Welcome to Pioneers

Pioneers children are Reception aged (four or five years old). Children enjoy a range of creative and engaging play based activities, as well as formal inputs, to support their development and growth. Children in Pioneers are taught by Mrs Hann and Mr Grason. The children are supported by Mrs Ellis, Mrs Hansell and Mrs McGill.

Children’s progress and activities are recorded in their own Learning Journeys. These act as a summary of the journey children embark upon during their time in Reception and demonstrate the progress and success that has been achieved, as well as the next steps that may need to be taken.

Tapestry Learning Journal

A key aspect of the learning journey in Early Years is sharing information and progress with families. We use an online learning journal called Tapestry to profile the children's learning. Each family has their own account to see children's progress. Please speak to a member of staff about this for more information.

Maths Magic

The new year has started with new maths. Many of us are ready to use numbers to represent our thinking.The Pioneers are so organised that we can all sit on the carpet and work together with Numicon. This is really amazing.Everyone has returned with an excitement about number so we have worked hard this week. We have had fun with the number wheel,talked lots about zero and written down our calculations using plus and equals.

So much going on. So many questions.

Happy Maths.

New Year.New Books

The Pioneers have really got the hang of choosing a new book. When we visit the library they go straight to the shelves and delve in. Some go straight to fiction picture books,choosing authors and illustrators that they recognise. Others go to the big non-fiction encyclopedia type books and pour over the pictures. Others have found the books that they can actually read themselves and this is a great joy. They then assume a reading position and chat and browse. The whole class was really intent on reading when we visited this week. It was wonderful to stand back and watch the interactions.

Take a look in bags to see which book your little reader selected.

Happy Reading

The Best Christmas Dinner

The whole school gathered to celebrate Christmas. The tables were set with crackers. Governors,helpers,staff and friends joined the children to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner prepared by Mrs Eglon and Mrs Harland. We were treated to a feast of turkey, stuffing, little sausages and brussel sprouts. The gravy was very nice and the veggie option was so good that some people had seconds!  The atmosphere was just lovely and the Christmas Pudding and custard was a real treat. Some people got a bit sticky eating their choc ices!

From the smallest to the biggest;from the oldest to the youngest,everyone was looking after each other and having fun and enjoying their food together. This is what makes Sleights so special.

Christingle in Church

The Church was full for this beautiful service. The Sleights School Family were altogether again to think about those less fortunate. Many of the older children lead us in prayer and gave the readings. The choir,led by Mrs Rowland sang for us all. The Year 6 children lit the candles and shared the light.

Well done to everyone who managed not to eat their jelly tots before returning to school!