Welcome to Leaders

Sleights’ oldest children who are in year 6 (aged 10 and 11) are in Leaders. Children in Leaders are taught by Mrs Porter and are supported by Mr Everall.

Being a Leader means lots of responsibility, being role models around school at all times. Leaders have their own building on the playground. 

Over the course of the week, Leaders learn lots of exciting things.  They  have English, Mathematics and guided reading every day.  

This term, Leaders will have swimming lessons on a Tuesday morning. Please make sure to give permission on Parent Pay if you haven’t done so already.

On a Wednesday afternoon, children will need their PE kit in school as they have lessons with Mr Gokool. The children will also continue their computing work with Mrs Gurney, which will also take place on a Wednesday afternoon.

Leaders love to read; sharing guided books, class texts and individual reading books.  Individual books are brought to school daily and changed once the book has been read (this might be longer than usual now the books are longer!)


Sumdog is set weekly on a Thursday, closing the following Wednesday morning, and includes a maths and grammar activity.

Spellings are set on a Monday, taught daily in school, and tested on a Friday.  A Sumdog activity to support your child's spellings is also available weekly from Monday.



Friday 1st July 2022

Wow! I can’t believe that it’s July already. The weeks are flying by in Leaders Class.

This week, the children started the week with a morning of history and drama, producing a performance that consolidated and extended their knowledge on the Ancient Greeks. The rest of the school enjoyed watching the performance at the end of the day. It is available on Tapestry if you haven’t seen it yet. 

On Wednesday, the children took part in an athletics event at Eskdale School. The children had a wonderful time and represented the school brilliantly.

In addition to our events this week, we have been continuing to practice our singing ready for the church service next week. We hope that lots of families can join us.

The children have also completed their free verse poetry, using a range of figurative language to describe the demolition work that they watched a few weeks ago.

In the wider curriculum, the children have learned about Alexander the Great, considering why he has remained significant beyond Greece and through different time periods. In art, the children applied the drawing techniques that they have been introduced to to animal drawings, using the art work of Leonardo Da Vinci and Henry Moore as inspiration.

A fun-filled week in Leaders

What a fantastic week it has been in Leaders class!

On Monday and Tuesday, 11 children from Leaders class took part in Bikeability training, receiving excellent feedback from the instructors. Well done to all involved! Children not attending Bikeability, enjoyed working with Liz Collier on the whole school art project as well as taking part in a visit from Dogs Trust.

On Thursday afternoon, it was brilliant to welcome families in to school again to watch Sports Day. The children thoroughly enjoyed participating in all of the events and a great afternoon was had by all.

In addition to the many events happening in school this week, Leaders have also conducted an investigation into the impact of exercise on their heart rate. It was excellent to see the application of their knowledge from previous science lessons when they were producing their predictions and conclusions. The children also enjoyed working in groups during history this week to research the Peloponnesian war, using the internet and books.


Friday 17th June 2022

This week has seen two visitors, buildings being demolished and a sporting event. It has certainly been a busy and enjoyable week in Leaders class.

On Monday, we were joined by Mini Medics in school. Throughout the morning, the children learned how to call for help, put someone in the recovery position, give CPR and how to access a defibrillator. The children were amazing throughout the session and thoroughly enjoyed practicing their new skills.

We were also joined by local artist, Liz Collier, for two art sessions this week. Liz worked with the children to create art inspired by the five British Values that, when completed, will be displayed around school. The children enjoyed working collaboratively on a number of tasks during these sessions.

In addition to the visitors that we have had in class, the children have also been learning about phonetic sounds in French and have been using their calculation skills to work out salaries, take-home pay and hourly rates in maths. In science, Leaders learned about the heart, veins, arteries and blood. The children enjoyed creating a circulatory system on the playground.

Friday 10th June 2022

It has been a busy and productive week for the children in Leaders as they begin their final half term at primary school.

This week, Leaders have continued to focus on their writing. We started the week by watching an animation called ‘Wing’, which is about a one-winged creature, who is tormented by crows because he is different. In the end, with the help of a kind friend, Wing is able to escape the crows. The children have worked incredibly hard to use their Year 6 writing skills when completing a narrative based on this animation. They have now completed and edited their final pieces and are looking forward to sharing their stories with the children in Discoverers on Monday.

In addition to writing, the children enjoyed exploring using line and shading to create different tones and textures in art. 

On Friday, Leaders visited the Early Years’ buildings for the final time before work to demolish them commences next week. We made sure to take pictures and videos of the buildings as we plan to base some of our writing around the building work over the coming weeks.

Next week, there is a lot to look forward to in Leaders class. The children will be participating in Mini Medic training on Monday, and, on Friday, the children will attend a Quad Kids sporting event at Whitby Sixth Form along with Year 5 pupils from Discoverers class. Keep an eye on the class blog and Tapestry next week to find out about these events.

The end of a busy half term!

It has been another busy week in Leaders class. 

The children have worked incredibly hard on their writing this week, producing brilliant non-chronological reports, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. 

The children have also learned about Athens, Sparta and the Olympics in history, digestion in science and about value for money in PHSCE.

To finish the week, it was lovely to see the children wearing red, white and blue and to spend time with them enjoying a picnic on the school field for lunch.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable half term break.

Friday 20th May 2022

 The Leaders have really enjoyed their learning in PHSCE this week, where they have learned about careers and finance. The children thought about their own skills and goals for the future, learned about the qualities and skills needed for particular careers, salaries and how to be successful in a job selection process. The children have also learned about tax and how the money that people earn can help the community.

Below are some of the goals that Leaders have for the future:

-To own my own house

-To have a well-paid job

-To have a family

-To do well in school

-To own my own pet

-To learn how to drive and own a car

– To live a happy life

– To become a horse riding instructor

– To play professional sports

– To become a scientist

– To become an archaeologist


In addition to their PHSCE work, Leaders have also been learning about types of teeth in science, where they matched descriptions to teeth before finding more out about them. In history, the children worked in groups to order historical periods that they have studied in Key Stage 2 and considered where the Ancient Greek period would fit in. After revisiting the dates of each period, the children created their own timelines.


A busy week in Leaders

The children have enjoyed another busy week in school.

This week, we have continued to spend time preparing for the SATs assessments, which will take place next week. We are incredibly proud of the positive and hard-working attitudes that the children have had towards their preparations and we know that they are ready to give them their all next week.

In addition to SATs preparations, Leaders were back in the pool this week and impressed me with their water confidence. On Wednesday afternoon, the children also enjoyed learning about and playing cricket with Mr Gokool.

To finish off a busy four day week, the children continued to learn the song ‘Happy’, which is our focus in music this half term. We hope everyone has a very happy weekend.

Welcome back!

Hello families,

I hope that you had an enjoyable Easter break.

Leaders have enjoyed their first week of the Summer Term and it has been lovely for me to get to know them more this week. It is certainly going to be a busy final term at primary school for the children, with lots to look forward to.

This week, the children have been introduced to our new Christian value: service. Over the coming weeks, we will be looking out for acts of service in our class that we can share and celebrate together.

Throughout this week, the children have impressed me with their incredibly positive and mature attitudes towards SATs preparations. We have been busy revisiting learning and practicing answering a range of questions in preparation for the week commencing 9th May.

In addition to SATs preparations, we have also started our new topic for the Summer Term, which is “Animals”. Over the next two weeks in English, the children will be focussing on animals that are leaders – like our class name – with a particular focus on lions. This week, the children have watched video clips of lions in action in order to begin to describe an event. A range of vocabulary and sentence types have been used and I am looking forward to reading the finished descriptions next week.

In art, the children created some creative double page spreads in their sketch books, which showcase their research into the life and techniques of Leonardo Da Vinci. This term, our art specialism will focus on drawing and the children are looking forward to developing their skills over the coming weeks.

Friday 18th February 2022

The last week of the half term has been a busy one! 

The week began with Leaders enjoying an Egyptian drama experience with Louise – always a bit hit!  The children enjoyed learning about Egyptian life and the gruesome mummification, creating freeze frames, linked movements and then a recorded piece using IPads.  

The week ended with a day of heart related activities in support of CHUF (Children’s Heart Unit Fund).  Leaders learned all about who they are and their work supporting children and families.  They also learned about the ‘clown doctors’ and their important role in keeping the children who find themselves in hospital smiling and happy.  Some Leaders decided to make their own ‘clown doctor’ clip Sleights style.


Here are some of the best bits of our half term:

Noah: I loved the session with Louise.

Mia: CHUF activities.

Corey: I have enjoyed making animations in ICT.

Rachael: I enjoyed using the marbling ink to create different effects.

Reegan: I have enjoyed learning about Algebra in maths.

Hollie: I liked making clay cartouches.

Leila: I enjoyed the mental health session with Mel, learning about the alarm clock in our brains.

Cheyenne: I enjoyed all the different science experiments.

Max: I liked the history activities.

Happy Half Term!

Friday 14th January 2022

Christmas may seem like a distant memory in Leaders as it has been a hive of activity in the classroom.

Leaders have been showing their investigative skills whilst examining different materials and their properties.  They have been carrying out investigations about solubility, accurately plotting their results using line graphs, before analysing what conclusions their results show and/or whether they raise further questions to be investigated.

With Mrs Gurney, Leaders are learning how to create animations, showing perseverance and patience all round as each movement needs to be meticulously managed and captured, being careful not to move the existing objects.

In collective worship, they have been thinking about perseverance and how this is important when they meet things that they might find difficult.  Leaders are amazing at supporting each other when they find things difficult.  They know that everyone is unique and talented at a range of different things.