Zoom to the Moon

The elves sent a letter to the Pioneers to ask for a rocket to zoom to the moon. The Pioneers took time to construct their own rockets using parts of Beebots,computers and telephones. They then drew and annotated some plans to support their work. We took a look at a Space Book to get some ideas and got to work.

When we visited the library there happened to be a rather nifty rocket and pump waiting to be investigated. A number of issues were identified and the elves suggested that Mrs Hann should really buy a new rocket. An elf was actually spotted dancing around before leaving another letter and spreading our work all over the floor.

We discovered that it is not a good idea to stand behind a water  powered rocket.Some of us got a little bit wet!

The writing that followed was quite spectacular.

We hope for a successful launch next week. As one Pioneer said,”We are perseverancing!”

An exciting week of music, French, hockey and science!

Adventurers have had a very busy week covering a wide range of subjects.

In music, they have been tapping out a beat to classical and popular music. Then using instruments to create different beats.

In French they have been learning the names for jungle animals and then were able to match pictures of animals to the French words.

We have been really impressed with the children’s hockey skills in P.E. They are now able to dribble with a ball, change directions, tackle each other and play a short game. 

In science we have continued to learn more about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We were able to act out how the particles moved in the different states of matter and then draw images of them.

To finish off the week the children used junk modelling materials to create their own ‘Iron Man.’ We plan to cover these in paper and paste and then paint them. We’re looking forward to seeing the end result.

Scientists in the making!

We have have been so enthusiastic about our learning this week.

Building on our Science topic of materials, we deepened our knowledge by being able to describe and label properties of the materials around us. We had so much fun and our scientific vocabulary was astonishing, freely using words like transparent, opaque and flexible to describe! This was wonderful! See our pictures of some properties of materials within our classroom.


Also, this week we have enjoyed making Ocean collages, which crossed curricular Geography with Art. We were peaceful and calm while enjoying this activity – just like the ocean itself!

Learners Class just love to learn – I can’t wait to see what next week brings!

Looking Inside

The Pioneers were fascinated by the Beebots and some of the other gadgets we have in the classroom so we decided to take a look inside to see what makes them work. We got to grips with using a screwdriver and pulled apart some telephones,some beebots,a laptop or two and a printer. The room was silent as they got the plastic casing off and discovered the “cities” inside.

They are now going to put the contents together to create something new and exciting. Plans have been drawn up.

They also looked really closely at the Beebots and the controls and read and wrote sentences. The writing is fabulous.

New Year, New Topic.

Our new topic in school is ‘Inventors and Inventions’  and in English we have been writing imaginative and then real explanations about how a toaster and hoover works. The children have been really interested in finding out how two different types of hoover works (battery operated and a cable hoover). They are quite knowledgeable on this subject now and are well practised at hoovering up!

We are learning all about Ancient Egypt in history and the children took part in several hands-on investigations to explore the properties of solids, liquids and gases in science.

Adventurers have started dance lessons with specialist teacher Hannah Verity on a Tuesday afternoon and are continuing ICT lessons with Mrs Gurney every Thursday.

In P.E we have been learning different hockey skills and I must say I have been very impressed with the children’s abilities so far!

Friday 21st January 2021

This has been a week of journeys and visiting different countries.

In geography, Leaders have been looking at rivers; where they are located, how they are formed and some of their uses.  They found out about the River Nile which then led them on to visit Egypt.  Before taking our history back to ancient civilisations, Leaders have been busy investigating Egypt as a country.  What does it look like?  Where is is located?  What is the capital city?  What are the human and physical features of the country?  Large scale maps of Egypt emerged on the playground and children located features of the country, finding lots of things along the River Nile.

In French this week, leaders have been working on their descriptive sentences, ensuring their writing was grammatically accurate.  Building on their previous knowledge of descriptions of monsters.

In collective worship, Leaders have continued with the theme of perseverance, finding out about Samson, and how Delilah persevered to find out Samson’s strength secret, on our journey through the bible.  

Music Through the Corridors

Hello Viewers,

This week has been a special week in RE, as we have started to explore the month of Ramadan for Muslims. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink anything during daylight hours. This is so that they feel closer to their God, by sacrificing and giving. Did you know that Muslims also pray five times each day?

We are so excited that we have been invited to join an after-school club on a Monday, where we can create bands, within our whole-class band. We can form part of a separate woodwind band, or separate brass band. 

Another highlight this week has been writing our final copies of our explanation text about the water cycle. We are going to take our final copies home, share them with local businesses who require the water cycle to keep going and read them to our siblings to teach them all about it. 

That’s all for this week, but we will update you with more next Friday,

Discoverers (Romy, Wesley and Tamsin) 


Big Builders!

It has been wonderful to see lots of big building over the past few days in Explorers.
The children have worked collaboratively and as a team to build motor cars,a train and also a house.
This has then led onto some wonderful role-playing. I think we may have some future builders!

A happy week!

This week Learners have been excited to learn more about different religions of the World. In Collective Worship we celebrated World Religion Day which fell on Sunday 16th January. We shared and celebrated stories from Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism faiths. These stories created great discussion points and conversations and an awareness and acceptance of religious diversity. I am always impressed to see how easily Learners discuss their own beliefs with such conviction. 

In English, we have been learning how things work, our focus this week ‘the dishwasher’.  A few trips to our staffroom dishwasher and  a little hep from our book ‘Until I met Dudley’,  inspired us to write our own explanation text about hoe it actually worked. We can talk you through what happens from the moment the pots go in, until the moment they come out!

We have continued our jogging laps of the playground, despite the chilly weather this week  I think it has actually made us jog a little faster!).

We finished the week with a musical extravaganza. We firstly learned about beat and pulse and clapped along to rhythms and songs before getting out some instruments. Then, we used chime bars and beaters to make our own sounds. We compiled music using crotchets and quavers to help us with our beats. We enjoyed playing and also appreciated each others music.  We played, we smiled, we even conducted each other. We simply loved it! 

Learners Class love learning!

Friday 14th January 2022

Christmas may seem like a distant memory in Leaders as it has been a hive of activity in the classroom.

Leaders have been showing their investigative skills whilst examining different materials and their properties.  They have been carrying out investigations about solubility, accurately plotting their results using line graphs, before analysing what conclusions their results show and/or whether they raise further questions to be investigated.

With Mrs Gurney, Leaders are learning how to create animations, showing perseverance and patience all round as each movement needs to be meticulously managed and captured, being careful not to move the existing objects.

In collective worship, they have been thinking about perseverance and how this is important when they meet things that they might find difficult.  Leaders are amazing at supporting each other when they find things difficult.  They know that everyone is unique and talented at a range of different things.