Friday 2nd December

This week in Leaders, children have been busy developing their division skills, looking at dividing with remainders as well as using long division. On Friday, the children impressed me with their problem-solving skills as they tackled multi-step problems, correctly identifying the steps that needed to be taken and the methods that they would need to use.

In art, the children have learned about Claude Monet and what impressionist art is. The children are looking forward to creating their own impressionist style paintings before Christmas.

As we enter December, there is lots to look forward to, with one of these things being the Christmas nativity, Straw and Order. The children have been working hard both in school and at home to learn their lines and are looking forward to performing for families and friends next week. 

Friday 25th November 2022

This week in Leaders class, we have continued to focus on The Tempest in English. On Wednesday, the children used roleplay and freezeframes to explore the thoughts, actions and feelings of the characters Prospero and Miranda. Using this as inspiration, the children then created sentences that used -ed clauses from the perspective of Prospero. 

On Monday, we continued developing our cricket skills. The children demonstrated excellent batting and fielding skills and worked well as part of a team. 

On Friday, we enjoyed our first run through the nativity. Children are busy learning their lines and are excited to perform it to families soon. We also enjoyed creating Christmas decorations that will be on display on the school tree at St Mary’s Church.

Friday 18th November

It has been another wonderful week in Leaders.

In maths, the children have continued to focus on multiplication and division. On Monday, the children worked with cubes to make arrays to identify cube and square numbers and were able to calculate to find them too. The rest of the week has seen Leaders focus on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000 with great application of their learning to reasoning and problem solving questions. 

In English, we have found out about William Shakespeare and began to explore his play The Tempest. On Thursday, we explored lines from Act 1 Scene 1 and were able to predict that there was a ship in a storm, which sank and had a King on board. We then created a storm soundscape using our voices and used drama to add in the lines that we had explored earlier. We then moved on to look at similes and personification  to describe the storm, with excellent descriptions produced by all.

On Wednesday, the children enjoyed the official opening of the new Early Years buildings before welcoming some family members into class. During this session, the children completed their Esther Mahlangu inspired art. I am sure that you will agree that the finished art work looks brilliant!

Remembrance at Sleights

Throughout the week, the children have taken part in some excellent discussions about Remembrance. Children shared their own reflections with great sensitivity and thought. To mark Remembrance Day in Sleights, each child created a piece of art or message. 

After school, Mrs Hann and I walked to St John’s and the War Memorial monument to display the children’s fantastic and thoughtful Remembrance reflections. The work is incredible and is now firmly in place to help the full village mark Remembrance Sunday this weekend.
Well done, Sleights.

Friday 11th November 2022

It has been another busy week in Leaders, with lots of brilliant leaning happening.

In maths, Leaders have been learning about common multiples and factors and have done a brilliant job of identifying these and applying their understanding to reasoning and problem solving questions.

Over the past two weeks in English, the children have been learning about explanation texts, with a focus on the life cycle of a star. The writing that has been produced so far has been amazing, with brilliant application of the skills they have been taught.

This week, there has been plenty of opportunity to be active in Leaders class. In addition to their usual swimming and dance sessions on a Tuesday, we were joined by Owen from Chance to Shine Cricket, who will be in school every Monday until Christmas. The children were able to develop their throwing, catching, batting and fielding skills in the lesson. The progress from one session was brilliant to see! We look forward to sharing how we get on each week with you.

A brilliant end to our first half term

To end a brilliant first half term in Leaders class, we had a fabulous day exploring Whitby On Friday.

First, we headed to the Abbey, counting the 199 steps on our way up. We explored the museum, finding out lots of interesting facts about the Abbey’s history and looking at artefacts found on the headland to learn more about Whitby’s history, dating to as far back as the Neolithic period. We then explored the Abbey ruins and a rainbow even appeared as we admired the view out to sea.
After a busy morning, we were ready for lunch. The children enjoyed a delicious lunch at Quayside.
Finally, we enjoyed looking around Whitby Museum, taking in the different items they have on exhibition.
It was a brilliant day from start to finish and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


Friday 7th October

It has been another brilliant week in Leaders class.

This week, Leaders have been working hard to complete their adverts about Whitby. I have been amazed by the vocabulary choices and the application of the new writing skills they have learned this half term. 

In science, Leaders have learned about the earth rotating on its axis and how this effects day and night. They drew diagrams and wrote explanations to demonstrate their understanding.

Our history unit for this half term is Black History. This week the Leaders found out about the first recorded Africans in Britain during the Roman era. They thought about how historians know that black people lived in Britain at that time and found out that bones and teeth can be analysed. They also learned about the Aurelian Moors. Ask your child what they have learned. Leaders love to share their knowledge!

On Wednesday afternoon, a group of Leaders took part in a football tournament. We are so proud of the great teamwork that they demonstrated and the way in which they represented the school. Well done to all involved!

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Our weekly news

It has been another busy week in Leaders class.

A highlight of the week for all of the children was visiting Pioneers class. The children worked with the younger children, creating games, enjoying role play and helping to practice maths, reading and letter formation. It really was brilliant to see.

To finish a busy week, the children used acrylic paint to mix colours inspired by the bold colours of Esther Mahlangu. 

In addition to work in class this week, ten girls also represented the school at a football tournament. They were successful in securing fourth place. Well done everyone!

23rd September 2022

Leaders have worked incredibly hard this week and so much excellent learning has taken place.

In English, we began our new unit on adverts. At the end of the unit, Leaders will be writing adverts persuading people to visit Whitby. To start, we looked at an advert about Scarborough and identified the audience and purpose before identifying the persuasive devices in the text. The leaders then considered their favourite places in Whitby and wrote about them using a range of openers.

In science, the children learned about what is in the universe. Each group was given a set of information that they were tasked with learning. Some members of the group then became teachers, with the rest of the children moving to a different group to be taught their information. Children then returned to their original group to feedback on what they had learned with others. It was amazing to see the children teaching one and other and lots of new facts were learned!

On Friday morning, it was brilliant to have families join us in the classroom again. We are looking forward to seeing more families for the second session on Monday.

A busy week in Leaders

It has been a great first full week back for Leaders class.

On Tuesday, the children had their first swimming session of the term. The children demonstrated excellent water confidence and swimming skills. Tuesday was certainly a busy day for Leaders as they also had dance with Hannah Verity in the afternoon.

On Thursday afternoon, after a break over the summer, the children were reunited with their instruments. It was lovely to hear the sound of music throughout the school.

The children have also been busy writing up information for their Tour of Britain posters in English. On Friday, the children began publishing their posters and have made a great start.

In maths, the children have been tackling place value and applying their learning to reasoning and problem solving questions.

In PSHCE the children considered how to keep their personal information safe online and applied what they had learned to scenarios they may face online. Some excellent discussion took place.

Finally, to finish a busy week in school, Leaders travelled to Whitby Sixth Form on Friday afternoon to take part in a cross country event. The children demonstrated excellent enthusiasm during the event and represented the school brilliantly.

Well done, Leaders!