Friday 21st January 2021

This has been a week of journeys and visiting different countries.

In geography, Leaders have been looking at rivers; where they are located, how they are formed and some of their uses.  They found out about the River Nile which then led them on to visit Egypt.  Before taking our history back to ancient civilisations, Leaders have been busy investigating Egypt as a country.  What does it look like?  Where is is located?  What is the capital city?  What are the human and physical features of the country?  Large scale maps of Egypt emerged on the playground and children located features of the country, finding lots of things along the River Nile.

In French this week, leaders have been working on their descriptive sentences, ensuring their writing was grammatically accurate.  Building on their previous knowledge of descriptions of monsters.

In collective worship, Leaders have continued with the theme of perseverance, finding out about Samson, and how Delilah persevered to find out Samson’s strength secret, on our journey through the bible.