Tuesday 7th July 2020

Good morning all,

I hope that you had a great sleep last night ??

Today, in English, you are going to decide which information you would like in each of the information boxes that you have drawn. And, which pictures you will draw in the spaces you have chosen.

In a report, like the one you created about fish last week, you will find that there are subheadings above each different section of information.

A subheading gives you a clear idea of what the writing beneath will be about.

Today, I would like you to write the subheadings for each of the information boxes, and make a note of the drawings that you will create in the others. Your subheadings could be: Why are bees so important? What is pollination? How many species of bees are there? Why are bees dying? Etc.

You will also need a title, which tells the reader exactly what you report is about.

Your title could be as simple as ‘All About Bees’, or you could be more creative.

Well done with your maths work yesterday, you remembered the new vocabulary well ?

Today, you will be drawing the different types of triangles.

Try to draw two equilateral triangles (all sides are the same length), two isosceles triangles (two sides are the same length) and then two scalene triangles (no sides are the same length).

You could ask an adult to check your triangles for you, and if they are unsure of the properties for each, show them this video to help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4rySgvfDQU 

Today, in art, you will finish the drawing of your bee from yesterday.

You can use whatever colouring materials that you have at home. This may be paint, colouring pencils, or felt tips.

Try to capture the colours that are in the original picture, and observe any areas which appear to need shading.

Look carefully for any shadows, and try to use a darker blend of your chosen colour to add these.

I would love to see your final drawings, so send them my way if you can ?


Thank you

Mrs Taylor