Welcome to Adventurers

Children in Adventurers are in school Years 1 or 2. This means that children are between five and seven years old. Adventurers are taught by Mrs Roe. The children are also supported by Mr Everall.

In Adventurers, children are introduced to more formal teaching styles, with some play based approaches still being used. Children enjoy a lively and creative curriculum that builds on the successes of the Early Years Foundation Stage. At the end of Adventurers, children have SATs tests. These are in school assessments that measure the progress children have made since leaving Reception.

Adventurers’ Blog

School Trip

What a fantastic time we had at the Captain Cook Museum, at Stewart Park!

We learned a lot more about Captain Cook, through interactive displays, art and crafts, dressing up and writing with quills. 

Ask us what it was like sailing on the HMS Endeavour with Captain Cook. 


Multi skills

Year 1 and 2 took part in multi skills at Caedmon College.

We had a wonderful time trying all the activities set up by the sports leaders.