Welcome to Leaders

Sleights’ oldest children are in Leaders. These are school Years 5 or 6. Children in Leaders are taught by Miss Stubbs and are supported by Mrs Creek and Mrs Wood.

Children in Leaders are between nine and eleven years old. Being a Leader means lots of responsibility, such as monitor jobs around the school. In addition, children have their SATs tests at the end of Year 6. This demonstrates the progress children have made during their time in Key Stage Two.

Leaders’ Class Blog

Friday 23rd November 2018

We have concluded our formal writing this week, after three weeks of focusing on what we want to celebrate as Sleights turns fifty! We will be posting our letters to the Gazette, for the editor to select the most relevant information to publish. Keep a look out for our work! 




Friday 9th November 2018

This week, we had a delightful guest, the ambassador of Children in Need: Pudsey Bear! Here we are celebrating with him, making preparations for next Friday, when we will hold a bake sale, raising money for the worthy cause.

Perhaps you are wondering as to why our blog sounds formal this week? We have begun writing a formal letter, informing the local newspaper, the Whitby Gazette, of all Sleights’ spectacular qualities. Keep reviewing the Gazette for our published results. 


Friday 19th October 2018

Leaders here, what a fantastic week it has been! We have had such success with the girls’ football team and managed to be placed fourth, out of fifty-five school in total! (See our picture below). 

We have now finished writing our instructions on how to bake Yorkshire puddings. We are going to take home the recipes and persuade our families to let us cook! We are also having a baking day next Friday, keep checking back for pictures of the results! 

Friday 12th October 2018

Hey there, it’s Finley, Jaedon and Isaac, from Leaders’ class. This week has been exciting, as people have doing Bikeability, whilst others have been baking Yorkshire puddings! Well done to everyone in Bikeability, as they all passed Level 2. This week, we have also been looking at instructions to prepare Yorkshire puddings. In maths, we have been looking at estimating answers. In P.E we have been doing tag rugby with Mr. Gokool. With Mrs Gurney we were doing coding on Kodu. The most fun part of the week was the engineering trip to Scarborough Spa, where we did loads of activities and got loads of freebies! We finished our Christmas cards and finally the girl’s football team came first so are in the finals, well done!

Friday 5th October 2018

Hi there, it’s Rosie, Milly and Amelia, and we’re all in Year Six. This week in class, we have been learning about our Christian values, these are: respect, perseverance and trust. We have also had our Harvest Festival, in which we made Autumn lanterns and tasty bread. In addition, the boys’ football team played against other schools and persevered throughout the whole game. We are so proud. In English, we have finished our non-chronological reports for our attractions, and they are now on display outside of our classroom, for people to read and choose the one that they would most like to visit, feel free to give us your responses too! 


Our bake off!

We had a spontaneous Sleights Bake off, some of us baked apple pies/ crumbles at home, and brought in the delights to share. 


Our first week in Leaders’ class

Hi there, this is Katie, Jack and Ben from the Leaders’ class. This week we have been thinking of ideas for our non -chronological report attractions. We all went into the school forest to write a practise report, get ideas and have fun. Also in our class, in numeracy we’ve been rounding numbers to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand, including decimal places. Apart from maths and English lessons, we’ve had swimming, P.E and dance –taught by Hannah Verity. You may have heard about the open afternoon, where parents came at 2.30 pm to have a look at their child’s work.