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Pioneers children are Reception aged (four or five years old). Children enjoy a range of creative and engaging play based activities, as well as formal inputs, to support their development and growth. Children in Pioneers are taught by Mrs Hann and Mr Grason. The children are supported by Mrs McGill.

Children’s progress and activities are recorded in their own Learning Journeys. These act as a summary of the journey children embark upon during their time in Reception and demonstrate the progress and success that has been achieved, as well as the next steps that may need to be taken.

Tapestry Learning Journal

A key aspect of the learning journey in Early Years is sharing information and progress with families. We use an online learning journal called Tapestry to profile the children's learning. Each family has their own account to see children's progress. Please speak to a member of staff about this for more information.

Thursday the 16th of July 2020-Good Morning to you All-Learning Suggestions for the Pioneers

We have made it through to the holidays. No more sleeps…

It’s Teddy Bears Picnic Day and I hope that you will join me in this wherever you are.

Here are your suggestions for today:

It is Picnic Day and toys enjoy real food and pretend food.
If you mix together 1 cup of flour with 2 cups of mud/compost and add water to make a dough,the resulting material is a fantastic mix to make and build with.
If you then add some cardboard and some leaves you have all you need to make tasty teddy treats.
Otherwise you could make some real sandwiches in the kitchen for you all to enjoy.
Get online and check the weather forecast before you set your rug out. You may have to set it out on the kitchen floor.
Happy Picnic All


Our Maths this week has been about big numbers. They all use zero.
Here is a story about Zero.Pop over to Tapestry to watch the video.

Once you have read the story,take a look at the book pages and try writing 100,1000,10,000,100,000,1,000,000.
You can also make the numbers on this week’s app:


Here is the link to a big numbers episode of Numberblocks.



That’s Maths Magic

Wednesday the 15th of July – Predator or Prey for Pioneers

Who’s eating Who?
Over the last few days we have been learning about food chains and classifying animals as herbivores,carnivores and omnivores
The next two words to learn are Predator and Prey.
Animals that eat other animals are called predators. The animals they eat are called prey.
Take a look at .this clip and read your new reading book.
Can you spot the predator?
Who is the prey?



As always,go slowly.
Go back to Geraldine if you need to revise a specific sound.
This book will help with the work on today’s other post about Predator and Prey.
Happy Reading.

To finish the year we need to get to 100.
Find 100 on your number square.
Use the NumberPieces App
Find 100 square.
Lay ten sticks on top of the square.
How many can you fit on top?
Try writing 100.
What comes after 100…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0dJWfQHF8Y The Big Numbers Song
This is a link to a favourite in the classroom.

Tuesday the 14th of July – Have a Lovely Day Pioneers.


Here is a little song for you to learn to remind you to look after your teeth.
Perhaps you could write your own words!

Write a menu for the picnic.
On the photograph is a list of words that your Pioneer may be able to spell.
Once you have come up with an initial list add adjectives to add detail.


While you watch the episode,pause and write the number sentences.
Make each one up using the pieces on the app website below.


Have a number square at hand and ask your Pioneer to find the numbers you are looking at.
How many different ways can you make 50,using 10’s?
Set the sticks out on the app and write the number sentences.
Use the Numberblocks episode to help out.