A Musical Extravaganza!

What another wonderful week we have had. It is SO true, Learners class love to learn!

Today (Thursday), has been our amazing musical extravaganza in Church. It was fantastic! We all felt so amazingly proud to be part of such a wonderful school community.  Every class performed and each were outstanding. We could all feel the positive energy within the Church this afternoon. 

In Learners Class we reflected on the value of Trust and performed our music focus song of ZooTime. This was so much fun and we loved sharing this fun song with our friends and families.

In Science this week,, we have been thinking about the nutrients we get from the foods we eat and how this helps our bodies to grow. We have been paying particular attention to our school dinners, seeing if we can spot the proteins and carbohydrates on our plates.

We have been continuing to learn more about the artist Paul Klee this week. His love for colour inspired us to create our own personal colour charts – linking each colour to our feelings and emotions. We also perfected our skills of blending two colours together – this was harder than it sounds – we found that using oil pastels made the technique a little easier!

Another wonderful week of learning. We are Learners by name and learners by nature!