A Cracking Good Week In Pioneers

We have had another wonderful week of learning in Pioneers,full of elephant poo and phonics and the number 6. All of which caused great excitement.

We have been finding out what animals need to survive and the Pioneers were all very clued up on this.Impressive.

We had watched the video of all the animals on our playground so popped outside to see if they had left any other clues. Again,the Pioneers knew what they were looking for-fur,footprints and poo.

We were astonished to find a pile of elephant poo on the cement. We needed a dustpan and brush to bring it inside but not until it had been measured and checked against Plop Trumps.

We moved on to animals closer to home and did a bit of sorting. We discussed nocturnal and diurnal and predator and prey and food chains. The Pioneers love a bit of cardboard and tape and they all made animal homes and experimented with some ambitious writing. Again,impressive stuff.We enjoyed a book called 1 Fox and the children produced some wonderful numberline story maps.

We use anything and everything to get to grips with counting. This week everything has been adding up to 6 and the Numicon Towers were great. Lots of learning took place when selecting the pieces to put on top. Was it one more or one less? What can you see?

So much wonderful Maths Chat.

Happy Learning