Learners love reading!

This week, we have been so excited to bring in our books from home and share them together. It has prompted a discussion in class, which has resulted in us organising a Reading Together Day. On Thursday 21st October we will immerse ourselves in books, poetry and reading for the whole day. We will share stories, talk about characters and settings and explain why our favourite books ARE our favourite books. Please bring a book from home on this day if you would like to – also there may be a few surprise storytellers through the day! “Reading is a passport to countless adventures”. We are very excited!

Also this week, we have been using our knowledge of London to create an autobiographical piece of writing, which focuses on a character of our choice living in London. We have created pieces of writing from a London guard, a child in London and even the Queen herself – each piece of writing is individual and unique (just how we like it!).

In History, we have been learning how toys have changed over time. Of course we couldn’t resist and just had to make our own “old toy” –  a cup and ball game, with paper cups, string and foil. These created so much fun and laughter in class. Some things just don’t go out of fashion!

We always have a buzz for learning and just love to learn!

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