A Jam-packed Week Filled with Wonderful Memories

Hello 😀

In Discoverers’ class this week, we have spent time in the forest, made our own playdough and learned all about Henry VIII and his ‘interesting’ life (he had six wives)!

In the forest, we spent time reflecting on how Christians see God as being holy and loving, and how we imagine him to be. We created artwork to represent this. 

We made playdough and used this to join spaghetti together, when building structures in design and technology lessons. 

We learned all about Henry VIII’s six wives, and how each of them were divorced, beheaded or died, apart from one: his last wife Catherine Parr. 

In collective worship this week, we reflected on Mary’s gratitude in the bible: Luke 1, and we had some fantastic discussions around why God chose Mary to birth Jesus. This linked with our value thankfulness, and we gave thanks to God for the things that are important to us.

We hope everybody has a lovely weekend,