Keeping Busy at Home

Hi Discoverers, 

I hope you are keeping busy at home, with some fun things to do. 

I have put lots of wool in the chest, which is outside of the school entrance. Please help yourself to this, baring in mind that others may want some too. With this wool you can make pom poms: you can make animals out of them, or decorate the rooms in your house. I have found the video below which should help you:

 There are also plenty of other things in the chest, such as skipping ropes, so that you can keep busy outside, and lots of material if you would like to make dens, or make things out of it. 

There continues to be plenty of pictures to colour in, and lots of different pens to use. 

Here is the link to Joe Wicks’ PE, if you would like to complete this at home:

I will keep in touch with you through this blog,  speak soon, Mrs taylor.



Happy Monday, Discoverers!

Hello, Discoverers. I am missing you at school, but pleased that you are all keeping safe at home. I am working in school with a number of children. We are have been busy making things and will work on the computers this afternoon.

I have heard there is a really fun exercise class each day on YouTube by the Body Coach. Why don’t you have a go at that this week? 

I will ring your families this week to check in on how you all are.

Take care, 

Mrs Taylor 

Daily Update-23rd March 2020

Good Morning All,

We hope that you are all well. Thank you to everyone who has made contact with school today. In a strange turn of events,the school has no internet at the moment so if you have any needs please contact Mr Grason using the school telephone number or those of you who have Tapestry can send a message that way.

Class Teachers will continue to update the blog.

Team Sleights.