Tuesday the 7th of July – Pioneers Suggestions for Today

Take a look at my photographs.
Can you draw what you see?
Alternatively,make your own structure and draw it.
Get someone else to check how accurate you have been.
Can you add colour to your plan?
Can you name the shapes that you have used?

This book is all about birds and the different things they do.
Can you spot the line that may apply to penguins?
Why do you think that they have the kind of feet they have?
Why are they different to a seagull’s feet?

Sports day is coming up so this week I will suggest a different race each day to try out.
Today is my favourite and it is the potato and spoon race-much less risk than egg and spoon. Especially if you have dogs.
Get yourself a nice spoon and a potato but really any vegetable will do.
You could make a finish line and start to prepare the medals for each event.

This week is all about revision for phonics. Revisit yesterday’s photographs and take a look at these videos. Do them with the sound on and the sound off.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sSpqLJUbiQ – Mr Thorne again

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eftL7XywLi0 – This is a good one

And to finish off:

This might be a good idea to try out this very difficult job.
It is always a good idea to learn to tie your laces.