Welcome to Adventurers

Welcome to Adventurers!

Adventurers Class are Year 3 children, ages 7 -8. They are taught by Mrs Roe and supported in class by Mrs Wood. Two days a week Mrs Taylor joins our class to listen to the children read.

Adventurers are taught English and Math everyday and enjoy covering all the curriculum foundation subjects in afternoon lessons. This half term, the children will be taught Tennis on a Thursday afternoon and ICT on a Friday morning by specialist teachers. They will also start swimming lesson on a Tuesday afternoon at Whitby Pool. The children will need to keep their P.E bags at school ready to take part in other activities if required and bring their swimming kit every Tuesday morning.

We try and read with the children every day at school and encourage children to develop their love of reading at home too. Reading books and  records will be sent home every night and books will be changed when they are completed.

In Year 3, children will be given homework in math and spellings. For maths, the children will be set work weekly on Sumdog. This will be given on a Thursday and checked the following Thursday. New spellings will be given out alternate Thursdays and children will be tested on them the Tuesday of the second week (I will write the test date on their spelling sheet).

Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything else we can help you with.

Mrs Roe

An exciting week for Adventurers!

This week Adventurers have really enjoyed joining Learners in the hall for Collective Worship every morning and Celebration Assembly on Friday afternoon. We have been learning about our Christian Value ‘Thankfulness’ and discussing lots of things we are thankful for.

In science this week we made sundials and used compasses to help us observe how the sun appears to move across the sky from East to West. We learnt that it is the Earth that rotates and the sun doesn’t move. 

We’ve really enjoyed visiting the school library to pick our own books to read at home.

A great time back at school!

Adventurers have all enjoyed their first week back at school.

Their memorable moments have been everything! (So they said) But they did really enjoy learning  numbers to 10 in French, using the I pads to work on their coding and sequencing skills, loving the challenge of math key skills every day and creating cave paintings in art.

We also introduced our new Christian Value ‘Thankfulness’ and the children shared their thoughts of what they are thankful for. These included: friends, family, pets, food, their homes, school, nature, life and the world.

Home Learning Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello Adventurers!

As we are having some technical difficulties with Tapestry at the moment I would just like to set you some home learning activities from your ‘Workout’ books. Hopefully, we should soon be able to access Tapestry again and have a full range of teaching videos. For now, your workout book pages are listed below. If you would like top try different tasks, I have added these to a gallery below, which you may complete at home too.

Thank you for your patience.

Maths – https://youtu.be/RdA3i7zui80

Turn to page 14 and answer the questions on dividing.

English – https://youtu.be/8Z1J5PsyJw4


Turn to pages 6 & 7 and 10 & 11 to complete work on nouns and noun phrases and adjectives. We had just completed work based on this just before Christmas.

You might also like to have a go at designing and drawing a time machine, with lots of different features to help you travel back and forward in time. 

Science – https://youtu.be/0x3Tym-DnM8

We will be exploring light and dark. Can identify and draw different sources of light you can find around your home.

I hope you enjoy your learning.

Mrs Roe

Good Morning Adventurers – Happy Learning!

Please keep posting all the wonderful things you are doing on Tapestry, as I love to see them!

You are achieving so much during your time at home, with help from your families, and I am really  proud of you all.

Perhaps you could have a go at posting a message to me or show me your work. I will always reply.

Today’s learning includes: (More details on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise writing high frequency words.

English – create a storyboard about the journey you took and include a mix of other stories.

Shared reading – read the second part of ‘Six dinner Sid’.

Maths – Key skills for Year 2 and Year 3 then complete some questions on place value. Can you complete the challenge question?

French Thursday – Test yourself on the French names for different animals.

I hope you enjoy today’s learning and have a lovely day.

Don’t forget to post your work.

Mrs Roe

Good Morning Adventurers – welcome to Wednesday!

‘Journeys to take’

It’s a grey but fresh morning and I think the sun might just get out.

We’ve been looking at metaphorical journeys we’ve been on and what amazing goals you have all achieved!

Today, we are going to look literally at all the journeys we’ve taken. Think about all the wonderful walks we’ve been on and the beautiful scenery we’ve explored and the different animals we’ve seen. We are very lucky to live in this part of the world!

Today’s learning, if you wish to have a go: (More details on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise writing high frequency words.

Maths – Key skills for Year 2 and Year 3 then continue answering questions on Place Value. Try and answer the challenge question.

English and Geography – draw a map of a walk you have been on. Include a key showing different human and physical features. Then write a few descriptive sentences about parts of your walk that really caught your interest.

Shared reading – join me to read ‘Six Dinner Sid’ by Inga Moore.

Geography – Mrs Burton would like you to explore airports and hotels as part of your travel leaflet.

I hope you enjoy these activities but most of all have a lovely day.

Mrs Roe

Good Morning Adventurers – A big well done to you all!

‘Make a wish……..and make it happen!’

I’ve been really amazed by all the new things you have achieved whilst learning from home. From riding your bikes without stabilisers, learning a new times table and joining letters in handwriting. You must feel really proud of yourselves.

You are my superheroes!

In part of today’s activities I would like you to think about how you felt learning something new and the ‘journey you took to success’.

I hope you enjoy completing some of the rest of today’s learning too. (More details on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Ii’.

Maths – Key Skills for year 2 and Year 3 then answer some questions about Place Value. There are also some challenge questions.

English – think about your achievements that you wrote on your mountain yesterday. How did they make you feel? Were they easy to achieve or did you have to persevere? Write several sentences about your experiences and post them in your thoughts and feelings box.

Shared reading – complete the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

DT/English – Let’s climb to the top of the mountain and achieve another goal! Have a go at making your mountain then using a slider and movement to climb to the top and reach that goal!

Science – learn how to plant some peppers.

Be ‘determined on a Tuesday’ to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

But most of all enjoy your day.

Mrs Roe


Good Morning Adventurers!

‘Mountains to climb……opportunities to find!’

Hello everyone! I hope you managed to have a lovely weekend and find some sunshine.

I had a walk over the weekend and took some lovely photos of our beautiful surroundings.

I always like to hear about what you’ve been doing either on Tapestry or conversations on the phone and I’ve been amazed by all the things you’ve been achieving whilst at home.

Today’s activities includes writing about some of your achievements linked to our school story ‘Rain Before Rainbows’ as well as some maths, reading and art work. (More details on Tapestry)

Handwriting – practise the letter ‘Aa’

English – with reference to the words from our story ‘There are mountains for climbing and journeys to take’, I would like you to use these as a metaphor and think of the mountains you have climbed during your time at home.  For example, lots of you have learnt to ride your bikes without stabilisers. So let’s write about all our achievements.

Shared reading – Little Red Riding Hood

Maths – Key skills for Year 2 and Year 3. Then we will complete some work on place value.

Art and crafts – make your own superhero mask to celebrate your achievements.

I hope you enjoy some or all of these tasks and have a lovely day.

Mrs Roe


Good Morning Adventurers – Happy Friday!

I think we just have to ignore the grey skies and rain and make the most of our day. We can make some decorative indoor umbrellas and try our hand at being weather presenters…… and hopefully predict some sun!

Here’s today’s weather themed activities, if you wish to try them. (More details on Tapestry)

Covering lots of subjects, why not try being a weather presenter by making your own map of England and some weather symbols. Research the weather online or simply by looking outside then do a weather presentation like you would see on TV.

Shared reading – join me to read today’s story ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy.

Art and Crafts – make your own indoor umbrella.

Maths – have a go at lots of different symmetry activities.

I hope these activities manage to put a smile on your face and help you forget the rain.

Enjoy your day and have a sunny weekend.

Mrs Roe