.