Friday 8th July 2022

Leaders have had another enjoyable week at school.

On Thursday, Leaders put on an incredible performance of the song ‘Happy’ at the church service and spoke about the Christian value ‘truthfulness’. I’m sure families in attendance would agree that it was a fabulous afternoon and showcased the many talents of the children at Sleights School.

After a busy term, Leaders enjoyed time in the forest on Friday morning and spent some time drawing their surroundings, using pencil and charcoal, and applying the techniques they have learned about in art this term. The children also worked together wonderfully to create pieces of art with the natural resources on offer in the forest. Finally, they worked in teams to create a variety of dens.

Preparations are also underway for the Leavers’ assembly, which will take place on Friday the 22nd July. We are looking forward to celebrating Leaders’ time at primary school with their families and the rest of the school community.