Who’s That Trip Trapping Over My Bridge?

As well as wolves,Trolls have held the attention of the Pioneers. We have been dressing up,making bridges and investigating food chains. Goats eat grass. Trolls eat goats. They also mixed paint and painted themselves as Trolls. We told the story,acted it out then wrote our own versions. We wrote descriptions of Trolls too.

The role play was exquisite with some turning into trolls when they put on the suit and the hat. 

A Request from the Wolf

Each child received a letter from the wolf. It was a request for help. After reading The Last Wolf by Mini Grey we found out that habitats and food chains are precious and need to be looked after. Every species is vital and we can play a part in looking after our planet. 

The wolf asked us to feed the birds,pick up litter and to plant more trees. He left us a parcel of conkers along with the letters.

One child suggested that we reply to the wolf and when these letters were written my heart was so big I thought that it might burst. The letters were so wonderful and I hope that the Pioneers will look after their trees and plant some seeds this summer.

The wolf has inspired us to make footprints in sand,to build dens in the forest and in the classroom,to learn about food chains and animal classification. We now know that wolves do not have feathers.

His final message is,”Please look after our planet.”

Very Happy Learning