Friday again!

What a busy week Adventurers have had again!

We have continued planning our Wisp refugee stories in English and are ready to start writing them next week. Everyone has really enjoyed reading The Wisp and we are excited to add our own twist to the story in the book.

In PE, we played our first hockey game in teams of 4. We had so much fun and are getting better and better at passing and defending the ball.

We have started exploring a new artist in art, who is a little closer to home. Jessica Hogarth is from Robin Hood’s Bay and we have all been really inspired by her artwork and created our own sketches of Whitby in black pen.

In science, we have tested whether different materials are conductors or insulators. We have also learnt about how insulators can keep us safe. 

Adventurers πŸ™‚

A week with Adventurers!

We have had a lovely week in Adventurers. 

This week, we have practiced our 2, 4 and 8 times tables in maths. We have mastered this! In English, we finished our newspapers on Hope Whitby and started reading The Wisp for our narrative writing topic.

In art, we created prints inspired by Elizabeth Catlett and all produced some amazing black and white prints using polystyrene and black paint.

We became electricians in sciene and created our own series circuits. We found out the more bulbs you add, the duller they become. 

In geography, we researched some famous mountain ranges and found out about the different types of mountains. 

Adventurers πŸ™‚

Another week in Adventurers class!

We have had a brilliant week in Adventurers class this week! Especially celebrating Chinese New Year this morning creating stained glass rabbits and paper chain dragons!

In Science, we learnt about how to keep safe around electricity. We talked about the risks of electricity and made posters to tell people about the dangers and how to keep safe.

We learnt more about Elizabeth Catlett in art and practiced our shading to create texture using biros, charcoal and graphite. Now, we are ready to move onto printing our designs next week!

Also, we are almost finished writing our newspapers about Hope Whitby. We are ready to write our final copies into a proper newspaper format like real journalists. We have all felt really inspired learning about the loving charity over the past three weeks. 

The Adventurers πŸ™‚ 

Adventurers – first full week back!

Adventurers have had a very busy first full week back!

In maths this week, we have been focusing on our 3 times table. We are all doing an awesome job! We have continued to plan our newspapers about the fabulous charity, Hope Whitby. In PE, we started to learn how to dribble a ball in hockey and we began our swimming lessons.

We have also been learning about the how the Roman Empire was formed in History and how the Earth is constructed in Geography. We have enjoyed learning all about Elizabeth Catlett in art and all of her detailed and inspiring artwork. 

Adventurers πŸ™‚

Friday again!

Hi all,

We started the week with another fun session of cricket with Owen. This week we focused on bowling – it was tricky! 

We have continued to look at ‘The Tempest’ and have started to create our own poems to describe the violent storm that caused the shipwreck and the characters to be stranded on a Mediterranean, desert island. We generated some powerful vocabulary and imagery. 

In science, we learnt about ‘friction’ and what it is that causes this. we looked at surfaces that create higher and lower amounts of friction and why this is.

Yesterday, we finished our history learning on Whitby. We discussed the fishing, whaling and smuggling industries. Did you know, smugglers often hid items in graves?! 

Have a great weekend,


Wonderful Week!

Hi families,

Another busy week for us in Adventurers. We started the week with another fun session of cricket! We played lots of fun games and did some great work practising our fielding skills.

In English we started to look at the play ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. We learnt that the play is about a violent storm that causes a shipwreck and the characters are consequently abandoned on an island. We made a story board of the key events, acted it out and drew what we imagined the characters to look like.

In art, we creates some masterpieces inspired by ‘Henri Matisse’. Take a look at some below!

Have a great weekend everyone,

The Adventurers πŸ™‚ 



Remembrance at Sleights

Throughout the week, the children have taken part in some excellent discussions about Remembrance. Children shared their own reflections with great sensitivity and thought. To mark Remembrance Day in Sleights, each child created a piece of art or message. 

After school, Mrs Hann and I walked to St John’s and the War Memorial monument to display the children’s fantastic and thoughtful Remembrance reflections. The work is incredible and is now firmly in place to help the full village mark Remembrance Sunday this weekend.
Well done, Sleights.

A wonderful week!

Hi families,

We have had a very busy week this week in Adventurers. We started the week with an exciting cricket session, where we learnt how to be efficient at catching the ball as well as hitting it! We played some fun games and Mrs Brown won the last batter standing!

In science, we started our learning on ‘Forces and Magnets’ where we learnt about friction , properties of materials and poles on magnets.

In RE, we looked at the story of Noah’s Ark and discussed the pact that Noah made with God to help him and make the world a better place.

We are looking forward to another cricket session on Monday and our new learning in English on ‘William Shakespeare’.

Have a great weekend!


Fun week in Adventurers!

Hi families,

What a fun week we have had for our sixth week of the autumn term! On Monday afternoon, we had a very exciting drama session in the school hall. We were learning about the history of Whitby and turned our learning into a play! Check Tapestry for our performance πŸ™‚

In science, to end our learning on ‘Rocks’ we carried out some research on a famous fossil hunter called Mary Anning. Did you know she discovered the largest dinosaur fossil in the world? Also, she discovered seven different types of dinosaur.

 Yesterday, we were designing our Christmas cards that will be sent away and made in to real cards ready to give to family and friends!

Have a great weekend,


Our week in Adventurers

Hi families,


What a busy week it has been for us. The children have really enjoyed the opportunity to explore fossils this week. Together we learnt how a fossil is formed and compared lots of different types to see of we could guess what they were! 

In Art we continued our work on the artist ‘Bridget Riley’ and moved on to colour mixing. This was really successful and really fun for everyone (see pictures below).  

Yesterday was ‘World Heart Day’. We explored what it meant to have a healthy heart and ways in which we could do this. The children enjoyed coming up with ideas and illustrating them.

Today we head off to Robin Hood’s Bay for our trip! Check Tapestry later for some pictures.


Adventurers πŸ™‚