Autumn’s in the air!

We have felt very Autumnal this week in Learners’ Class. We were so thankful that we probably had the only sunny day this week as our Forest School day. We had our scientific hats on as we collected as many leaves as we could, then discussed in teams how we wanted to sort them into groups. Each team chose a different way to sort them. We had “smooth leaves” and “spiky leaves”, “sycamore leaves” and “oak leaves”, “big leaves” and ” small leaves” and “green leaves”, “orange leaves”  and “green/orange mix leaves”. Our teamwork was amazing and we worked collaboratively together.

We have also delighted in studying the tree outside our classroom in Science this week. We produced some outstanding drawings of the tree in Autumn and we will be watching our tree change through each of the seasons.

In History, we have been learning what a timeline is and how we use them. We even created a timeline of our own life events starting with the year we were born and ending a present day. We found this quite fascinating!

We have been enjoying reading books from The Family Large series this week – by Jill Murphy. I think our Friday vote will be quite interesting this week – I wonder which story will prove the favourite?

We are really enjoying our research of The United Kingdom – our knowledge is deepening each day. We have been writing down interesting facts all week and are nearly ready to put together a Learners’ Class Report of the United Kingdom – watch this space! 

Learners’ Class





Our Body

This week in Explorers class we have been  looking at our bodies. The book we are reading is called ‘From Head to Toe’ by Eric Carle. The children have already been moving in a variety of ways in which the animals in the book do. This will be continued each day with the different groups of children we have in. We have also been talking about our body and what body parts we have. During a group discussion this morning, we named body parts and drew a big picture of a body including all of the body parts we could see on each other. Finally we tried painting with different body parts. 

Pioneers Make The World A Better Place

Our Christian Value is Thankfulness and this week we asked,”Who is thankful that we are here?”

We revisited the story The Digger and the Flower where a kind digger saves the seeds from a flower to replant in a green space when new building happens right where it had been growing. The flower was thankful for the digger. 

The Pioneers knew that their families were thankful for them.

Our Thankful Bear whispered in my ear and everyone overheard him telling me how wonderful the Pioneers were.

Great fun and thoughtful learning.

Six Dinners Sid in Sleights

Six Dinners Sid has had quite an adventure around the village. The Pioneers spotted him in every picture and then we talked about where he had been and what he could do there. They identified places they had visited and described where they lived in relation to places Sid had been. They spotted maps and commented of the difference between a road map and the network map at the train station. 

Sid is now in the classroom and he has his own name label written specially for him

The Pioneers then built their own version of our village,cutting out road signs and pictures of our shops and sticking them on blocks. The train line went right around the room.

Such wonderful learning.

An exciting week for Adventurers!

This week Adventurers have really enjoyed joining Learners in the hall for Collective Worship every morning and Celebration Assembly on Friday afternoon. We have been learning about our Christian Value ‘Thankfulness’ and discussing lots of things we are thankful for.

In science this week we made sundials and used compasses to help us observe how the sun appears to move across the sky from East to West. We learnt that it is the Earth that rotates and the sun doesn’t move. 

We’ve really enjoyed visiting the school library to pick our own books to read at home.

A Jam-packed Week Filled with Wonderful Memories

Hello 😀

In Discoverers’ class this week, we have spent time in the forest, made our own playdough and learned all about Henry VIII and his ‘interesting’ life (he had six wives)!

In the forest, we spent time reflecting on how Christians see God as being holy and loving, and how we imagine him to be. We created artwork to represent this. 

We made playdough and used this to join spaghetti together, when building structures in design and technology lessons. 

We learned all about Henry VIII’s six wives, and how each of them were divorced, beheaded or died, apart from one: his last wife Catherine Parr. 

In collective worship this week, we reflected on Mary’s gratitude in the bible: Luke 1, and we had some fantastic discussions around why God chose Mary to birth Jesus. This linked with our value thankfulness, and we gave thanks to God for the things that are important to us.

We hope everybody has a lovely weekend,



Learners love learning!

Learners definitely do love learning! We have been learning more about number this week in maths. We have used the language of greater than/ less than, one more and one less to help us deepen our understanding of number.

We have discussed thankfulness in Collective Worship and thought about the things we are thankful for and in turn felt quite special to think that our friends and families are thankful for us. 

In Geography, we have really enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom this week and can now confidently name and identify where each of the four countries are on the UK map. We discussed the meaning of capital cities and really enjoyed watching a drone video over London. We delighted in identifying landmarks we knew. We were particularly fascinated by the London Eye and so found a video of a tour on the London Eye and couldn’t believe how big it was. This information will inspire our writing in English over the coming week.

Multi skills on Wednesday was a great success. It was wonderful to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves and it was such a treat for us to go out on the bus. I was so proud of how Learners’ class were so confident, well -behaved and keen to join in – such a credit to Sleights School.

Just a usual, busy week in our class – keep up the good work Learners!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Brown

A Wonderful Week of Learning Together

The Pioneers have had a wonderful week of learning together-our first full week of school. This is something to be celebrated. 

We are learning lots about ourselves and our place in the world,taking a look at our village to get us going. We have built houses from blocks and made pictures of our faces from all sorts of little things. The new routines are becoming second nature and sorting and tidying is a breeze.

Well Done Pioneers.

Happy Learning