Welcome to Pioneers

Pioneers children are Reception aged (four or five years old). Children enjoy a range of creative and engaging play based activities, as well as formal inputs, to support their development and growth. Children in Pioneers are taught by Mrs Hann and Mr Grason. The children are supported by Mrs McGill.

Learning begins the minute they walk through the door. The classroom is a carefully curated collection of wonderful things to allow the children to flourish. The classroom is theirs and everything in it is there for a purpose. What they chose to do may be completely different for each individual. This is when the learning happens. The resources are ready to use and accessible and the team work together to create, to communicate, to count and to grow 

Each day starts with exploration of the resources and suggestions for learning set out around the room. The Pioneers will come together for teaching. This will happen in small groups, as a whole class and often one to one. Across the day we will gather for mathematics, reading, writing and phonics sessions, to share stories and to learn about the world.

PE kits are in school all week to allow us to do PE at any time. This term, the Pioneers have dance on a Tuesday afternoon.

Mrs Gurney teaches computing on a Tuesday morning and the Pioneers have made great progress.

We are rolling with phonics and children will bring a book and their reading record home each day. Please read little and often and write a message in the reading record. All reading is good reading. This is such an exciting time.

Please look out for a text message to let you know when we will go to the forest. We will use our wonderful outdoor space as much as we can and this will not always be on the same day each week. 

Children’s progress and activities are recorded in their own Learning Journeys. These act as a summary of the journey children embark upon during their time in Reception and demonstrate the progress and success that has been achieved, as well as the next steps that may need to be taken.

Tapestry Learning Journal

A key aspect of the learning journey in Early Years is sharing information and progress with families. We use an online learning journal called Tapestry to profile the children's learning. Each family has their own account to see children's progress. Please speak to a member of staff about this for more information.

Happy Learning


The Wise Man Built His Classroom on Strong Foundations

We have been retelling the story of the wise man and the foolish man and where they chose to build their houses. At the same time we have been able to see the foundations being laid for the new build. The shutter pans went in and then they were filled with concrete. Andy the builder told the Pioneers all about how they used a laser to check the measurements. This was fascinating for all. Some Pioneers drew a map of the area and others wrote sentences about the building work and all of the equipment being used.

Back in the classroom,we all did some story maps and the resulting writing was simply stunning.

A great week of learning.

All About Animals

The Pioneers really enjoyed their time with the visitor from The Dog’s Trust. They were very receptive and were able to recap on the 4 important points from the lesson. They knew not to tough a dog if it is asleep ore eating. The knew not to cuddle a dog and to ask for permission before approaching a dog that was not known to them. This was quite impressive. They all had lots of chat about dogs in their families.

Very useful learning.

After reading Somebody Swallowed Stanley the Pioneers voiced their concerns about the animals in the story-the turtle,the whale and the jellyfish. some had seen videos of animals in distress trapped in fishing nets and discarded plastic. When we went to our forest they noted that their was rubbish and this could be dangerous to wildlife on our site. The Pioneers made their own Stanleys and added labels with a warning “Plastic Bags Don’t Belong in the Forest”. They made story maps and wrote about Stanley.

Happy Learning

What a Whirlwind of a Week!

This week has had so much great learning going on. Our old buildings have come down and we have met Andy and Jack our builders who are keeping us up to date on progress. we have a whole new vocabulary to use when discussing the building equipment-Skid Steer,Rotor Snip and Containers. We have seen recycling happening on a big scale and watched as the materials are sorted and moved.

Liz,our artist joined us to work on big boards,talking about animals and colours. This was a moment of peace and focus.

The chicks caused a great stir and we all found it very hard not to squeal and jump. They did have little scratchy feet and they did want to flap about a bit. Mrs McGill was there to reassure everyone and offer a firm but gentle hand to move the birds around.

Maths has been magical and involved as always.

Oh and we went to the forest and something had been making big holes in the bark chippings. The Pioneers had a few suggestions to offer but we did not come to a conclusion. We will have to look for further clues!

Very Happy Learning!

Welcome to Learning in Our New Classroom

This week we left behind the four walls of our old classroom and starting learning in our new classroom with all of our familiar resources.This transition was wonderful and well handled by everyone and we lost no learning time. 

We are continuing our work on Animals and this has been based around whales and then we had a wonderful arrival-an alligator head. This caused quite a bit of excitement and the writing flowed rapidly

Teen Numbers are Exciting

We have been composing and comparing numbers over 10 this week,all the way to 20. We spotted that there were patterns here and explored this further using number tracks and then a number square. Some Pioneers were quick to spot the pattern all the way to 100.

This work really caught their attention and break time almost didn’t happen on quite a few days.

Thank you to the Pioneers for being so good at clearing away all of the kit 

Happy Learning


Vote! Vote! Vote!

The Pioneers have been voting and became familiar with some new vocabulary-Democracy,Polling Station and Voting Slip. They could not believe that it was possible that not everyone had a vote. When reading about Emmeline Pankhurst one voice said,”Was this in real life?” They could not imagine a life where women would not have a vote,be able to attend university or have certain jobs.

The Pioneers certainly understood that this was not fair.

Strong Learning

Fitting Five Days of Learning into Four!

It has been another busy week of new learning for the Pioneers. We are following our interest in eggs and popped down to the forest to consider,discuss and build some nests. We asked,”What does a nest need to be?” and “Where should a nest be located?”

The Pioneers selected materials and discussed the shapes and structures required to keep the egg safe. No eggs were cracked in the making of these nests.

The nest needs to be “comfy” and the tree selected should be “stable”. We had a walk around to look for the best tree. “Nests should be in a tree to be safe from badgers and foxes”. “They are predators”

Way back in October when we were all small, we had a fiddle around with some seed heads and collected some for planting in the spring. The time has come to get them potted up and labelled.

Some are even poking through the soil already.

Exciting times.

Maths Magic has been taking place all over the place as Pioneers discover how amazing arrays are. We looked at different ways to arrange 12 and spotted columns and rows.

So much maths chat.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with our learning this week. Sleights is a wonderful place to learn.

Happy Learning

A Visit to The Library

We make a regular visit to our school library on a Friday but this week we went on a journey to The Mobile Library and that was an adventure.

Mr Grason accompanied us on our walk and helped the Pioneers to locate The Mobile Library. We were all looking for the big lorry however it had broken down so a smaller van packed full of books had come in its place. The sun was shining so this was just fine for us. The Pioneers sat in the Carpark with boxes of books and the very patient librarian talked each Pioneer through the checking and scanning of the books.

This showed our Christian Value of Service in action.

We now have a selection of borrowed books in the classroom and we will make a return visit soon.

Thank you to the library service for wonderful service. 

Happy Reading!

Digging in the Dirt

We started our new term by digging in the dirt. It was the best kind of dirt for digging in too as it was soft and wet and even wetter by the time we finished.

The objective was to expose the root system of the plants and to talk about the function of each plant part. We also made comparisons,looking closely at the leaves and the flowers on our field and in the forest. We used a key to spot and name the plants we had found.

On return to the classroom we looked with magnifying glasses,watched videos and chopped up the plants with scissors.

Later in the week we painted the flowers!