Home Learning Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello Adventurers!

As we are having some technical difficulties with Tapestry at the moment I would just like to set you some home learning activities from your ‘Workout’ books. Hopefully, we should soon be able to access Tapestry again and have a full range of teaching videos. For now, your workout book pages are listed below. If you would like top try different tasks, I have added these to a gallery below, which you may complete at home too.

Thank you for your patience.

Maths – https://youtu.be/RdA3i7zui80

Turn to page 14 and answer the questions on dividing.

English – https://youtu.be/8Z1J5PsyJw4


Turn to pages 6 & 7 and 10 & 11 to complete work on nouns and noun phrases and adjectives. We had just completed work based on this just before Christmas.

You might also like to have a go at designing and drawing a time machine, with lots of different features to help you travel back and forward in time. 

Science – https://youtu.be/0x3Tym-DnM8

We will be exploring light and dark. Can identify and draw different sources of light you can find around your home.

I hope you enjoy your learning.

Mrs Roe