A happy week!

This week Learners have been excited to learn more about different religions of the World. In Collective Worship we celebrated World Religion Day which fell on Sunday 16th January. We shared and celebrated stories from Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism and Hinduism faiths. These stories created great discussion points and conversations and an awareness and acceptance of religious diversity. I am always impressed to see how easily Learners discuss their own beliefs with such conviction. 

In English, we have been learning how things work, our focus this week ‘the dishwasher’.  A few trips to our staffroom dishwasher and  a little hep from our book ‘Until I met Dudley’,  inspired us to write our own explanation text about hoe it actually worked. We can talk you through what happens from the moment the pots go in, until the moment they come out!

We have continued our jogging laps of the playground, despite the chilly weather this week  I think it has actually made us jog a little faster!).

We finished the week with a musical extravaganza. We firstly learned about beat and pulse and clapped along to rhythms and songs before getting out some instruments. Then, we used chime bars and beaters to make our own sounds. We compiled music using crotchets and quavers to help us with our beats. We enjoyed playing and also appreciated each others music.  We played, we smiled, we even conducted each other. We simply loved it! 

Learners Class love learning!