Zoom to the Moon

The elves sent a letter to the Pioneers to ask for a rocket to zoom to the moon. The Pioneers took time to construct their own rockets using parts of Beebots,computers and telephones. They then drew and annotated some plans to support their work. We took a look at a Space Book to get some ideas and got to work.

When we visited the library there happened to be a rather nifty rocket and pump waiting to be investigated. A number of issues were identified and the elves suggested that Mrs Hann should really buy a new rocket. An elf was actually spotted dancing around before leaving another letter and spreading our work all over the floor.

We discovered that it is not a good idea to stand behind a water  powered rocket.Some of us got a little bit wet!

The writing that followed was quite spectacular.

We hope for a successful launch next week. As one Pioneer said,”We are perseverancing!”