Nearly there!

Hi families,

Another busy week for the Adventurers last week! The children enjoyed two full days in their new classroom ready for next year. They all had a wonderful time and are excited for September.

On Wednesday we started to write haiku poems about the building work going on in school. The children had fun with these and it was really quite tricky counting syllables in words and making them fit the poem’s structure!

In History we looked at how Ancient Greece influenced life today. The children conducted some research on why arts and education were important to families in their homes. This was really interesting and the children found out lots of new information.

Here’s to a fun final week in Adventurers!

Nearing The Summer Holidays


Thank you for visiting Discoverers’ blog 🙂

We have had a very busy week, after lots of trips have been happening for different classes, and we had our transition days where we spent time with our new teachers.

We visited the North Yorkshire Moors, where we learned about the environment there, and the work that goes in to protecting it. 

We spent time with Mrs Porter this week, and did lots of fun activities getting to know each other better.

In class, we have also been thinking about the journey of different religions, and the important events that happen within Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism. 

We hope you have a lovely week,


A crane in the playground!

This week we have been incredibly excited. A huge crane arrived at school, to deliver the new Early Years buildings. Learners class were so excited and delighted in going outside to watch. We were amazed!
Monday and Tuesday saw the transition of the Year 2’s to Adventurers Class and we welcomed in the new Year 1’s with open-arms! We had a wonderful few days in our new classes and I know the new Learners will be wonderful.
In English this week, we have been using Christina Rossetti’s ‘What is Pink’ poem for inspiration and decided to write our own class poem. Please check out our video on Tapestry of our wonderful poem, we all felt very proud.
In Science this week, we have been focusing on how we keep ourselves healthy. We have been describing balanced meals, using different food groups and have also been able to identify the need to exercise, drink plenty of water and sleep to keep ourselves fit and strong.
As always, we have enjoyed reading and listening to stories in class this week. Some Learners even brought in their own books from home and read these to their peers. This is always fabulous to see. There is always a buzz for learning in Learners Class! 🙂

All About Creatures of the Sea

This week has been all about sea creatures and their features. We have taken a close look at the cod, prawn,squid and an oyster.We did take them outside as some of the rest of Team Sleights did say that they were a bit smelly but the Pioneers didn’t seem to mind too much.
We found out that cod do have teeth and that they have a mighty big tongue too. The fins were quite impressive and the eyes were bright and shining. The Pioneers drew foodchains and added labels. They then did some pretty impressive drawings,selecting colours with care.
The chip shop has been a very popular addition to the classroom. Pots have been labelled and menus have been written.
We also had time to look at Flotsam-a wonderful wordless picture book and as if by magic,we found a camera just like the one in the book. The Pioneers were fascinated by all of the things that had washed up from the sea.
Wonderful Happy Learning

Another week in Adventurers!

This week has been another busy week for the Adventurers! We started the week looking at the Ancient Greeks and learning about the Parthenon. We enjoyed comparing pictures of the famous temple from the past and the modern day.

In Science we have been learning about the human skeleton and how it supports our bodies. We moved on to look at muscles and how they work with the skeleton to allow us to move.

Yesterday, we really enjoyed ourselves in Church and loved performing our song ‘Three Little Birds’. We also shared an acrostic poem about how to persevere when things are difficult and why this is important.

We had a visit from the library who told us all about the summer reading challenge. Hopefully we can all get involved with this over the holidays.

See you next week,


Here is some of our art work that we promised to share with you!

Friday 8th July 2022

Leaders have had another enjoyable week at school.

On Thursday, Leaders put on an incredible performance of the song ‘Happy’ at the church service and spoke about the Christian value ‘truthfulness’. I’m sure families in attendance would agree that it was a fabulous afternoon and showcased the many talents of the children at Sleights School.

After a busy term, Leaders enjoyed time in the forest on Friday morning and spent some time drawing their surroundings, using pencil and charcoal, and applying the techniques they have learned about in art this term. The children also worked together wonderfully to create pieces of art with the natural resources on offer in the forest. Finally, they worked in teams to create a variety of dens.

Preparations are also underway for the Leavers’ assembly, which will take place on Friday the 22nd July. We are looking forward to celebrating Leaders’ time at primary school with their families and the rest of the school community.

A Musical Extravaganza!

What another wonderful week we have had. It is SO true, Learners class love to learn!

Today (Thursday), has been our amazing musical extravaganza in Church. It was fantastic! We all felt so amazingly proud to be part of such a wonderful school community.  Every class performed and each were outstanding. We could all feel the positive energy within the Church this afternoon. 

In Learners Class we reflected on the value of Trust and performed our music focus song of ZooTime. This was so much fun and we loved sharing this fun song with our friends and families.

In Science this week,, we have been thinking about the nutrients we get from the foods we eat and how this helps our bodies to grow. We have been paying particular attention to our school dinners, seeing if we can spot the proteins and carbohydrates on our plates.

We have been continuing to learn more about the artist Paul Klee this week. His love for colour inspired us to create our own personal colour charts – linking each colour to our feelings and emotions. We also perfected our skills of blending two colours together – this was harder than it sounds – we found that using oil pastels made the technique a little easier!

Another wonderful week of learning. We are Learners by name and learners by nature!


The Wise Man Built His Classroom on Strong Foundations

We have been retelling the story of the wise man and the foolish man and where they chose to build their houses. At the same time we have been able to see the foundations being laid for the new build. The shutter pans went in and then they were filled with concrete. Andy the builder told the Pioneers all about how they used a laser to check the measurements. This was fascinating for all. Some Pioneers drew a map of the area and others wrote sentences about the building work and all of the equipment being used.

Back in the classroom,we all did some story maps and the resulting writing was simply stunning.

A great week of learning.

A Thunder Storm Didn’t Stop Us

Hello Visitors,

This week, we have enjoyed lots of learning inside and out. We spent all of Friday in the forest, and tackled lots of new challenges: following tracks, creating maps, finding and hiding treasure and shelter building. Despite the thunder storm, we had an amazing time, and it made the atmosphere even better! 

The weather has given us some interesting thought for poetry, whilst we have been using figurative language within our English work. We thought about some interesting new language when we were outside, and we also used the stimuli of the amazing building work that is happening right outside our window. 

In RE, we are continuing to thinking about how life can be seen as a journey for some people. We are considering our life’s journey so far, and perhaps what our future may look like. We will be looking at religious events in some life journeys over the coming weeks. 

During collect worship, we have considered how many acts of service happen throughout our day. From the building creating our wonderful new classrooms, to the small gestures from our friends in class, we think about those who we serve, and who serve us, and send thanks to them.