Welcome to Leaders

Sleights’ oldest children are in Leaders. These are school Years 5 or 6. Children in Leaders are taught by Mrs Walker and are supported by Mrs Creek.

Children in Leaders are between nine and eleven years old. Being a Leader means lots of responsibility, such as monitor jobs around the school. In September 2019, the Leaders moved into their new classroom, which is a very beautifully decorated prefab building. 

Friday 10th April

Hi there Discoverers and Leaders,

We have loved seeing your decorated eggs on Tapestry, they have been very creative and detailed. We’re looking forward to seeing more in the run up to Easter Sunday.

Your final task this week, is to build a den. Why is everything more exciting when it’s completed in a den? You can build it indoors or outdoors, and use things such as cushions, throws, sticks, chairs and even any cardboard you may have. It would be amazing if your whole family could fit inside, and perhaps enjoys a story together: You might like to read a story that you have written, or a book that you have at home. We can’t wait to see your creations! Here are some examples:

Lastly, well done for your efforts so far this week, and keep up with the fantastic job you’re doing on Sumdog, we love seeing how well you’re doing. 

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker

Wednesday 8th April

Good morning everybody,

How did you get on with your exercise challenge? Did you manage to get you whole household involved? I have heard that some of you have been very persuasive with getting everybody to join in, well done! 

Today, myself and Mrs Walker thought that you might like a task that is Easter-themed, as it is Easter on Sunday! We would like you to decorate an egg (or anything of similar shape). You can decorate just the egg itself, or you could even create a background for it, and really set the scene. Here are some examples for you:

If you would like to share your results with us, you could upload pictures of your creations on Tapestry.

Thank you

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker 

Happy Holidays

Happy new week Leaders,
It is officially the start of the Easter holidays. To have some fun during this time, we are teaming up with Discoverers and are going to be completing the same, exciting activities. 
We will set a fun activity: today, Wednesday and Friday. For today, myself and Mrs Walker thought you might like to become the teacher. We would you like you to plan an exercise routine, like Joe Wicks has been doing each morning, or a dance routine. We want you to teach your family the routine and get them to perform it for you. If they are feeling brave, they may let you film it and upload it on to tapestry for staff to see your hard work. 
This can last as long or as short as you like, and you can spend as much time as you need rehearsing and preparing together. I have uploaded a Joe Wicks video below, to give you some inspiration.
Good luck
Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker 

Thursday 3rd April 2020

Good morning Leaders and Discoverers

We have been so impressed with all the things you have been doing with your families this week so, once you have finished off any activities that need completing, we are asking everyone in the school to have a go at telling and writing stories.

Have a look at Mrs Hann’s video of her story cubes and then have a go at telling a story using the cubes to help you. You might want to make up a story to tell to someone else in your family using the cubes and then ask them to tell a story using the cubes too. You will be surprised how many different stories you could make using the same cubes.

If you would like to share your stories with us that would be brilliant; you could video your story telling or write your story, if you wish, and upload it to Tapestry. Can’t wait to see them.

Happy story telling!

Mrs Walker and Mrs Taylor

Thursday 2nd April 2020

I’m so pleased to see you’re beginning to share exciting things on Tapestry.  I’d like to set a challenge for anyone who has not yet posted to have a go today.    This could be a message, a photo, a video or even just a reply to this message.  Let’s see if we can get everyone involved. If you haven’t yet signed up please send an e-mail to Mr Grason to join.
English – you should have given someone your instructions to try yesterday.  Did they work?  Had you missed anything out?  I would like you to use today to make any changes that you may have needed and check that your steps all include imperative verbs.
Maths – as the weather is nice again today, we are going to mix our time and science together.  I’d like you to all go out for a walk today and measure your heart rate every 4 minutes (you might need to take a paper and pencil to record your results) for the duration of your walk.  Once you have returned home, use your results to produce a line graph recording your results.
Topic – if you have collected some resources, have a go at making your Victorian light from your design.
Get our for some fresh air and I look forward to seeing your results.
Happy recording.
Mrs Walker

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning Leaders

April already – where did March go? 

It’s fantastic to see you are beginning to upload things to Tapestry, having a go at your challenges.  It will be a great way to see your progress.  If you haven’t decided on your challenge or I haven’t yet collected your ideas, don’t worry I will be collecting all of them when I speak to your families (or you can post on Tapestry and tell me too!) and then we can put together a list so you call all see what people are doing.  I love the ideas I have been collecting so far.

English – It’s time to test those instructions, either try them out yourself or give them to someone else in the family to have a go at – remember to follow the instructions exactly to see if they work.

Maths – Continuing our work on time here are two links to time games that you might want to have a look at.



Topic – Have a look at this short video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLce9i2Ci5wand make a list of the similarities and differences between a mosque and our local church in Sleights.

Happy April everyone.

Mrs Walker



Tuesday 31st March 2020

Morning Leaders.

Thank you to those who have started sharing their work through Tapestry, it has been brilliant to see.  If you haven’t already you can still sign up by sending an e-mail to Mr Grason – it would be fantastic to see everyone there so that we can keep in touch.

English – if you had a go at carrying out a task yesterday, have a go at writing instructions for that task today.

Maths – look at your timetable and see if you can answer these questions:

Which is the longest activity and how long does it last?

Which is the shortest activity and how long does it last?

How many hours and minutes is it from getting up to going to bed?

Challenge – If you got up half an hour earlier each day until Friday, how many hours and minutes would it be then from getting up to going to bed?

Topic – There seems to be some love of cooking and baking at the moment so I though it might be nice to share a bun recipe.  Have a go at baking buns with your family and decorate however you can.  http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/28455/plain-buns-with-icing.aspx Take a picture and upload it – I’d love to see your creations.

Happy baking.

Mrs Walker

Monday 30th March 2020

Morning Leaders

It has been lovely to hear what you have been doing last week and I am looking forward to being able to share more with you through Tapestry.

For those who would like to, I am going to set you three tasks each day: 1 English, 1 maths and 1 topic.  I know lots of you are busy with your arithmetic books and grammar so you can do as much or as little of this as you like.  You will find that that the whole school is going to try and follow the same maths and English topics so that you can completed these as a family if you wish.

English – we are going to think about instructions this week – today is the day to carry out a task that you will be able to write instructions for over the week.  Some ideas – making up a game, baking a cake or making a model.

Maths – the clocks have just changed and the evenings are now lighter so we are thinking about time.  Have a go at doing a timetable for your day at home using digital times.

Topic – try and draw a design for your Victorian light – remember to label your drawing and imagine that you have to fit the circuit inside.  (It would be great to start collecting some recycling material too so that we can make it once you have collected what you need.)

Finally, you can upload any of this (or anything else you would like to share) to Tapestry and I will be able to see it – very exciting!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Mrs Walker



Friday 27th March 2020

Morning Leaders

Firstly, well done everyone – our Sumdog percentages have increased very quickly – Wow!

I hope you all had more luck in your garden/environment yesterday than I did – I think maybe the bounding spaniel has scared mine away.  I’m going to have another look in the sunshine today.

As the sunshine is still out today, let’s do some art.  Find something, either inside or outside, to make a pencil drawing of.  Remember to use light and dark strokes, think about pattern and texture too.

Happy drawing.

Mrs Walker

Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello Leaders!

Another beautiful day so let’s enjoy the sunshine.  Have a look around your garden or local environment and see how many different minibeasts you can find.  You might also want to make a list of the amount of each different one that you find and then make a graph to show your results.  I am going to do some investigation myself and will show you what I find tomorrow.

With the beautiful weather, it made me think about being our in our forest, so I have also posted a link to teach yourself how to try a reef knot.  If you don’t have a piece of rope see if you can borrow a shoelace – just remember to return it afterwards!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aprfVTaxkk0

We’ll try another knot later in the week – that way we’ll be prepared for our first forest school session back in school – den building and hot chocolate.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Mrs Walker