Learners love learning!

Learners definitely do love learning! We have been learning more about number this week in maths. We have used the language of greater than/ less than, one more and one less to help us deepen our understanding of number.

We have discussed thankfulness in Collective Worship and thought about the things we are thankful for and in turn felt quite special to think that our friends and families are thankful for us. 

In Geography, we have really enjoyed learning about the United Kingdom this week and can now confidently name and identify where each of the four countries are on the UK map. We discussed the meaning of capital cities and really enjoyed watching a drone video over London. We delighted in identifying landmarks we knew. We were particularly fascinated by the London Eye and so found a video of a tour on the London Eye and couldn’t believe how big it was. This information will inspire our writing in English over the coming week.

Multi skills on Wednesday was a great success. It was wonderful to see everyone smiling and enjoying themselves and it was such a treat for us to go out on the bus. I was so proud of how Learners’ class were so confident, well -behaved and keen to join in – such a credit to Sleights School.

Just a usual, busy week in our class – keep up the good work Learners!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs Brown