Happy Holidays

Happy new week Discoverers,
It is officially the start of the Easter holidays. To have some fun during this time, we are teaming up with Leaders and are going to be completing the same, exciting activities. 
We will set a fun activity: today, Wednesday and Friday. For today, myself and Mrs Walker thought you might like to become the teacher. We would you like you to plan an exercise routine, like Joe Wicks has been doing each morning, or a dance routine. We want you to teach your family the routine and get them to perform it for you. If they are feeling brave, they may let you film it and upload it on to tapestry for staff to see your hard work. 
This can last as long or as short as you like, and you can spend as much time as you need rehearsing and preparing together. I have uploaded a Joe Wicks video below, to give you some inspiration.
Good luck
Mrs Taylor and Mrs Walker 

Thursday 3rd April 2020

Good morning Leaders and Discoverers

We have been so impressed with all the things you have been doing with your families this week so, once you have finished off any activities that need completing, we are asking everyone in the school to have a go at telling and writing stories.

Have a look at Mrs Hann’s video of her story cubes and then have a go at telling a story using the cubes to help you. You might want to make up a story to tell to someone else in your family using the cubes and then ask them to tell a story using the cubes too. You will be surprised how many different stories you could make using the same cubes.

If you would like to share your stories with us that would be brilliant; you could video your story telling or write your story, if you wish, and upload it to Tapestry. Can’t wait to see them.

Happy story telling!

Mrs Walker and Mrs Taylor

Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good morning Discoverers,

After completing your bar chart yesterday, today I would like you to start a new task, related to time and statistics. I would love you to create an obstacle course for you and your family. It can be as long or as short as you like, and you will need to time everybody’s performance. Record names and timings within a table as we will use this information tomorrow. 

Now that you have created your meal or snack for your family, I would like you to finalise your instructions. Yesterday, you were able to determine if any changes needed to be made to your original writing. Today, I would like you to make the changes that are needed, and then write up your finalised set of instructions. I would love to see the results on Tapestry, so that I can try out your instructions for myself. 

You have now finished writing your clues for your treasure hunt. Today, place the clues in your hiding places and hand the first one to your family. Watch them try to find the treasure, and check out if they manage to get the clues quickly, or if they struggle because you’ve been so cryptic. 

Good luck,

Mrs Taylor 


Wednesday 1st April

Happy 1st April Discoverers, 

I was so impressed with the work that you showed me on Tapestry yesterday. I love how some of you were so eager to complete the work, that you’re ahead of schedule and have already completed your bar chart. So today in maths, please can you use your table that you created yesterday, and record these results within a bar graph. Alex has added a great example to Tapestry if you need an idea. If you are ready to move on, please spend some time on Sumdog.

Today is baking/ cooking day, and in English you should now be ready to create the meal or snack for your family. I would like you to use your instructions that you wrote yesterday, and try them out. Make notes as you go, if you need to make any changes within your writing. Upload pictures of your results to tapestry: Scarlett created a lovely lunch for her family yesterday, feel free to check it out for yourself. 

You’re almost ready to hold your very own treasure hunt. On separate pieces of paper, write each of your clues out and number them so that they are in the order your family should find them. If you need an idea of clues, here are mine:

Let me know if you need any help,

Mrs Taylor 

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good morning everybody,

How did you get on with the tasks that I set you yesterday? For today’s plan in maths, I want you to analyse the data which you recorded within a tally chart yesterday. I would like you to now order your family members in a table, starting with the least active, through to the most active. It would be great if you can then work out the difference in minutes, between the most and the least active. Feel free to share your results on Tapestry with me. 

In English, yesterday you wrote a list of ingredients and equipment that you would need, in order to create a meal or a snack for your family. Today, I would like you to now write some instructions for creating your product. I thought this would be a good idea, so that tomorrow you can make the product and decide if you need to add/ change/ remove any of the steps that you included within your instructions. If you have never made the meal or snack before, feel free to use tips from online or from your family to help you: you can even message me on Tapestry for baking/ cooking hints. 

For your treasure hunt, yesterday you planned what treasure you would hide, and how and where you would hide the clues in order to find the treasure. Today, I would like you to order your clue’s hiding places and begin to think of clues that could lead your family to finding the next one. For example, if I start off by handing them the first clue, which reads: Here you will find bombs. They explode rainbows of glitter and fill the house with a marshmallow scent. They will then have to find where the bombs are in the house (in the bathroom drawers) and discover the next clue, which will lead them to another location in the house. 

I can’t wait to hear about your treasure hunts,

Mrs Taylor 

Monday 30th March 2020

Happy Monday Discoverers,

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and your families have managed to connect to Tapestry (our Sleights communication site). On Tapestry, we can communicate using messages, pictures and videos, so let me know if you need any help with any of the suggestions I give you on here. 

For maths this week, it would be great to use some of the skills you’ve learned in statistics. Today, why don’t you keep an eye on how much physical activity your family are doing? Create a tally chart for each of the people in your home, and every time they are physical for five minutes or longer, give them a mark. If an activity lasts for ten minutes, they will get two marks, if it lasts for fifteen minutes, they will get three marks, and so on. At the end of the day, count up the tally chart and see which family member was the most physical. We will use this information tomorrow, so record it in your maths book so that you don’t lose it. 

In English this week, we will be focusing on writing instructions. For today, it would be great if you could plan a meal or snack that you can make for your family. This could be a baked product, like a cake, or if you’re feeling adventurous you could make lunch for everybody: chat with your family to see what produce you have available. Write the list of ingredients and equipment that you will need, and I will give you your next task tomorrow. 

Let’s plan a treasure hunt! Whilst we are all at home, let’s have some fun. In preparation for a treasure hunt on Friday, think of something that your family might like: this could be a token to watch a film of their choice, a token to choose their favourite game to play, a treat from the cupboard or something similar. Today, deicide the prize, plan how many clues you will hide around your home and plan where you might hide them. We will plan more tomorrow. 

Again, let me know if you need any help through Tapestry,

Happy learning everybody,

Mrs Taylor 





Who has ‘That Friday Feeling’?

Good afternoon Discoverers,

Thank you to those of you who have been tuning in with the blog this week. I love that so many of you are completing the activities that I am suggesting. I will now reveal the answers to the maths problems that I gave you yesterday:

  1. The answer to this question is £1.40.
  2. The number of footballs collected were 9.
  3. To be in the lead, Lillie needed 8896 points or more. 

When I next speak with you, it would be great to hear how you got on.

Many people around the world have been spreading cheer by putting a rainbow picture in their window. If you would like to join them, simply draw, paint or create a picture of a rainbow and place it in your window. You could even create a tally chart of how many people smile when they pass your house. To take this even further, you could create a bar graph to record how many people pass your house at different times in the day: this may be by car or on foot. 

Speak soon,

Mrs Taylor 

Thursday 26th March 2020

Good morning all,

It has been lovely speaking with many of you over the past few days. It has been nice to hear that you are enjoying the sunshine, and have been keeping busy with fun and exciting activities that your families have planned for you. 

The maths book that I sent home is definitely challenging, so my advice would be to attempt the questions that you are confident with, perhaps in section A, and then have a break with some fun maths activities online. Here is a website that I would recommend:


I also wanted to put some maths questions on this blog for you, I will publish the answers on here tomorrow so that you can check to see if you got them correct:

  1. Lucy visited the shop to buy some milk, bread and eggs. The bread cost £1.20 and the eggs cost £2.40. She paid with a £10 note and received £5 change. How much did the milk cost?
  2. Drew decided to mow the grass, but first he had to collect all of the balls that his dog had left out. For every 2 tennis balls, there were 3 footballs. If there were 6 tennis balls, how many footballs were there? 
  3. Lillie wanted to play Sumdog, and was aiming to be the world’s best player. The top score was 15,292, her score was 6, 397. How many more points did she need to be in the lead? Don’t forget, to be in the lead she needs to score more than 15,292 altogether. 

Good luck! 

Mrs Taylor








Sumdog Saga

Good afternoon Discoverers,

After spending some time outside this morning, in the beautiful sunshine, I thought I would take a break and play some games on Sumdog. I hope you’re all proud of me, as I only need seven more coins before I am moved from a ‘common rat’ to my next animal rank, yippee! 

I wondered if any of you would like to join me in some games? Tomorrow morning (Thursday 26th March) at 9:00am,  I am going to play cake monsters. Simply join the game yourself at this time and we can battle against each other 🙂 

Thank you to those of you who have given me gifts, as I build my coins I will be giving gifts to those of you who are also playing on Sumdog. 

Happy gaming all,

Mrs Taylor 

Keeping Busy at Home

Hi Discoverers, 

I hope you are keeping busy at home, with some fun things to do. 

I have put lots of wool in the chest, which is outside of the school entrance. Please help yourself to this, baring in mind that others may want some too. With this wool you can make pom poms: you can make animals out of them, or decorate the rooms in your house. I have found the video below which should help you:

 There are also plenty of other things in the chest, such as skipping ropes, so that you can keep busy outside, and lots of material if you would like to make dens, or make things out of it. 

There continues to be plenty of pictures to colour in, and lots of different pens to use. 

Here is the link to Joe Wicks’ PE, if you would like to complete this at home:

I will keep in touch with you through this blog,  speak soon, Mrs taylor.