Learners Class Home Learning – Tuesday 12th January 2021

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all ok!

Today’s Home Learning activities are listed below. In the gallery at the bottom of the page, you will also find additional activities, or task sheets you may wish to complete for each lesson. This is the same as what is listed on Tapestry (just in case we have technical difficulties again)

In Maths, we are continuing to learn about division and sharing equally! If there is no access to Tapestry videos today then please have a go at pages 19 and 20 in your Maths workbook.


In English today we are thinking about our whole School book ‘What we’ll build’. Today, we are going to design and label our own Time Machine, in order that we will build our own! Think about what features your Time Machine may need? A clock? a start switch? a voice recorder? What else can you think of?


In Phonics we will be thinking about the sound ow/ou – These different spellings make the same sound. Can you make a list of words that contain the ow/ou sound. You may need to talk with an adult to find out which spelling is needed.


In Science, we are thinking about Light! Where does light come from? Our biggest source of light is the sun. Can you think of anymore sources of light? Let’s investigate how important light is today. Try reading your book in areas that are light and areas that are dark ie under the covers! see how this affects your reading!


Have a happy day Learners and keep smiling 🙂

Mrs Brown