Wednesday 8th April – Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Good morning everyone.

The sun is shining again – what a beautiful day!

What a perfect day to have a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Take your favourite toys out into the fresh air, put down a blanket and share some snacks. You could even have a go making a Teddy Bear Sandwich (See Tapestry for more details).

While your outside, look around, what do you see? What is the weather doing today? Are there many clouds today?

Maybe, take some paper and colouring pencils outside and draw things you see, the sky, some flowers, trees or birds.

Sing the Teddy Bear’s Picnic Song while you’re enjoying the sunshine! – see link. Be warned once you start singing it, you cant stop!

Have fun and don’t forget to send us your videos, pictures and messages on Tapestry  and let us know whatever it is you’re doing today!

Look out for tonight’s story on Tapestry – 6pm don’t be late!

Keep smiling – Team Sleights

Happy Holiday Pet Show

Now we all love having a pet.
Perhaps you have a dog. Maybe you have a cat or a hamster. It is possible that you may have a horse or some chickens.
Worms make great pets and I know that lots of you just adore woodlice. Tigers and alligators are tricky to keep as pets and prefer to be in the wild
Some of these can be difficult to handle and you may prefer an imaginary pet, a toy or a brother or sister.

Your mission for the holidays,should you choose to accept it is to hold a pretend Pet Show. Team Sleights will be doing this at home too.
Here are a few ideas:
Make a poster to advertise when and where your Pet Show will take place.

Plan the categories for your show. Here are some ideas:

Pet with the smiliest face
Pet most like its owner
Pet with the waggiest tail
Agility Course/obstacle course

Best Trick
Best dancer
Best singer
Best fancy dress
These are just ideas. As always your ideas are the best.

Make rosettes or medals as awards for pets and handlers.

Someone with a clipboard will need to be the judge.

Try out an app called Piccollage if you haven’t used it before. It lets you collect and arrange photographs and text.
It’s fun for making posters.It’s free.

You could also make a model of your pet from cardboard tubes,fabric and bits.

We would absolutely love to see photographs and video of your Holiday Pet Show.

Pop over to Tapestry to see some videos and photographs for ideas 

Happy Learning


Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Learners and good morning Adventurers!

It is Thursday (already!) we hope you are all well and happy this morning!

We have decided to team up today in some activities with a common theme……RAINBOWS.

Here are some suggested activities for you today (See Tapestry for further details).

  • Maths/colour – Go on a colour hunt around your home and garden. Can you find some objects that match the colours in Mrs   Brown’s song?
  • Draw a beautiful rainbow in your purple book. Tell and write a story about a magic rainbow or make a list of the colours you have used.
  • Phonics (Learners Class) – sound buttons today. Keep practising!
  • Music – A new song to learn – I Can Sing a Rainbow. Will anyone be able to sing it back to us on Tapestry?
  • Also, as we didn’t make it on our trip Ryedale Folk Museum have sent us an exciting link to A Museum From Home. Check it out, here’s the link

Keep us posted whatever you’re doing today and look out for rainbows!

Mrs Roe and Mrs Brown

Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning, Welcome to a new month!

It’s been lovely to see all the wonderful activities you are doing at home and for us to be able to talk about them on Tapestry.

We have a new classroom Adventurers!

Are you ready for three new tasks? If you would like to give them a try, here they are:

Maths – as it’s the 1st April today I thought it would be nice to create our own calendar and mark on some special events for this month.

English – Exciting news! Try out your treasure trail with your families today then write a set of instructions so they can make you a treasure trail to follow.

Science – as we are surrounded by all the lovely features of springtime I thought a spring scavenger hunt would be good fun.

You will find more details about these activities on Tapestry and I hope you have a super day whatever you do.

Take care

Mrs Roe

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning everyone!

A big thank you to all those families who posted photos and comments on Tapestry yesterday it really made me smile! It was lovely to see all the wonderful things you are doing at home. I was also very impressed with how hard you are working to complete tasks!

Today, I would like to suggest the following activities, if you wish to try them. Are you up for the challenge?

More details and examples I have completed myself are on Tapestry.

Maths – continuing with time, I would like you to create a daily schedule recording the time you complete different activities through the day. For example: 8:15 have breakfast, 9:00 exercise.  Draw the clock as well to show the time.

English – continue the work on the picture treasure trail by writing and drawing all the clues you need.

Science – create a weather chart for the week so you can record the daily weather using observations and the equipment you may have made yesterday.

I hope you enjoy the above activities and I look forward to seeing your work.

Don’t forget story time around 3pm on Tapestry.

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Take care

Mrs Roe

P.S. Get ready with ideas to decorate eggs later this week!

Welcome to Tapestry!

Good morning everyone!

It’s really great news that Adventurers are now able to access Tapestry so be prepared for an exciting week where we can share news, pictures, stories and any learning that you have been doing. I’m really looking forward to seeing you and be able to keep in touch.

This week I shall be setting several tasks for you to complete, if you so wish. These will include some maths, English and foundation subjects. I will put more details on Tapestry.

The topic for maths this week is ‘Time’ (did you remember to turn your clocks forward yesterday?) and today I would like you to make your very own clock. Remember to put the hours and minutes on and then you can practise telling the time throughout the day to the nearest 5 minutes or quarter to and quarter past the hour.

For English, I would like you to write a set of instructions to make a picture treasure trail for your family to follow inside or out.

Today you need to plan the trail and complete it yourself. Keep it secret though!

Let’s tackle some science for the beginning of the week. You will have noticed that the weather has changed over the weekend so it would be useful to record the changes through observations and using some DIY equipment. Have a go at making a rain gauge and wind sock. I’ve put some pictures on tapestry of ones I’ve made at home. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing the results!

One of my favourite times at school was storytime near the end of the day so please join me on Tapestry around 3 O’clock for a story. I’m bringing an old friend to join us so come and see.

Have a great day and take care.

Mrs Roe


Another sunny day!

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well.

I’m sure you have come up with quite a few ideas to answer the question ‘Why are worms different colours?’ From my observations and investigation yesterday, I think it’s because earthworms burrow in the ground, swallowing soil as they go. Some of the soil is then deposited in the gizzard/body making them appear different colours. However, there is one species of worm that is bright blue!

Having spoken to some families yesterday I would like to share some of their ideas for home learning:

Build a den with your brothers or sisters and share a story together or snack. This can be done indoors or outside.

Do some maths outdoors using chalk to write your number sentences. You can play catch whilst reciting your times tables or count in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 10’s as you climb the stairs.

Build a model house, castle or rocket using Lego or other building bricks.

It was lovely to hear that you are all working together!


I would also like to suggest the Book Trust web page, as they have free read along books.

Keep up with the challenges on Sumdog. I’ve set myself the challenge of going on for 20 minutes everyday so i can get better at ‘The junk pile’ and ‘Cannonball’. See if you can beat me!


Hope you all have a lovely day.

Take care

Mrs Roe






Good Morning Sunshine!!

Hello everyone, another lovely sunny day and a chance to spend some quality time in the garden or a safe outdoor space.

I’d like to start my post by posing a question I was asked on the school playground last week:

‘Why are worms different colours?’

Let’s investigate and carry out lots of observations of minibeasts in their habitats.

Perhaps you might create your own habitat for some woodlice.

If you want to spend some time indoors learning about minibeasts try the ‘Top Marks’ web page they have some super activities.


I also read a super post on shadow drawing which could be done indoors or out. Put a toy animal or other object in front of a white piece of paper and then draw round it on the paper.

These are only suggested activities so please pick and choose as you wish!

I hope you all have a fun day.

Best wishes

Mrs Roe




Good Morning! It’s a lovely sunny day to raise our spirits.

It’s a lovely day for some outdoor learning and I’d like to share some Forest School ideas with you.

  • Make some pictures in the garden using twigs, leaves, stones and mud. These could be family portraits or pets.
  • You could create your own garden clock making numbers from stones and using twigs for the hands.
  • Build a small den for a toy animal or doll. You could even test that it’s waterproof!

Indoor activities:

  • Make a watch from paper or a clock face to go on a box.
  • Create some art work to display in your windows to help cheer people up. Perhaps a rainbow, sunflower or hearts.

I would like to recommend the website San Diego Zoo Kids. We have used this in school and it has lots of information on all the animals, videos and live cams, games, activities and stories.

Hope you have a happy day!

Mrs Roe