Friday 10th March

It has been another brilliant week in Leaders class.

On Monday, the children enjoyed a history drama day, focussed on how punishment has changed over time. The children demonstrated their learning from the day by performing for the whole school to finish the day. On Tuesday, the Leaders made links to the previous day’s learning when they learned about how punishments were decided during the Anglo-Saxon time period. The children learned about the different courts, trials by ordeal and oath-bearers.

This week in English, we have continued to shared write an argument, considering if palm oil should be banned. The writing produced has been amazing and I am looking forward to seeing how the children apply their skills to their independent writing about plastic next week.

In RE, the Leaders have been thinking about the events that led to Jesus’ death. There were some incredibly thoughtful responses during this lesson. Next week, we will be considering why Jesus died and what this means to Christians.

In science, the children have continued to learn about life cycles. This week, the children focussed on amphibians, with a specific focus on frogs. The work produced was brilliant.

On Thursday, the final rehearsals took place before the Leaders class band takes to the stage at the Eskdale Festival on Monday. The children have worked incredibly hard and I am looking forward to seeing them perform together on stage.

To finish the week, Leaders tackled a longer pieces of text in French. The children were able to use cognates to understand the text, which was about our new French topic, the Olympics. The enthusiasm and understanding demonstrated was brilliant to see. 

Have a brilliant weekend. 

Friday 3rd March 2023

What a busy start to the new half-term Leaders have had!

In English, the children have been working incredibly hard on our new unit – balanced arguments. To start the unit, Leaders explored the features of a balanced argument before applying these features to their own writing. To do this, the children began by researching reasons for and against banning plastic, with brilliant discussions happening as a result of what was found out. This week, as a class, we have began our shared writing, considering if palm oil should be banned. Once this is complete, the children will then independently apply the skills that they have gained throughout the unit to their own independent piece about plastic.

In maths, the children have been busy working with decimals, with a focus on calculating equivalent fractions and decimals this week. 

In history,  Leaders learned about the changing role of police throughout history as part of our crime and punishment unit. They explored a text and retrieved the key dates from it to establish a timeline to mark the changes and key events. They found out that the first police force, which was established in 1829, wore top hats and carried truncheons. We were very lucky that a Leader had brought in her great great granddad’s truncheon, which the children enjoyed exploring. The children also explored a police whistle. We found out that the police did not start using these until later in the 1800s.

In DT, the children have been considering bridge designs in preparation for designing their own bridges. They learned about beam, arch, truss and suspension bridges and considered tension and compression. I am looking forward to seeing where this learning leads the children’s designs.

To finish the week, it was brilliant to celebrate all things books for World Book Day. The children looked fantastic and the day was enjoyed by all.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 10th February 2023

The Leaders have finished a brilliant half term by writing their independent flashback stories in English. It was a pleasure to read them all. Well done, Leaders!

In science, the children learned about voltage and explored the impact of it on the brightness of a bulb. The children made excellent predictions and supported these with their scientific knowledge. 

On Thursday, it was lovely to welcome families into school again to take part in our storytelling morning. The children enjoyed creating their own stories using the story telling props and cards. 

On Friday, we ended the half term by raising funds for CHUF, a charity that supports babies and children with heart disease. It was great to see so many children in school wearing red and for the children to reflect on why we raise money for this cause. A highlight for all children was the whole school cha cha slide for CHUF. 

Have a great half term everyone!

Friday 3rd February

This week, Leaders have been getting practical in science, exploring the different components that can be used in a circuit and which are essential for one to work. The children were able to use their knowledge about circuits to predict whether a circuit would work and how the components would be effected by the addition of extra components. The children then observed what happened when they made the circuits in class.

In English, the children have been describing Camp Green Lake from the book Holes and have used a range of openers and descriptive techniques when doing so. Using the ideas generated from this week’s lessons, the children have written a setting description, which they have also self-assessed and edited. The children are looking forward to writing their own ‘Holes’ inspired flashback stories next week.

In RE, the children have been exploring how Muslims express their religious beliefs through art work, with some brilliant responses being made. The children have also been enjoying exploring our current Christian Value of courage. They have particularly enjoyed learning about courageous people from history, with one of this week’s being Harriet Tubman. 

Great work, Leaders!

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Friday 27th January

It has been another brilliant week in Leaders class.

In English, the children have started their new unit on narrative writing. Over the next few weeks, the children will work towards writing a flashback narrative on our current class text, Holes. To start this unit, the children have been thinking about their vocabulary choices to describe a setting and have been using a range of openers.

In history, Leaders learned how crime was reported in the Roman period. They explored Roman curse tablets to find out more about this theme. 

In art, the children have started their new unit on printing and explored the artist William Morris, enjoying being creative in their art books in the process.

On Friday afternoon, the children finished the week with a session from Mel, who worked with the children to understand more about the brain and how it impacts mental health and well-being. There were some great discussions throughout the afternoon.

Well done, Leaders!

Friday 20th January 2023

It has been another brilliant week in Leaders class, with lots being achieved by the children across the curriculum.

This week, the children worked hard to plan and write a newspaper report about Hawkes, our new PE provider. They will use the skills they learned during our shared writing of this to write their independent reports about Hope Whitby. The children started this task on Friday, using the chrome books. 

In history, our new unit focuses on crime and punishment throughout history. This week, the children explored the vocabulary that they will be using throughout this unit, such as deterrent, retribution and rehabilitation.

On Friday, it was lovely to welcome families into the classroom to work with the children on Chinese New Year celebration crafts. We are looking forward to the next event, which will be happening soon.

Friday 13th January 2023

The children in Leaders have continued to work hard across the curriculum this week.

In maths, the children have tackled their challenging work on fractions and are able to add and subtract fractions with different denominators and add and subtract mixed numbers.

In English, the children have continued to work on newspaper reports. This week, Leaders have focused on using a range of openers and can also use direct and reported speech. Next week, the children are looking forward to applying their skills to a full newspaper report.

In history, the children will be learned about crime and punishment throughout history. This week, the children completed their pre-assessment to consider what they already know. We are looking forward to finding out more next week. 

Lots of reading has taken place in Leaders class this week. We have read a further three chapters of our class text ‘Holes’ and have explored a non-fiction newspaper report in our other reading sessions. The children explored how to answer three mark questions about impressions and did a great job at achieving the full three marks.

Well done, Leaders!

Happy New Year!

It has been great to welcome the children back into school this week and lots of learning has happened. 

This week, the children have started our new class text ‘Holes’ and the first two chapters already have us all hooked. We are looking forward to reading more next week!

In English, our focus for the next three weeks will be newspaper reports. To start this unit, Leaders explored the features of a newspaper report before learning how to write an effective newspaper introduction. On Friday, we were joined by Hope Whitby and we are looking forward to using our journalistic skills to report on this over the next few weeks. Look out for our reports soon!

It looks set to be a busy term with lots happening. Make sure to check out the Leaders Curriculum Map which has been included in this week’s newsletter to find out more about what we will be learning about this term. 

Merry Christmas

Wow! I can’t believe that it is the end of the first term of the school year already. It has certainly been busy! The children have made great progress and have accomplished many things this term that they should be extremely proud of. 

This week, a highlight for both children and members of staff was Christingle. It was lovely to gather in church together to mark this special event in our school calendar. I am sure you will agree that the readers were wonderful, the music performed by the class bands was amazing and the Year 6 children did a brilliant job of making the Christingles for the occasion. 

On Monday, we were also joined by families for an afternoon of Christmas crafts. The children made brilliant decorations using lollipop sticks and were creative when designing and making their Christmas cards. 

Merry Christmas everyone!


Friday 9th December

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Leaders class.

This week, the children performed in our 2022 Christmas nativity, Straw and Order. I think we can all agree that it was a wonderful show and certainly made us all feel extremely festive. Next week, we will gather again at church to celebrate Christingle. We hope to see many people their to share in this special time with us.

On Friday, the children enjoyed their Christmas party day where they spent time dancing, playing games, taking part in quizzes and enjoying a party lunch together.

In addition to the Christmas activities taking place in school this week, the children have also continued to focus on black history, exploring the role of black soldiers in WWI.