Lovely Visitors

Today was magnificent. Pioneers had a visit from David the Show Sheep and a 2 day old lamb. The children were as calm as possible and were very gentle with the lovely creatures. David liked a ginger biscuit,preferring these to the carrots. Children and Sheep behaved very well and we are most grateful to Layla’s Family for taking the time to bring them in and make the learning real. We now know that the baby only drinks milk and that she needs to be kept nice and warm. The children were fascinated by her tiny hooves. The question at the end of the day was,”When are the sheep coming back?”

So good. Such fun. So much learning.

Actual Snow

Everything had to stop when the snow started. There was nothing else that we could do other than put on our coats and get out and experience the cold. Lots of learning took place when questions required answers.

“Why is my hat wet?”

“Why do my fingers hurt?”

“How can I stop my fingers hurting?”

“Is it actual snow?”

“Can we make snow angels?”  Sadly, there wasn’t quite enough snow to make angels, but we all had fun in the flurry of snow on Thursday Morning.

Chocolate Cake

Our theme for the term is Chocolate and we have chosen the most wonderful poem by Micheal Rosen as our starting point and inspiration. We have a Chocolate Shop and we have been creating bags of sweets and writing labels. We have made little chocolate buns, written shopping lists and worked on writing the verbs from the recipe. Please do pop in and admire the wonderful independent writing on our walls.