All About Creatures of the Sea

This week has been all about sea creatures and their features. We have taken a close look at the cod, prawn,squid and an oyster.We did take them outside as some of the rest of Team Sleights did say that they were a bit smelly but the Pioneers didn’t seem to mind too much.
We found out that cod do have teeth and that they have a mighty big tongue too. The fins were quite impressive and the eyes were bright and shining. The Pioneers drew foodchains and added labels. They then did some pretty impressive drawings,selecting colours with care.
The chip shop has been a very popular addition to the classroom. Pots have been labelled and menus have been written.
We also had time to look at Flotsam-a wonderful wordless picture book and as if by magic,we found a camera just like the one in the book. The Pioneers were fascinated by all of the things that had washed up from the sea.
Wonderful Happy Learning