A Very Special Visitor

The Pioneers prepared for Mr Atherton’s visit by taking a look at his Green Cook Book. We got to grips with some new vocabulary-equipment,recipe and ingredients. We talked about a range of equipment and the use in our classroom-sieve,scales,garlic press and measuring cups.

The Pioneers made their own dough and talked about the ingredients they needed-yeast,oil,flour,sugar and water. They wrote a name label for their bags and popped the dough in to keep it safe for the next day.

They made a wonderful selection of Woodland Pizza for the Helpful Hedgehog.

So good.

Our Busiest Week Yet!

Hello Everybody,

This week has certainly been a busy one! It is our last week of the first half term, and it has been jam-packed with fun and excitement.

Some of our highlights have included: creating our skyscraper structures in design and technology, making pumpkin soup to celebrate Harvest, using polystyrene to create a Harvest-themed print and finally, getting to meet the inspirational David Atherton (2019 Great British Bake Off Winner).

We are just about to finish our class text: The Firework Maker’s Daughter, and can’t wait to see if our predictions are accurate. 

Apart from that, we are looking forward to spending time with our family and friends during the next week. 

We hope you enjoy your time too,


An exciting week to end the half term!

Adventurers have been excited all week about the visit from David Atherton, British Bake Off winner 2019. We were really keen to learn more about his interesting cake recipes using vegetables and seeing his new cookery book. We had lots of questions to ask him to get tips and ideas to improve our own baking.

In readiness for the Harvest Festival celebrations Adventurers have been practising and performing our poem ‘Harvest Time.’ We have used various props and costumes to help us, many of which we made. We have also really enjoyed learning and singing ‘The Harvest Samba’ song and ‘Thank You Lord for this New Day.’ It’s lovely to hear the children’s singing voices again!


An awesome week!

Wow, what a week we’ve had!

On Monday, we had lots of discussion around Harvest Time and vegetables. We excitedly prepared for the visit of David Atherton, the British Bake-off winner of 2019, who is visiting on Friday.

We all enjoyed a visit to the Church on Tuesday. This was the first visit in a long while and the children thought the visit was “awesome”. We were joined by Father Michael who showed us around the Church and led us in a prayer of thankfulness.

In DT this week, we have been joining textiles using knots and loops. This was great fun and became a challenge in itself to join together all our pieces of material – there was a wonderful sense of  teamwork in class, which contributed to our success.

Our Reading Together Day on Thursday, was a great success! We had full day of reading stories and sharing books. We enjoyed a visit from Adele from Whitby Library, who informed us of an up-and-coming Christmas Reading Challenge – details to follow. We had some mystery story-tellers, throughout the day, who shared their favourite stories with us. What a happy day!

What a wonderful half-term we have had.

Learners’ Class love books!

Have a lovely half-term holiday!


Forest Finds

Our school grounds are full of the most wonderful things and this week we took a closer look at the our trees and the things that fall from them. We have done a story map of Chicken Licken to retell the story together and had lots of fun searching for leaves and seeds and other things which maybe did not fall from a tree (Mini Cheddars Bag)

Thank you for all of the conkers. We do not have an appropriate tree in our forest so it is great that we are getting deliveries. Conkers are the best and are being used for many things in our Woodland Kitchen.

We are thankful for all the wonderful things our great outdoors provides.

Happy Learning

Friday 15th October 2021

Wow – what a busy week!

We started the week with a shared session with Louise, learning all about the Tudors through drama activities.  A session of fun, laughter and ‘hands on’ learning.

Tuesday brought another swimming session – it is fantastic to see the water confidence really beginning to grow.

On Wednesday, it was the girls turn to play football at Eskdale and they all had a fantastic time, playing as a team and developing their football knowledge over the course of the matches.

On Thursday, we visited Scarborough Spa to take part in a STEM fair which showed the children many opportunities in these fields with many more ‘hands on’ activities to take part in; code cracking, brick laying, fulcrum balancing and medicine to list a few.  

With such a varied week – there has been so much learning taking place.

Families – please check Tapestry to see photos from these events.

Another Busy Week!

Adventurers have had another busy week enjoying a variety of different activities.

In art we have designed and painted our Christmas cards ready to go to the printers and be printed off as either gift tags, wrapping paper of Christmas cards. You can view these on Tapestry and place an order before the 1st November.

All the children are really enjoying their swimming lesson again. It’s great to be back in the pool and they are all making super progress!

The children have enjoyed singing again and we have been learning our songs for the Harvest Festival. All the songs have  very catchy tunes so you might hear us singing parts at home too!

This Week’s Adventures

Hello Everybody,

This week has been another busy one, where we have been on lots of outings with our friends 😀

We visited Eskdale school again on Wednesday and we played several football competitions. We competed in such high spirits, and had lots of fun! 

Then, on Thursday, we visited Scarborough Spa, where we explored lots of different careers within science, technology, engineering and maths. We played games, completed activities and learned all about the different skills needed for our potential, future jobs. 

Whilst we were at the Spa, we were thinking about our Christian value: Thankfulness. We felt thankful that there were no gender stereotypes at this event, and it was refreshing to see both genders promoting work in a typically male dominated industry!

This afternoon, we are off to Whitby Rugby Club where we are playing a tag rugby competition. Wish us luck!



Learners love reading!

This week, we have been so excited to bring in our books from home and share them together. It has prompted a discussion in class, which has resulted in us organising a Reading Together Day. On Thursday 21st October we will immerse ourselves in books, poetry and reading for the whole day. We will share stories, talk about characters and settings and explain why our favourite books ARE our favourite books. Please bring a book from home on this day if you would like to – also there may be a few surprise storytellers through the day! “Reading is a passport to countless adventures”. We are very excited!

Also this week, we have been using our knowledge of London to create an autobiographical piece of writing, which focuses on a character of our choice living in London. We have created pieces of writing from a London guard, a child in London and even the Queen herself – each piece of writing is individual and unique (just how we like it!).

In History, we have been learning how toys have changed over time. Of course we couldn’t resist and just had to make our own “old toy” –  a cup and ball game, with paper cups, string and foil. These created so much fun and laughter in class. Some things just don’t go out of fashion!

We always have a buzz for learning and just love to learn!

Learners Class   

This Week We Are Thankful For Friends

This week in collective worship the Pioneers have been thankful for friends and friendship. We have all talked about the things our Pioneer friends have done for us across the week. The Pioneers said that they have been helped by their friends to tidy up and that they have been grateful for friends who have looked after them when they have fallen over.

We have read a book about a helpful hedgehog who is a bit lonely. He is helped out by a donkey and in turn he helps the donkey too. The hedgehog gets an apple stuck on his spikes and the donkey nibbles the apple to get it off. The lonely hedgehog and the hungry donkey become friends.

We collected up our apples from our tree ready to use next week.

We are thankful for all the harvest.