Discoverers’ Home Learning – Tuesday 11th January 2021

Hi there, Discoverers 😀

I am sorry that there were problems with Tapestry yesterday. I was very proud to hear that you were working through your home learning books, and managed to complete some alternative tasks too. Well done and thank you for keeping motivated!

Today, in maths, we are continuing with division. Have a go at the questions below, remembering that if you are unable to divide the 10’s equally, you can exchange them for 1’s. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you are completing maths in your home learning, today it is page 18 for year 3 and page 16 for year 4.





In English, we are going to be using the story ‘What We’ll Build’ for our key theme. For the next two weeks we will be building towards writing an explanation text. Each day I will set you a task which works towards this. Yesterday, or perhaps today, you will be able to listen to Sleights’ staff read What We’ll Build (This is in a separate post by Mr Grason). After listening to the story, you may have realised that the story talks about creation, and there are illustrations related to many tools. It would be great if today you could take a look at the example texts I have uploaded and tell me what they all have in common (key features). They are all examples of explanation texts from a book called Until I Met Dudley by Rodger McGough.
Here are a few questions to help you:
Do they all have illustrations?
Do they all have a title?
Are there any similarities in the language that is used?

When you have finished writing your list of key features, watch the video below, and see if there are any features that you have missed? 

Finally, your task is to create a cairn. Cairns are man-made towers of natural stones, usually built as a landmark or a memorial. All you need to do is gather a range of flat rocks and pebbles in different sizes, and then stack them in order, with the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top.
See if you can get your cairn to balance, and count how many stones high your structure can hold.
For an extra challenge, change the foundation of your tower to a smaller stone, and see if you can rebuild it.
If you don’t have any rocks or pebbles, you could get create and use small items around the home.

I hope you all have a wonderful day,

Mrs Taylor